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UK hospital meltdown after ransomware worm uses NSA vuln to raid IT


I hope the IT guys behind this are able to achieve a decent recovery time from this.

Had one of these a couple of years ago, took 6 months to fully recover from it.

Going to wear my tin foil hat over the weekend!

Lenovo stands up rinky-dinky new Yoga tablet


Re: they really have nothing

"Show me an Apple product with a design like that.

Thought not."

Looks an AWFUL lot like Apples wireless keyboard and "Magic" trackpad design.

If this thing comes with Windows 8 I shall be happily purchasing it.

Reg reader's nipper takes felt pens to Vulture 2


Re: Can you put the poll up now please?

Prefer the White:- Jony Ive is a reader of El Reg?

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it ... Win Phone 8? No, it's APPLE'S iOS 7


Re: Thanks for the consumer review

I'm a developer, its not great.

From a code base perspective it just seems to be on the edge of mediocre and bloatey.

Some will cry "Ah thats because your coding just plain sucks! blah blah blah!" and they probably are right: show me one dev who who says he can code with zero memory leaks and i shall show you a liar!

The extra frameworks is great and really gives the codebase some extra depth to easily implement ideas and features. I just get the impression that Apple are over simplifying EVERYTHING, even Xcode feels too much like a "Fisher Price My First Codey Machine" when you first loads it. I might be getting a bit long in the tooth, but I don't want or need glossy anything when developing. a straight plain box with auto suggestion and variable tracking is all that a good developer should need.

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Re: I feel like I have a stylish, niche product that sets me apart from the herd.

As a seasoned iOS dev, I jumped to my Nokia Lumia 925 after the iOS7 beta 6 release.

When I saw the final product I jumped hard and fast! I still smile at the Carphone Warehouse rep trying to convince me "you want to stay with your iPhone for iOS7" despite admitting that he had never seen it beyond the screenshots on the Appl site :-)

I was, and still am, properly shocked how awesome this little thing is! Every time I launch Pro Cam my inner 10 year old plays with all the settings fluently like some sort of Arty Hipster!


Since seeing all the reviews and comments around, me thinks I may start looking at installing Visual Studio (as everyone who hates iOS7 seems to be heading to Nokia) Thanks El Reg!

Reg readers brew up the ultimate cuppa

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Re: To confuse things, masala chai

Every english person I have ever made Masala Chai for instantly melts into my hands and recognises me as a Tea God!

I reckon if this get thrown into the mix, then it will definately be up there in the rankings.

Phones 4U scrambles onto EE's back, flings out own virtual network


Re: EE Sucks

Which Southbank were you walking around?

Here at Southbank, London (Big ben side) I have been walking around with my iPhone 5 during lunch with full EE signal.

Mines the one with a 4G telco mast in the left breast pocket.

Steve Jobs' death clears way for Broadway star to play Woz


Balmer could only be played by one guy...

.. And that man is Bill Murray (ladies and) gentlemen!

He would easily fit into the role, and all the while on the big screen everyman would cry for joy.

Our roving reporter snaps Tenerife sex dangle

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Yay Playmobil!

I didn't even the read the story, its just great to see the Playmobil back!

Viva le mobil de Play!

Nokia launches Windows Phone range

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The Blue one reminds me alot of Sonic.

Nokia's Brave New World is (almost) Finn-free


Fantastic Bootnote!

I have to say it, i am sitting here at my desk in tears, that was one of the funniest keynotes ever!

I was watching the live stream and even i thought his volume levels were disturbingly erratic. The image of people flinching has put me in a laughing fit that will most likely last the entire day!

Good work El Reg you made my Wednesday!

HTC outs 'Mango' WinPho 7 smartphones


RE: Filippo

I have had Windows Phone 7 since the beginning after owning an iPhone 4. I can say that i do not miss any features.

In my opinion its the best OS i have ever used. I did try Android a while back and hated it, it seems more driven around people tweaking the setup to suit them. If Android was a desktop OS then i would agree with the tweaking, but when its a phone the last thing anyone should have to worry about is memory management!.

My HTC HD7 feels just as tight as the day i got it and have never experienced any sort of slow down or crashing like I got from the other two OSes. If you are going for a new Windows Phone i would hold out till the Nokia handsets come out, its what I am doing.

Dragon Bannatyne threatens to break arms of 'Russian' bloke


Mystery solved

the perp says:

"We do not give up. We will stand tall"

Its Peter Jones. Where do i pick up my cheque? It better not be one of those big cardboard cheques... they are pain to cash!

Your sincerely


Queen to get an iPad (the Queen, not a queen)


RE:Always wondered what Lizzie did for fun.

"Now we know whatever it is, it's not flash based..."

I read that as: Now we know whatever it is, it's not flesh based...

God! the imagery! it burns!

It is Friday yet?

O2 tries to explain its new prudish nature


Kick up a fuss...

I just a had a meeting with a client and demonstrated how good his website looks on an ipad, for the site to be hit with this thing...the client and I were not amused.

Called up O2 after the meeting and kicked up a fuming rant with them and they offered me the verification to be removed in 30 minutes and a months free line rental.

Megaphone as thats what my phone turned into after that O2 chat.

So did Windows Phone 7 'bomb in US'?


Maybe we're not all lucky...

...to be out of contract when Windows Phone 7 was released.

I seem to remember mass rioting (or queuing being the British equivalent) at phone stores this July just gone. All of those (and me) with iphones are stuck until next year before we can look at these phones... so i would suggest the numbers be taken with some realism in mind.

Fire, as thats what El Reg seems to be creating for no apparent reason!

No wonder CompSci grads are unemployed


the weirdest tech stunt you've done with a computer?

I had to move some mini tower components into a bigger case so chose a beastly PowerEdge tower chassis for the new host...

Half way through removing the components i realised I had no mounting screws for the mobo and through my Macguyver instincts I drilled bigger holes in the chassis and mobo and used some server cage nuts I had lying around!

The machine worked for a month before dying a overheated death... that was a good weekend!


Passion for IT

Being one of these geeks that is a product of the post 1990's ICT (my fingers feel so dirty from typing those three letters!) education system.. I couldn't aree with you all! the education system need to be reformed so that REAL members of the IT community can teach the next generation, rather than a English Teacher who simply fell into IT as the school had too many English teachers! that was some terrible times I had!

I decided to skip Uni purely for this reason and start from the ground up making tea for the IT department. 6 years on im managing my own IT department and the only thing that i put it down to is my passion for IT (and some truly great IT mentors). I still spend my spare times browsing amazon for IT books that I can learn and have broken my home servers countless times!

I still get CV's from people (im too young to even say kids!) which are the same age as me but have nothing in their CV's that truly make them standout! I have got to a point I now just sit in the interviews and ask them if they do anything IT related out of their working time... if they dont, they are out of that door faster than the French barricading a petrol station!

I am almost ashamed to be a member of the next generation's IT department.

(Grenade as thats what I feel like posting to each CS grad after typing this)


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