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IBM lifts lid, unleashes Linux-based x86 killer on unsuspecting world

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Re: Real time trading and some scientific modelling maybe

It did and has found huge traction in the embedded market. Switches, routers, Mars rovers satellites etc.

You may not buy a pc with it in but other high performance appliances will have it in.

Exploding Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phablets recalled immediately

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New Samsung phone catches fire, next to no comments, new Apple phone bends when sat on and hundreds who would never buy one stick the boot in.


IBM swings axe through staff, humming contently about cloud and AI

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Re: Quite impressed it has taken this long

@ fajensen

this is what's happening in the NHS & Education in the UK

chasing metrics rather than the real business of healing or educating.

drop the metrics & watch productivity improve.

EU verdict: Apple received €13bn in illegal tax benefits from Ireland

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We already have sales tax!!

So many fares calling for a tax on sales. We already have one, it's called VAT and is applied to most non essential items at 20%.

Every new piece of hardware attracts VAT that the retailer collects from the consumer and pays to tax authority minus a percentage for the trouble of collecting it.

A £1200 laptop is actually £1000 + £200 VAT. Apple probably wholesale the laptop to pc world at £800, allegedly making ~30% so costs them ~£600. that £200 between wholesale and resale has to account for marketing, staff, stores, etc leaving a little for profit to of world.

The tax authority is by far the biggest earner of the lot, earning a huge 20% after everyone else has whacked in their costs and profit margin on the actual wholesale cost plus earning a percentage of each member of the chains profits, for essentially permitting the product to be sold in their area.

We consumers end up paying almost double the price the manufacturer sells the product into the channel for, especially when you consider we pay for goods and vat out of already taxed income, I.e you have to earn more than £1200 in order to take home £1200.

I'm not seeking to justify tax avoidance, but tax isn't simple or clear cut, lots of compounding and the tax man always takes the most.

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Re: What I don't get...


We already have that. It's called VAT, currently @20% added to the price of goods by the end retailer which they collect on behalf of HMRC and receive a percentage for their trouble.

regardless of company accounting schenanigans every sale attracts a level of local government tax levied at point of sale. This drama is all about tax on profits after costs like manufacturing etc, eu gov's also already earned a pretty penny on the sales of these items.

Radicalisation? UK.gov gets itself in cluster-muddle over 'terrorism'

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"We are against terrorists". There, that was easy, wasn't it?

@ Graham Cobb

exactly that, no more no less just

"We are against terrorists".

there is always someone somewhere trying to blame all ills on an individual that is different

Same job, different place: US salaries top DevOps pay packet poll

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when's Corbyn becoming PM so he can bump my salary to what the US get?

'Neural network' spotted deep inside Samsung's Galaxy S7 silicon brain

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Re: Most Surprised


It may not be all that useful today as you claim, but maybe successive improved versions will prove to provide that extra performance and battery boost over their rivals they are looking for.

£11bn later: Smart meters project delayed again for Crapita tests

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get "Gaz and Leccy" under control, and give us accurate bills

just what exactly constitutes an accurate bill?

to the day/minute/second?

just how more accurate will the bill be than it is now?

just cut everyone off every 18months if they've not switched or given a meter reading in the last 8 months

Hilton hotels' email so much like phishing it fooled its own techies

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Nationwide statement notification emails look like a scam

Nationwides notification emails look like a total scam, telling my my statements have been sent to my internet bank. Why the hell are they sending statements anywhere especially to an Internet bank? It's proof that no one reads the emails.

UK local govt body blasts misleading broadband speed ads

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what a load of Cack

if your on A/VDSL your connection speed will be the same regardless of operator so only need to check BT's checker to see


if your on VM that'll be a standard speed across the nation as their cabs are very close to the customers homes.

Same with any FTTP/H

leaving out Wireless BB, There are only a possible 4 types of connection to peoples homes & people will be told what speed they can get when they apply.

i do not see what all the fuss is about.

for every connection other than FTTP/H, the distance from the cab/exchange will impact the speed of the service.

Toshiba flashes 100TB QLC flash drive, may go on sale within months. Really

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How much is this expected to cost?

when can i get one for my NAS/Laptop/tower

Internet of Car...rikey what the hell just happened to my car?

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Re: Standard

@ Sampler

Like Android for your car,

we all know how well that goes on peoples phones and tablets.

i'd hold out for the iCar as at least the 3 year or older models will get updates.

BBC detector vans are back to spy on your home Wi-Fi – if you can believe it

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4g phone plugged directly into tv hdmi

I'd like to see them detect a 4g phone outputting Iplayer to a tv via hdmi.

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Re: Unique packet patterns


In addition to or instead of packet length, packet frequency


better still packet length and frequency of dud packets there just to be recognised as forming an identifier.

VPN's do have mechanisms to guard against identifying and snooping in this way, but once unencrypted the tell tell identifiers will be visible again.

I wonder if the detector kit will be sensitive enough to read Ethernet at a distance, like old spy kit?

Like the article suggests, if they know where you live all they really need to do is tap your incoming line and look for streamed Iplayer, or just ask your ISP to let them know every time you go to Iplayer, like if you go to a banned site.

Virgin signs up record ultrafast broadband subs

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Re: Oversubscribed


how do you get 100MB connection from VM?

surely you mean 100Mb = 12.5MB

The developer died 14 years ago, here's a print out of his source code

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Re: Portrayal of computer tech guys in films/tv.

like Mr Robot,

trying to get into it on SciFi but cringing every time they mention or do something techie and get it wrong. Like the opening episode when they get into a Jet and fly to the DC to stop someone remote hacking into a server, even though there where remote hands at the DC who could have unplugged or worked at a CLI? or constant mentioning of FTP's or other acronyms that might sound exotic to those that have no clue.

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Doesn't add up


"just this year he responded to “a Craigslist ad"


Earl quickly found the problem, namely an ancient surge protector more than a decade beyond its warranty. The lightning had zorched through that device and the resulting surge had damaged the IDE chip on the Dell PowerEdge 1300 so it would randomly delete information from the hard drive.

how on earth do you know it was the surge protector that was at fault for damaging the 18 or 19 year old IDE chip? i would have guessed the chip had failed due to age more than anything else, or just the drive was worn out or had bad sectors.

what is a "PCI network" is it meant to be a "PCI network card"?

if it where me i would have purchased a new or recently used server, downloaded and installed a copy of netware 4.1 on a vm then used an ide to usb converter to read in from floppy or the HDD, unless of course i wanted to milk them for as much cash as possible by insisting they buy a bunch of over priced ancient kit of no use to anyone.

Ofgem sets up database so energy companies can spam Brits

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Re: Comparison site savings not what they seem.

use the MSE cheap energy club comparison, it can show you comparisons based on your current tariff, or the OFGEM method of future standard rate tariff.


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market paremeters are wrong

Why are we automatically switched to the providers expensive standard tariff at the end of a term?

why can't we automatically be rolled over to the providers cheapest tariff with no penalty for changing to an alternate supplier?

I'm with daligas who's standard and fixed tariffs are exactly the same & are constantly the cheapest in my area.

Also the way ofgem mandate the comparison sites calculate the annual bill is incorrect. They mandate the calculation to the end of the current term and then the rest on the standard rates to a year from now (wrongly assuming you won't have switched). its possible for your current tariff to be cheaper than any available but the comparison sites will state large savings based on the cost of moving on to the standard rate vs switching now. You will likely save by waiting out your current term and then switching at the terms end. The MSE comparison tool lets you toggle between the OFGEM method or the sensible method.

Trial to store benefits claimants' personal data on blockchain slammed

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Re: Misdirection

would encourage many to get a job to pay for those luxury's the state won't pay for.

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Re: Misdirection

Don't see how that would be profitable, don't forget the shop would have to pay tax on that income they received from HMRC, on goods they never received to sell. I'm sure some will try it on but........

HMRC's IR35 tweaks have 90% of UK's IT contractors up in arms

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Allow permie IT staff some of the perks?

maybe even it up a bit and allow permie IT staff some of the perks like being able to offset stuff against taxes like travel, cars, equipment, training, lunch. No, thought not. There are lots of permies who for one reason or another only last a year or 2, the same as some contractors. Maybe the answer is to tax contractors like permies and pay the rest back to them once they've moved on to a different company. That way everyone wins, or doesn't.

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Paris Hilton

@ Shart tank

Ha Ha!

Three owner Hutch lobs sueball at EU over failed O2 buy

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Re: Dwarves?


buying O2 would have given Three the coverage they wanted and all the things you said they should do too. Their problem is that there is no more radio spectrum for them to buy without buying a mobile telco. EE & VF are not for sale, just leaves O2 who's owners can do with the cash & no longer want to be in the UK market.

Ofcom: Legal separation will force Openreach to eat more fibre

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Re: For whom does OFCOM work?

How do you know if the slowness is due to your connection or the remote system?

Verizon wants to replace your net gateways with 'a simple mux'

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Re: Security

no reason a trusted third party can't do that visualised security on behalf of the customer.

How's this for irony? US Navy hit with $600m software piracy claim

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@ tom dial

whilst i have no dealings with the situation, i can assure you that the work was carried out entirely to keep others from knowing what went on inside.

BT customers hit by broadband outage ... again

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@ Pen-y-gors

"how often do both drives in a RAID setup fail at the same time? And with a dodgy backup?"

if its that important then you need to pay more for a more resilient solution, perhaps active / standby cluster across geographically separated data centres provided by different vendors on different ISP's and supplied by different power stations. what's the cost to you of the outage vs the cost of a resilient solution?

regarding BT, yes this latest outage should not have the impact on its network that it has. Services should have instantly rerouted with little to no impact on end users.

What keeps former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani awake at night?

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Trump will just be Bush Junior all over again. The real question will be who will be his Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice?

5G: Mother of all pipes, or actually useful?

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Anyone for a national wireless mpls network where you the customer get to add or remove devices to your own network? Poor coverage, just add femtocells to your lan (of course vlan'd / firewalled off). Stuff offsite, maybe 5g will permit competitor net roaming?

No more installing umpteen wifi access points and controllers. No more broadband or leased lines for site wide wifi. A laptop with 5g and no VPN client could work from anywhere. How weird would it be to securely connect with HQ without a VPN? Maybe use geofencing to enforce extra authentication away from an office or home?

You can buy Windows 10 Enterprise E3 access for the price of a coffee

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Re: And so it begins

Many would happily pay £30 per month for a new laptop with latest Windows, office and AV pre installed with a remote support and return to base wrap around. That for 3 years on a £1k laptop wouldn't be too bad.

How many small businesses would jump at that. Don't forget it'll be tax deductable.

Israeli researcher fans fears: here's another way to cross the airgap

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@ Ledswinger

you should assume with that much physical security, the personnel are also vetted to at least DV.

Technology shares slide with Brexit vote, except ARM

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Re: *facepalm*

"With the pound tanking they got an instant 10% (or so) salary reduction. Well done."


If your a uk company with uk turnover/earnings/profits how does a fall in the pound equate to salary reduction? The answer is it doesn't. £20k yesterday is still £20k today. It just doesn't buy the same amount of foreign currency it did.

This was the problem with both campaigns, they publicised simple maths as project fear knowing people wouldn't understand what it meant.

Boffins map Netflix's Open Connect CDN

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Is it not possible to just take a DNS snapshot or copy and query that for *.netflix.*?

US Senate strikes down open-access FBI hacking warrant by just one honest vote

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Re: They're now using Orlando as an excuse? Really?

"The longer I live, the more I believe our government is now run by idiots instead of the crooks they used to be."

at least 1 mercan gets it.

just the rest of the nation to go.

Pressure mounts against Rule 41 – the FBI's power to hack Tor, VPN users on sight

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Re: HMA... MY Arse

Have any links to evidence to support your claims?

The internet is awash with opinions and hearsay with little fact to back claims up.

'Plane Hacker' Roberts hacks cows

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Re: Why do we shoot the messenger still?

Did the FIA or other aviation bodies actually instruct airlines to make any changes as a result of this mans claims. if not I suspect his hacking claims are total bogus and onlynserved to cause fear uncertainty and damage to the airline industry's reputation amongst the travelling public.

Meet the 1,000 core chip that can be powered by an AA battery

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Re: Why?

surely just because?

Energy companies aren't going to slurp your personal data. Honest

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Re: The phrase you were looking for was "Opt IN" you waste of space.

While they are opting people in they should automatically opt people into their providers cheapest tarif at all times!

Tariff ends, auto opt into cheap, not standard tarif. New tarif arrives, auto opt everyone in on it. Simple fix for people not switching.

Sneaky brown dwarf gives us a bright flash and astroboffins are confused

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SI or reg units please otherwise it makes no sense.

Apple quietly launches next-gen encrypted file system

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Click bait

I already looked up hfs+ so here you go


MPs pass new UK spy law

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would be nice to know the timeline of what happens next and when

O2 chief techie: Light up dark fibre and unleash the small cell army

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Re: Pay "Rates" on Dark Fibre?

Fibre business rates are very real and administered / processed via VOA, the same bods that do council tax valuations.




laying fibre and under using it is an expensive habit.

Three's company: Micron intros first 3D and triple-level cell SSDs

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Paris Hilton

How much?

did i miss the price in all that bumpf?

Three UK: Our MMS prices are up. Get around us with WhatsApp or Skype

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Re: Ryanair logic

jumping through hoops?

mms was answer for people who couldn't send an email of the pic they just took on their phone.

imessage does the same as mms but uses your data so does not incur a specific charge.

Hold the DRAM phone: IBM claims phase-change breakthrough

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Re: confused

from the article:

"IBM hopes to use PCM as a standalone method or used in hybrid applications to boost flash storage"

If it is faster and its cost is near that of flash, why bother using flash at all?

chris 17 Silver badge


Is it faster than flash, hence why to use instead of?

If it is faster and its cost is near that of flash, why bother using flash at all?

Comms providers call on Ofcom to get tough on Openreach

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Re: Same old same old

Ok, so VM, KCom and the new lot running fibre and wireless to rural areas should also hand over their networks for rivals too.

I'd be fully in favour of a level playing field where i could get my ISP of choice on my network of choice. SKY BB over VM's network is appealing to me (had terrible customer service from NTL/VM lasting over a year & ongoing and after i left them) but i suspect VM don't see it that way and would rather turn a profit on their significant investments.

Popular UK mobile tech firm 51Degrees hacked

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Re: personal information is the aim

just how do you delete an offline backup?