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Are you who you say you are, sir? You are? That's all fine then



"Please try again later" is just user friendly error: XXXTDHRGTHF75RU6TER

It really means if it's bad enough and we notice we might fix it later but really we hope both you and the error magically disappear.

If the thing you were doing earlier is 'drop table' commands, ctrl-c, ctrl-v is not your friend


Re: The CLI is not your friend, in such situations...

Completely agree. Consoles are all techi but not reliable to use with the clipboard in my experience.

My hoard of obsolete hardware might be useful… one day


No way can you have precious. Thieves!!!

ZX Spectrum Vega+ blows a FUSE: It runs open-source emulator


Harsh but fair

Review seems harsh and kudos to the guys for trying to get their dreams realised but probably fair to people looking into buying this.

US govt mulls snatching back full control of the internet's domain name and IP address admin


Re: Balkanisation could be welcomed in some quarters

I seem to remember Virgin giving me a private IP at one point. Probably not that hard to upscale.

How much is the drone biz worth to the UK? How's £42bn by 2030 sound? – PWC


Net net of what?

The drones will be made in China and IP will be owned out of some Caribbean island.. so after all those jobs are lost how exactly will GDP grow?

Doom and Super Mario could be a lot tougher now AI is building levels


Random Levels?

Seems like computer games have had random levels for a long time but if it helps better train our eventual overloads it's worth it I guess.

Royal Bank of Scotland decision to axe 160+ branches linked to botched IT gig – Unite


RBS Branches?

Never understood why there were so many RBS branches, quite often very near to Natwest. I guess they might do loads of business to business work but they've always seemed pretty empty.

BOOM! Cambridge Analytica explodes following extraordinary TV expose


See no evil...

Facebook auditors asked to stand down so that ICO auditors can visit tonight? Wouldn't that have the unfortunate side affect of giving CA window to tidy their books if they were inclined to? ... hm.. I see..

Odd that this should come as a surprise to ministers as many of them were clients for Brexit and presumably the FO had an inkling of what they were up to?

Brit retailer Currys PC World says sorry for Know How scam


Never go there for this reason

Had the hard sale/unfulfilled promotions in Dixon's too many times so don't even bother to look there any more. Can't be the only one. Not sure it's a great strategy to annoy your customers but I guess they reckon another one will be along soon...

Man who gave interviews about his crimes asks court to delete Google results


Oh no he didn't

Man convicted of "offence of conspiracy to intercept communications" claims privacy rights.

The irony is strong with this one.

Paul backs FBI hack law



Paul? My money was on St Paul.

Ad-blocker blocking websites face legal peril at hands of privacy bods


Something for nothing

How exactly do you want this content paid for? If you don't like ads don't visit the site.

Windows 10 debuts Blue QR Code of Death – and why malware will love it


Re: Penguin

Didn't use Windows ME then?

There's plenty of BSOD hotfixes so not sure about that, although I'm sure it's true for a large number (I would add Network Card drivers to that).

Euro Patent Office board to hold emergency meeting


Must have filled in the wrong from

I'm not in favour of Brexit but day by day the EU bureaucracy is turning into one of those massive empire bureaucracis of galactic SciFi novels where nothing ever gets done and no one is accountable. Yes I know people will say it already is but it's getting funier/sadder all the time.

Web ads are reading my keystrokes and I can’t even spel propperlie


Re: Ads suck

Get this all the time. Spent 5 minutes buying something and then weeks getting it advertised to me. A bit of a waste of time someone I would think.


Re: news just in

Never had any problems. Great customer service. Certainly to the likes of PC World. Every one has a dodgy experience. I had one with John Lewis and a lot of people seem to think they are great.

What will we do with 600MHz?


if you broadcast it they will watch

how about 24hr BBC3/4, more HD, ondemand/iPlayer content and if all else fails what's BT up to these days?

a lot of tax paying citizens are going to stick to Freeview - so how about taking their interests into account?

HP lands $2.5bn NASA IT support deal


Indian Space Boost

EDS (HP) = "Best" (cheapest) Shorring = India

I expect the Indian space program will get a massive boost from this. Oh well, it be nice to see someone on the moon.

Gov pays Greens to lobby it, says report


how about this?

Ok so the government doesn't give any money to NGOs if it's going to be used for lobbying and corporations can't do the same thing if it's going to be used to lobby for something that gives them a commercial advantage. then lets see where we'd end up.

The tax payers' alliance do have a point however - why should tax payers' money be used to promote any one political/religious/moral agenda?



Alien TV coming to a cable channel near you soon.

SETI has finally managed to tune in to ET's favourite TV channel - I for one can't wait for their SciFi shows.

I can't see live communication working as the distances would be so huge it would take many years for each message to be transmitted. If we're a little but unlucky we'll find a message from ET from a 1 billion light years away (ergo their civilization expired half a billion years ago). where would that leave us? looking into the supposedly bright future of a civilization has already long died away (not that half a billion years is not good going).

Oz bank meltdown due to file corruption cock-up



I expect a whole line of heads to roll but what's the betting the company IT processes/culture was just as much to blame as some poor sysadmin/team that just followed the recognized upgrade path. and people complain that systems never/ever get upgraded - upgrades are always expected to work smoothly and it must be someone's fault when things go up in smoke - it just doesn't work like that - computers are messy and even if you do absolutely everything right things can still break - and yes it's important to have a good roll back strategy but you need two or three or four in the real world.

WP7 vs Android: a struggle for supremacy


Android Update Nightmare

I love my Android phone but updates are a nightmare - why can't I download updates individually/rather than have to do a reinstall for each major release and if your phone's getting on a bit (say a year old) you can forget about it as the manufacturer has moved on.

if this was Windows each manufacturer PC model would have to wait for it's OS updates - absolute nightmare.

I get the issues around Apple's closed shop but at least everyone gets the updates at around the same time (if you're model is still supported - which often is long after Apple has moved onto the next generation). Even if you have to pay a little for it/it's cheaper than a new phone.

MP wants age verification for net smut


Not Quite The Same

"We already successfully regulate British TV channels, cinema screens, high street hoardings and newsagent shelves"

I wouldn't say that it's quite the same. Regulating the internet is more like regulating British TV channels, cinema screens, high street hoardings, newsagent shelves, all international TV channels, international newspapers, junk mail flyers, church news rounds, company brochures, news agent noticeboards, shop windows, personal journals, political manifestos, letter correspondence, pub discussions......

Google: Oracle doctored that 'copied Java code'


not the same

similar but not the same. there's only so many ways to do something in code. it's not hard to find something similar in thousands of lines of code. to the untrained eye they don't even seem to do the same thing.

Florida cops tase naked jogger


Judge, Jury & Executioner

Judge Dread would have loved a taser. Instant retribution.

Steve Jobs chops student hack down to size


they have a point

wow so her academic grade depends on a reply from a press office? what is she in primary school? I suggest she gets a couple of proper sources and does some proper research rather than join the copy and paste press releases mob. please leave them (Apple) alone.

HMRC issues CD-rom alert to employers


not surprised

let's just hope they're not calculating too many people's tax allowance using the old CD-ROMs. lol

no one thought to mention an intranet based app or managed autoupdate process when this system was being designed then?

Council staff breach DWP database

Big Brother

Proles are Scum

Labour always had the policy that the proles are scum and the operatics are all to be trusted (at least that's what it tolled them and the proles). Good days.

Google halts deletion of Street View Wi-Fi data


not so hard to know why

Google collected this data so they can run an accurate where you are service. some other company does it for Apple/etc. it's not great but they only captured a few seconds worth of data - they have access to far more through people that use their search/email/video/shopping/ect services. I'm all for privacy but in this case I think people are missing the wood for the trees - there's far bigger threads to privacy than this.

CEOP renews attack on Facebook


CEOP == Self Promotion

CEOP seem to be a quango desperate to extend their reach and justify their existence by plastering themselves all over the internet. well I'm not a kid and don't have any kids so don't want or need a big red big brother button all over the place.

why just Facebook? if there's a real danger (above say going to the park or your mom's new boyfriend) why not have this on IRC/MSN/Gmail/etc/etc - but instead they choose to have a go a facebook because it's high profile and as a result they get to raise their profile. how many had heard of this agency before this (not that many people know who they are now)?

why not actually fix social services across the country and then you might actually do some good - but hey I guess doing a few press releases and getting yourself in the papers is more fun.

Virgin hails 'free' landline-to-mobe calls


m,l,xl not new

unless I'm missing something the m,l,xl telephone bundles are not new to VM - although adding free V-to-Vm calls is, as mainly the've been bundling landline calls (at the times mentioned). but generally I do find VM call charges high - even if you do have all their bundles you're better off getting a 3rd party add on to your BT line - which you can't get on VM.

NSA beats warrantless wiretap rap


i.e. gov immune from prosecution?

so basically if the US government does anything that affects a big enough number of people they're immune from prosecution. and there was me thinking this was just the thing a constitution was supposed to protect you from. oh well. land of the free no more me thinks.

Boys in blue caught breaking IT rules


"South Yorkshire fared worst"..

..or just maybe they did the best job of monitoring/reporting transgressions? maybe they should have kept stum like a couple of the others...

of course this isn't surprising in the slightely because the police/civil servants are no better/worse than the rest of society - if only mother (NuL) would realise this and stop treating those outside the "elite" as children.

Google: Do no evil, pay no tax


one of many

Google are not the first/only company to do this - Microsoft/Dell have their HQ in Ireland if I'm not mistaken. I don't think it's EU thing only either as I've heard of banks moving their profits around the world.

Makes me sad that the government/press makes such a big deal of relatively low scale issues with benefits/etc but big corporations get away with 100s of millions of pounds.

Does make me wonder if you can have a single economic market if their is such disparity in taxation? Our Irish cousins must be chuffed with the situation however.

Spook firm readies Virgin Media filesharing probes


ISP lose legal defense with this?

surely ISPs will lost the legal defence that they don't know what's going through their network and therefore can't be held accountable with this?

if an ISP know that's someone is using their connection to download copyright infringing material/etc then the ISP is facilitating this and could be help accountable, perhaps?

Gov confirms plans for Sky box in charge of your house


1984 almost here

so they're going to install by force (through legislation) a device into my house that will monitor what I do (what time I'm in/how many people are here/what kind of devices I'm using). this device will be linked to a central network somewhere where it will update this data in real time and send back updates/etc - some of which I'll be able to view on a digital display.

all they need to do is install a two way mic and 1984 will finally be here.

Finns fail to warm to 2.6GHz auction


digital dividend?

whose dividend? it's our spectrum, they should give it pack - for more interactive/HD content on Freeview - we're already losing one interactive stream to make way for HD.

tv viewer

Apple cult leader emails outside world


the guy's got a point

looks like trademark infringement to me. the guy should call it something else - it really is not that big a deal.

signed: Not a Mac fan (partly because I don't know how to use them/they ARE over priced(for me))

Apple voids warranties over cigarette smoke, users say


good on them

having worked in various parts of the service/IT industry I say good on apple.

some items sock up nicotine/tar to so that you get a layer of grease/yellow slime. smokers don't often notice this as it builds up over time but when you put it side by side with a clean item it's pretty disgusting and now we know the dangers of nicotine/tar I don't think people should be forced to come into contact with it - unless appropriately trained/equipped.

<putting on my hazmat suite here>

LibDem backs IBM staff in pension row...


final salary in bangalore?

i wonder if they care about final salary pension schemes in Bangalore. IBM (like the rest) are just offshoring what they can get away with and inshoring what they can't. just rotate some low paid employs (by western standards) from India around every 6 months and who cares about final salary schemes?

Backdoor in top iPhone games stole user data, suit claims


can't get not'ng for not'ng

Storm8 have some of the most popular Free games on the App Store - I don't think they are just developing all these games just for a laugh. their games are great but what's their line?

Wikileaks publishes BNP 'member list' (again)

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Maybe we can stick all these racist fascist haters on a boat and send somewhere they'd feel at home. It would have to be an alternate reality mind you - as that's the world their heads are living in now.

Post Office will snap and dab for ID card scheme

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it's only foreigners so who cares?

they came for the paedophiles but it had nothing to do with me so I kept my head down.

they came for the muslim extremists but it had nothing to do with me so I kept my head down.

they came for the yobs/asbos but it had nothing to do with me so I kept my head down.

they came for the foreigners but it had nothing to do with me so I kept my head down.

they came for the airport workers but it had nothing to do with me so I kept my head down.

they came for the...

Dell XPS support takes a catnap


XPS Support Is Pants

Their XPS online support has not worked a single time I've tried it and I dreaded being put through to XPS support telephone support department as it guaranteed a much longer wait than all their support departments. Premium, go figure.....

Teen kidnapped over Sony PSP


it's the hespanic guy

so it's all the coloured guys fault - when the other guy ripped him off and refused to give a refund - we have this "alleged" kidnapping - very convenient.

Publishing giant hits delete on internal IT staff


same old, same old

here we go again. cut headline costs - perhaps sell the company on at an inflated price/maybe just to impress shareholders/maybe to make up for losses else where - execs and consultants get fat bonuses - a few people eventually lose their jobs to cheap staff shipped in from India/people reading a script in a far off call centre - the company stores up problems for some future date where the pretty paper reports were in way based in reality.

Palm rejected Jobs's 'no poaching' Applers offer

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@So what? - Andy Bright

sorry Andy but at least over here (UK) I've been in plenty of situations where foreign tech staff (mostly from India) have been brought over - often on rotating contacts where each sub team staid in the country for say 6 months - went back to India for 6 months - and so on... of course the UK staff had the great honour of knowledge transfer. so off-shoring doesn't always mean sending jobs oversees. technically the original company was losing the contract to the likes of Mphasis/Cognizant/etc but big Western tech companies often have major shareholdings in those companies anyway. but hay, people have been talking of helping the "third world" - off shoring has worked better than any form of charity.

anyway, this is clearly a restraint of trade - a lot of high end tech jobs are highly specialised and working for a competitor can be the only assurance of being able to work in the same technology/getting a fair wage for your skills.

Pair charged with BNP list breach


where's the medals

these people should be getting medals - would the police had been so interested if it was a bunch of environmentalists/anarchists/animal rights/etc?

Pig flu promises holidays for all


7 days - that would be nice

7 days is too long for anyone. if you're too ill to go to work for seven days you really should be seeing a doctor.

we don't get 7 days at my place of work, more like 2 or 3 but that's the private sector for you. but I know of civil servants who seem to spend half their working life on "sick" leave with no consequences what so ever.