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PC decline whacks 2013 IT spending projections

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Re: Haswell the ghost

I could not agree any more. I have an ancient and well loved netwbook I have used as my road warrior for the past five and a half years, and there is no way I am buying anything until I see a variety of Haswell machines at a bunch of different price points.

Barcelona taps Tesla and Tegra for next-gen hybrid supercomputer

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Re: This article needs a good proof read

I was having a high dyslexia morning. Apologies. Now you know why I call them ceepie-geepies. . .

TI fuels up KeyStone II ARM for HP Moonshot hyperscale servers

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Re: I still want a couple of these to play with --

Oh, man. That hurt my head too when I looked at it! Sorry, that....

MapR smashes MinuteSort benchmark on Google Compute

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Re: Really? "Smashes?"

They had nearly the same number of threads. That was 8,192 physical for the Microsoft server setup and 8,396 virtual threads in the Google cloud. It is not clear how many physical nodes it took to make the Google setup, of course.

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Re: some wrong figure there?

Yup. It was 59 seconds, not 29 seconds. Not enough coffee.

Linaro Linux-on-ARM effort sets sights on network gear

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Re: Re: Deliberately disingenuous?

I was merely trying to describe what is. I actually admire both ARM and Linaro. You are reading tone that is not there.

To have made that more clear, had I not been rushed, I could have added this:

"This stands in stark contrast to the totalitarian hardware model of Intel, where you get what they make and like it, and Microsoft, where you get what they make and sometimes don't like it."

Now THAT would have been a snarky comment. No snarks intended at either ARM or Linaro. One makes money, one distributes money. Both are collectives and I think good ecosystem players.

VMware's growth stalls – layoffs coming, but so are new hires

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Re: it is really simple

That is precisely why I put all of those numbers in there. To show how silly it is.

VMware ponies up $30m for Puppet Labs partnership

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Re: Puppet Labs

You Win!

Nice one....

Stratus: Virtualization drives demand for ftServers

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Re: Re: > Except this doesn't help when it's the Hypervisor or guest kernel that crashes. :(

See page 4 here:


I also contacted Stratus and triple-checked it and they confirmed that you only need one software license for the OS or hypervisor on a pair of machines.

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Re: Re: > Except this doesn't help when it's the Hypervisor or guest kernel that crashes. :(

Not true. Both Microsoft and VMware view this as a single system and only charge for one license on the mirrors.

IBM grafts old AIX 5.3 onto shiny new Power7+ servers

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Re: One reason for 5.3...

Good point.

Intel prepping Atom bombs to drop on ARM microservers

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Re: shoot the proof-reader

Shooting seems a bit extreme. As the writer, I can tell you I have a bit of word poisoning after a year of this, so you might as well shoot me, too. I think perhaps some coffee would work better than bullets.

I mean, we don't shoot programmers when their code has a bug. Not yet, anyway.

Red Hat pushes out RHEL 6.4 beta

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Re: Support for 512 tape drives?

Sounds like the NSA or Amazon Glacier

Can't wait for Nvidia? Try these Italian baby ARM clusters with GPU options

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I did not know that. Tweaked the story to reflect the change. Thanks.

Intel Xeon Phi battles GPUs, defends x86 in supercomputers

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Re: Re: Stampede

Actually, I put the most recent data into the Top500 story here:


Dell and TACC said Stampede would be around 9 petaflops, but as you can see in more current documents I cited at https://www.xsede.org/documents/234989/378230/XSEDE12_Stampede_and+MIC_Overview.pdf, the plan is to reach around 10 petaflops peak with a 6 megawatt power draw.

Nvidia launches not one but two Kepler2 GPU coprocessors

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Re: A request for Tim

Hey Marcus

Here's a great place to start with how Nvidia got here:


Intel to slip future Xeon E7s, Itaniums into common socket

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Re: Where do we get our money back for Tukwila systems?

Well, there is another option. That there was no Sandy Bridge-EX because Ivy Bridge-EX was too close and that Ivy Bridge-EX and Maybe even Haswell-EX will go into what we would have called an Itanium socket.

I am not saying this is the case--Intel has not said. But putting Xeon E7 in an Itanium socket is just as plausible as the reverse.

ARM Holdings licenses big chunk of MIPS patents

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I think I said game over, or maybe not. And I agree that there are interesting possibilities, which I will be talking to Imagination about to see what they think.

Dell lends Apache ARM software efforts a hand

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Re: Dell has a higher density per rack U than HP

Absolutely correct. Read my own story wrong as noted elsewhere. Dell has the advantage density wise, packing 5 sleds in 4Us compared to HP's 4 sleds in 4Us

tpm (Written by Reg staff)

Nope. It was supposed to say "each Copper enclosure has room for a dozen sleds." Apologies.

AMD to decimate workforce several times over?

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Re: It's a shame, we owe Intel x64 (not IA64) to AMD

No question about it.

Nvidia puts Tesla K20 GPU coprocessor through its paces


Re: So let me get this straight....

K10 prices were not announced by Nvidia, but buy.com has one listed for $4,000. Which sounds about right based on the Fermi M2090 prices I have seen at server makers.

It must be tempting for Nvidia to think they can charge $10,000 for the K20. Three times the flops for three times the price is not a price/performance improvement. So I am thinking maybe $6,000 is a reasonable price if it can hit the performance levels El Reg is estimating.

We'll see. And a lot, of course, depends on Xeon Phi prices, which no doubt will be lower per flops than whatever Nvidia charges.

ARM tags GlobalFoundries for future chip tech

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Re: The Virtual AI Terrain Team Solution to ITs Real Human and Surreal Practical Resource Problem

Ah, Man from Mars! It is good to see from you. But you are making less, or rather more, sense than usual. I think....

Nvidia rides the Kepler wave, proves bean counters wrong

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Re: Re: 2013??

Guys. It is a fiscal year. As the story says.

And thanks. Not saying I don't do bloopers. HA! But this ain't one of them.

TSMC doles out $1.4bn to buy Moore's Law breathing space

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Re: Now we need good design.

That will happen. It will have to.

And maybe we will have to go back to compiling our code, too, instead of using so many interpreted languages. HA!

Oracle cranks Exalogic software stack up to 2

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Yup. I meant Exalogic.

Postgres-on-steroids wields bare metal in Oracle, IBM skirmish

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Re: HP needs a database?

That one is tuned for big data chewing, not transaction processing

Servers save Intel's Q2, and probably the year

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Re: In comparison....

Everybody gets their turn in this business.

Mainframes did. Proprietary minis did. Unix did. Windows and Linux may or may not before we all retire, and Intel has so much on its side. But ARM is a very, very serious threat.

Or so I hope lest I die of boredom.

Big Blue uncloaks multitalented 40GbE RackSwitch

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Yup. Not enough coffee.

Calxeda ramping up ARM server boards

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Could be an end.

Could be the beginning.

Amazon cloud knocked out by violent storms in Virginia

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Re: And have you tried turning it off and on again?

I believe Mother Nature turned it off and on.... HA!

Taiwanese weathermen pick Fujitsu PrimeHPC super

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Re: More Nationalistic

TSMC fabs the Sparc64s, and it also does Nvidia GPUs. That would work.

Big layoff (singular) at Oracle on Thursday

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Re: How on earth ..

Discovery from the trial. The real question is how it is that either HP or Oracle can let these internal documents out in public with no consequences.

Red Hat pumps up Enterprise Linux to 6.3

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Re: Release notes URL wrong

Updated. Thanks.

Red Hat hits the top and bottom numbers in fiscal Q1

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Re: Re: 37 / 1350 mln

Last graph last sentence was completed screwed up. Fixed now.

AMD gooses the clocks on 'Bulldozer' Opterons

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Yup. Wrote it up here earlier this week:


HP-Oracle Itanium smackdown starts

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Re: Errata

The revenue streams from NonStop and VMS are what again?

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Re: Compaq?

Fair enough.

HP boffins create net-zero energy data center

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Re: Re: accounts for 70 per cent of data center


Dell ARMs up for hyperscale servers

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Re: So, how exactly is this even a threat to hp?

The threat to HP is merely that it is the first and only real supplier of ARM-based servers up until now. Hence my subhead.

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Re: RedSleeve

Thanks Gordan. I told Reg readers about this separately at http://www.theregister.co.uk/2012/05/29/redsleeve_enterprise_linux_arm/

10gen bags another $42m for MongoDB roadmap

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Re: Bubble

Right after everyone installs big data combines and years later figure out their users are mostly doing random crap.

Amazon takes on Microsoft Azure head on

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Re: The Cloud Formerly Known As Azure

Was it coffee or cola?

Revealed: Inside super-soaraway Pinterest's virtual data centre

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Re: Re: what on earth...

In the old days before these Web 2.5 guys took over the world, I guess it was called database partitioning.

Cedexis helps admins fight performance anxiety

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Re: Between the company's name and the headline

You're welcome.

IBM fires Power-powered Penguins at x86's weak spots

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Re: Re: Re: Linux-only mainframes

Just like the AS/400 shops paid for IBM to attack Sun and HP in the Unix racket.

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Re: Linux-only mainframes

Yes, but these "official" Linux only mainframes had much lower prices, just like these "official" Power-Linux boxes do.

WTF is... scale-in?

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Re: Since they are making up new terms...


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Re: That's the first time...

I was just amusing myself on a late Friday afternoon because a half dozen people jokingly asked me what scale-in was.

I know what IBM was trying to say, but it was a silly way to say it.

Red Hat clustered storage goes beta

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Shadowman is the trademarked name of the Red Hat logo.