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Gov pays Greens to lobby it, says report


ah ha finally others are seeing the darkside of the reg..

ah ha finally others are seeing the darkside of the reg..

i find this rabid political views very disturbing on an otherwise very liked website

wonder who is behind this as it's so out of place within what the rest of the site is about

the worst thing about the anti climate change people is that it's now irrelevant or haven't they noticed that we're running out of easy energy sources?

i'm finding living in the UK very depressing these days as it's now in the hands of the nut jobs

'Hippy' energy kingpin's electric Noddy-car in epic FAIL


wonder hopw those electric cookers are powered?

blimey you lot with your 'hate those greens' attitude beggar belief

btw it's not just about saving energy it's also about reducing pollution in our cities, which for anyone who lives in one will know is terrible

the anti green attitude on this site really depresses me as it's so so regressive

No wonder CompSci grads are unemployed


unemployed software engineer...

so i'm unemployed and i'm finding it very hard to get into a new job, not being picky either,

but i'm 'old' ( 48 ) so i guess i'm on the scrap heap already, oh and i have aspergers

how does that fit in with all this?

oh and in the last job i had 1/2 the team were from india and they were truly awful, with no real idea of how computers and systems actually worked

anyone got a job going in london?