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B+F: EMC bloggers clash with analyst


Is it transparency you want?

Can you feel the hypocrisy of Mr. Hollis asking for more transparency? For those familiar with the campaign financing behind elections in the U.S. (and likely other countries), this is like a senatorial candidate asking a lobbyist to disclose all the resources and interest groups supporting their activities, while posturing that his/her own campaign is untarnished by such resources and special interest groups.

"You, sir, are a scoundrel and should be ashamed of compromising your integrity by kowtowing to the monied interests influencing your opinions and positions. I demand to see the complete list of those financing your campaign."

"And what of your campaign, sir? Are you not soliciting and accepting resources to back your candidacy?"

Vendors across the IT industry spend their resources and time with analysts to get access to their data and insight, as well as to educate them on their respective strategies and product plans. This, indeed, is a symbiotic relationship, and both parties need to be conscious of the ethics around building such a relationship, or they risk losing their credibility. Being a client or an advocate for something (a product, a candidate, and idea, etc.) should be based on knowledge and insight on that which is being evaluated, rather than on the appreciation for an expensive dinner and trip to a gentlemen's club a vendor provided.

I wager Mr. Hollis is unwilling to disclose the amount of gifts, travel expenses, and "recreation" his firm spends on clients and analysts to influence their behavior toward EMC offerings. It seems terribly disingenuous for him to ask for more transparency without offering his own.