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End of UK local dialling in sight as numbers run out

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Are those my feet?

I live in the Bournemouth 01202 area and this is going to be truly annoying for a lot of locals. Christchurch has the highest proportion of pensioners in Britain and they are going to have a right time of it, they have enough trouble remembering where the local lunch club is let alone a new telephone numbering method. Won't somebody please think of the wrinklies!!

EU strengthens online shopper protection

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Good for customers, bad for sellers

The €40 return law is seriously flawed. How to kill off your competition in two easy steps.

1. Buy 1,000,000 of the heaviest goods they sell

2. Return them

Given that the seller now pays for the return fees then it could bankrupt many online firms.

Story gone

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Annoying Images on my N95

I use the mobile version all the time (on the loo). Since the update, the 'headline' articles all now have overly large images next to them which squish up the headlines and cause a horizontal scroll. I don't personally call it progress. :(


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