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Google plugins force-feed open codec to IE and Safari


I wasn't surprised at all.

H.264 has an open source alternative in Webvm. Flash does not yet. HTML5 is not good enough yet despite the hype. When it is Google will do the same thing. For Google it makes sense when ever possible to use open source. The Google strategy is OS wherever possible as that reduces costs - no licence fees and they have enough developers to make things work and they can modify if improvements are needed. However they have to be pragmatic with flash at present.

GSMA opens the way for Apple SIM



If its software only it will be cracked and one day you will get a huge bill because someone else has just downloaded a film at your expense in a foreign country.

The hardware key is the hardest to crack. if you want multiple accounts on one sim then a sim could be created to do that.

When the fraud starts I wonder if the phone operators will be as good as the banks at giving your money back?

First day WinPho 7 sales top 40k, claims market watcher


more fanboys as usual

When will the fan boys realise competition is good and that's how we get real innovation. I hope they succeed, I dont believe we will have another windows monopoly. A google monopoly is frankly the most likely in my view at the moment which has its own issues.

Apache threatens Oracle with Java exit


Alternative to Java

So what is the OS language we can use instead of Java?

ps That is a real question, not a facetious remark.

Android wins devs' hearts and minds


Monopoly or fragmented user base?

Is this having to write for each device worse than the MS monopoly we are escaping from?

I think probably not but it is still painful, just in a different way.

I wonder what will happen when we have 3 or 4 major mobile OS to write for. A standard app framework?


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