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Most bosses monitor or block social-network use at work

The Dodoman

"significant" advantages

We blocked FB and saw a "significant" decrease of 30% in bandwidth consumption together with far less complaints from users regarding Internet response.

Lenovo chiefs chortle over decision to buy IBM's PC biz

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Forget it folks...

IBM left the business on purpose.... a turnover of 5.6 Billion and 123Million profit... big bucks investment, too much hassle for too little. Since long, the IBM brains have been re-oriented to more worthwhile projects.

India cracks down on the Blackberry

The Dodoman

Why not also ban...

every HTTP SSL certificate....

Saab fingers BAE over South African fighter deal

The Dodoman

"about a contract.... which Saab had no prior knowledge."

Rather than calling this corruption it is commonly referred to on the ground as... "networking fees"

Dropbox security fubar infuriates customers

The Dodoman

Simple solution is to use..

USB drives... Some of them come with decent backup software. Use two, alternate regularly and you have a good home backup.

Sega’s saggy security

The Dodoman

One of the reasons why...

I tell my users who have personal gmail accounts to always empty their trash. Often enough it contains password reset information for other sites.

Help! My Exchange server just rebooted

The Dodoman

Thats why I love my...

Lotus Domino. In 10 years of operation in a 3000 user environment, I have never had a major corruption problem. If there was corruption it was limited to a single user mailbox.

Oracle cranks Red Hat Linux clone to 6.1

The Dodoman

history -c

Unix history has already shown this... Looks like the fate of Linux is the same.

Google network chief jumps to ... Microsoft

The Dodoman

No more ads for me...

No more enhanced networks for all them ad-clickin folk...

Cloud in 2011: A bright new dawn...

The Dodoman

Oi Cloud... !

now run this COBOL app together with its ISAM... 8-)

The Dodoman

Depends on the outfit you are running...

The recent cockups on Gmail and Amazon still expose the problems of the cloud. I wouldn't want to bet my corporate I.T. job involving thousands of users on any cloud provider and neither would my CIO.

$8.5bn Skype goes titsup again - including website

The Dodoman
Dead Vulture

Just born...

I am delighted to announce the birth of El-Reg today at...

HP and Violin build Oracle Exadata killer

The Dodoman

Well Actually...

Yes. The company I work for represents both vendors... Form my epxerience at least HP do sort out issues pertaining to their stuff unlike Oracle.

The Dodoman

Oracle... Memory? Servers?

Jack of all trades... master of none.

I floated a site into the cloud, and it didn't rain down in chunks...

The Dodoman

Not suitable for all...

I've got 32 serial ports to map and other telemetry attached to my web app...

Windows 7 customers hit by service pack 1 install 'fatal error' flaws

The Dodoman

No Clue Huh?

Looks like the MS software dev outsourcing buddies are not answering their phones...

How do you find the skills needed in the virtualised data centre?

The Dodoman

Polyvalent skills are needed.

Myself I am in charge of a 7 man team dealing in datacentre ops. Had it not been for my polyvalent skills across networks, servers and apps, those specialised personnel would have have been in catfights up to the early hours of the morning trying to sort out problems. Its a bit like being a general in an army.. you might not know how to drive a tank, but you do know it can blow down a building.

Red Hat: 'Yes, we undercut Oracle with hidden Linux patches'

The Dodoman

Oracle mongering...

We use some other Oracle products which have been acquired by the giant... We usually find ourselves sorting out production support issues days or weeks before Oracle support get back to us with their useless mumbo-jumbo. Oracle is starting to look like some kind of monger willing to sell just about anything. For those contemplating Oracle support, don't... Stick to the REAL support from Redhat.

The job of a server is...

The Dodoman

An Insight

Nice primer... After 20 years in the industry I'm still surprised by the number of people out there who don't have a clue about how their apps run, and even more surprised at all those who *think* they know and yet work till ridiculous hours.

Google blames bug for Gmail deletions

The Dodoman

Only free gmail customers affected?

I wonder how realistic those figures are... It would not be in Google's favour to state whether paid subscriptions have been affected and if I was a paying gmail customer, I would keep my mouth shut and never disclose to my clients that I have lost their "confidential" mail.

Oracle and IBM carve up open-source Java leadership

The Dodoman
Gates Halo

Hmmm... Where will this lead us to?

Hate to say it, but at this point it looks like MS and its .NET are in the most stable relationship with their crowd.

Open source to bust up Cisco Borg collective?

The Dodoman
Dead Vulture

Yeah right... from a 40Watt router to a 500Watt server

Bacon and eggs anyone?

Court orders seizure of PS3 hacker's computers

The Dodoman

No pay, no play.

Suckers root their kit in order to play games for cheap. My point is if suckers can't bother to pay for an original game then they don't deserve to play. I bet that quite a few game coders out there who look after their family with their hard earned cash will agree. Well done for the law.

And here's how a datacentre network works...

The Dodoman

Nice primer

Worth mentioning to newcomers joining datacenter ops. I notice that many newcomers even though certified are not aware of many aspects.

Fire safety gaffe knocks out Webfusion data centre

The Dodoman


Contractor gripping his stomach... "Where's the toilet? "

The optimised datacentre

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Damned Accountants!

The main problem is that for some strange reason I.T is commonly perceived as a "cost" by the I.T. illiterate financial folks. What they don't get is that everything used in a business has a cost. The only time they WILL realise the importance of I.T. spending is when you take away their tables, chairs, laptops and leave them with an abacus.

Microsoft 'maintenance' blocks Hotmail

The Dodoman

Your job.

Any Cloud + CEO + lost email = You would be out of a job.

Microsoft powers up 'wallless' data center

The Dodoman

No food from Datacenters?

"datacenters don't produce, food, or oil, or gold, they use it up".

Sure they produce food.. I feed my 2 kids with my datacenter job.

Storage pros: Big or small, you still have to hit the sweet spot

The Dodoman

Small Disks = Better Perf

In my opinion, the smaller the disk size, the faster the data gets read per rotation, less power consumed and smaller seek times.

Microsoft confirms code execution bug in Windows

The Dodoman

Go Get an Abacus...

Show me an OS which has never had critical fixes... The fact is that exploitable bugs are there no matter which OS you use...

Will the cloud mean joblessness for you?

The Dodoman

Whats a cloud?

Try explaining to 5000+ people in a corporate culture that their data is somewhere in a cloud in another country over which they have no control... and anyways, many parts of the world do not have adequate telco infrastructure to go for cloud architecture.


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