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UK's National Data Guardian warned about GP data grab being perceived as going 'under the radar'


TTIP or bust

This attempt was inevitable after the failure of the remain campaign. This was going to be automatic under European legislation or TTIP - The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) ...

TTIP has the potential to facilitate the development of new medicines and ... property protection, and enhances patient access to innovative medicines!! It failed as the UK left and the timing of 'no longer relevant' is in line with the seceding of the UK from the European Disunion.

I am on record saying that there would be an attempt to sell the information to the US via a backdoor hence there was no surprise that the Government was going to try to cash in after the TTIP became irrelevant, the back handers will now get worse and there will be more attempts as this data is incredibly lucrative - vigilance is required, mostly for the US. Expect some link up with Covid Data at some point as well. Am I being cynical, nope. The situation will arise that end of life care will be tied into a US model, privatisation will only benefit the rich.

You have been warned ;)

Amazon's AWS cash machine embiggens, breezes past $2bn-a-quarter mark



Still think your photo makes him look like the Sicillian out of 'The Princess Bride' ;)

quote ' Vizzini: ' INCONCEIVABLE! '

Google's 'fair use' mass slurping of books can continue – US Supremes snub writers' pleas


Re: Very old books

Amazing Troll statement. However I will answer your uninformed statement. The books I have been using as part of my research over the last 5 years have come from a variety of sources. I have spent my time in the British Library and other more dusty locations.

I do not support scanning of current books for profit, the books were not only out of print in this country, but also there is no record of them outside of the chance scanning from various academic libraries across the Eastern Seaboard and in one case information from a West Coast library led to a physical book mis-titled in the UK.

You are entitled to your opinion. However you might like to re-read this information - Many books only exist because of the Americans love of books in the 18th - 19th Century and the production of them in Boston. They simply do NOT exist anywhere else!

Enjoy your viewpoint.


Very old books


As a researcher and author I initially found Google Books a potential threat. However I have changed my tune as it is now possible to find information which was previously unknown.

This is due to the fact that many books only exist courtesy of Boston who were the second largest producer of books historically and these books only appear to exist in American Libraries. This may be due in part to an American bias to which the British Library did not subscribe.

I am in the process of writing my third book, a novel which relates to early 18th Century politics, a small addition to the history of the start of the American revolution. I am actually very thankful to Google books without which the information would have been impossible to find.

Google SO CAN scan ALL BOOKS onto its sites - judge


Historical Google Books

As a historian I have found Google books invaluable. Without it I would not have had access to books which are only available in the Cornell Library in the USA.

What I found was extraordinary, a person from Farnborough Hants England played an important role in the formation of the USA during the Stamp Act and the 'War of Independence' and also was considered important enough to sit on the council in New York.

I have also found evidence of him supplying help to George Washington. There was no way that I or anyone would have been able to find the relevant documentary evidence to confirm this amazing twist on history without Google scanning these rare books.

Shut up, Spock! How Battlestar Galactica beat Trek babble


FTL Drive

The comment about you never see the inside of Galactica during a jump is incorrect. During the Pilot in fact you get to see it's effect in the Viper Hanger Bay with Cally sitting on a box and saying something to the effect "I really hate this bit" whilst the surroundings collapse and "flatten" around her, it then cuts to the re-appearance of the Galactica.