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Sony to bring Risk to the big screen

Butch Kaniecki

Wrong Game

Ok all - looking for some Venture Capital to fund my screen play for Cribbage - Rise of the Heels -

Story of an adventurous player chasing the asspeg of an opponent attempting to make a delivery of His Nobs to a mysterious oppenent. Only to find the heels belongs to a tranny - and ends up losing and receiving his Nobs rather than the intended Delivery.

Next Project - Match Game 69 the Movie. The real story of Charles Nelson Reilly and Brett Somers - and why Gene Rayburn was always smiling.

What's happening with XIV?

Butch Kaniecki

I've seen this IBM marketing strategy before....

On the AS/400. Great technology without true IBM marketing support. The bottom line with them is not the technolgy but keeping the higher-end customers on the higher-end products. Mainframe revebue has significantly higher margins than AS400 did back in the day, and I see the same scenario playing out here. XIV will find a niche, but will probably never live up to its true promise and potential.

Just an observation from watching the

Net pharmacies raided in nine countries

Butch Kaniecki
Paris Hilton

This Raid Brought to you by.............

Merck, Bristol Myers Squibb, etc ad nauseum.....

Wonder if this was funded by the US $750 Billion Bailout package for the eternally clueless.

Nice. Now off to wait for my pink slip as Joe Bunghole couldn't pay his mortgage so my company is laying off tons of people in an effort to stave off executive compensation cutbacks.

Need to have a Paulson Icon with puppet strings. That lacking, today is for Paris since at least with $750 Billion she'd throw us a nice party.

Nokia wins in Qualcomm case

Butch Kaniecki

Maybe I'm missing something....

But wouldn't it just make simple common sense that any company participating in a standards body or similar group that essentially requires disclosure of any held patents. That and signing a waiver for use of any relevant patents that may be involved.

Patent laws suck enough, and I still smile everytime I reread any SCO article. But then again when you live in a society that believes in instant satisfaction, something for nothing, and nothing is ever your fault, what do you expect.

Shocked Shatner shunted from Star Trek XI

Butch Kaniecki
Dead Vulture

The best of all.......

There has been no mention of what is undeniably the best Sci-Fi space show ever made.


Dr.Smith is the best Sci-fi character of all time - and I believe that is how Shatner has modeled his later life attitude and material.

Ohhh - The Pain The Pain.......

Microsoft racks up best quarter since 1999

Butch Kaniecki


Man - if this is the future, I'm going to start stockpiling cyanide. The general rule in dealing with MS O/S upgrades (if you can call them that) is to wait about 2 years for it to reach a fair level of stability, usability, and supportability.

The prime reason I had interest in Vista was for the new file system. When it was dropped, and the upgrade centered around some eye candy and 10 year late security changes which require vastly more hardware to get a reasonable user experience out of - that was enough for me.

Dealing with MS is a necessary evil, and I for one, do not choose to partake in the kool-aid party (anti-freeze?) until the mindless sheep marching into the desert's mortality rate has dropped to acceptable levels.

Vista is indeed the unfortunate future, but I prefer slow poison (XP) versus suicide - at least for now.

Google gets jiggy with MySQL

Butch Kaniecki

If Bill Gates had Steel Ones.....

He'd sweep in and make MYSQL an offer it couldn't refuse to purchase the company.

Then he'd add some MS code corruption and release the next version.

Then he could release the updated code to Google and watch all their search results point to msn.come

Then everyone could sit back and watch the technology equivalent of World War III - starring Steve Ballmer as France, Bill Gates as Stalin, and Hillary Clinton as Mata Hari.

The google boys could be played by any number of Japanese kamikazes, and Steve Jobs could have a cameo as Wolfshits the Enigma inventor who despite his brilliance, his ego insists that his U-Boat can indeed be outfitted with a touch pad and screen doors, and mysteriously disappears.

Sony faces case for 'Cell' patent infringement

Butch Kaniecki

Trolling for Dollars

Welcome to the next contestant on the "Patent is Right"

Bob Barfer hosting. Would be fun to see them spin the wheel on the Showcase Showdown, have the unhinge and flatten them.

Still waiting to hear back from the Patent office for that application on the kinetic application of muscle movement and placing of the lower left appendage on the ground, followed by similar kinetic activity to place right lower appendage in front of the left, resulting in movement of skeletal and tissue of exerting body.

Woo hoo - gonna go find me the attorney with the biggest most pathetic, tear-jerking billboard to get me some buck$$$$.

FBI logs its millionth zombie address

Butch Kaniecki

Business Opportunity

It certainly seems that there is a business opportunity out there an Internet Sanitation Engineer. Taking some of these various pieces of advice and producing a product that can notify and assist bot sanitation efforts would almost certainly be a hit with ISP's and Corporate Networks alike.

Hell, I'd shell out a couple bucks more a month get my cholesterol down a few points based on reduced spam ingestion. I like phish, but generally prefer obtaining them from a fresh seafood market and not online.

Paris Hilton released for 'medical reasons'

Butch Kaniecki

Yeast infection?

I am glad to see that our justice system has cleared the way for her to treat her medical condition. Let me put on my Dr. Welby hat and try to make some possible long-distance diagnosis. Here goes:

3rd Degree Burns caused by non-satin sheets used in prison bedding

Irritated Colon due to repeated Anal probes looking for contraband caviar smuggled in.

Yeast infection due to improper wiping as her personal assistant was not allowed access to her cell.

Brain Damage inflicted by having to spend time alone with her thoughts or lack thereof.

The truth may never be known - but I wish her well on her recovery from whatever life-threatening medical condition may exist.

Google shivs server crowd with PeakStream buy

Butch Kaniecki

Katamari Damacy meets Termminator

From my less than impartial view of the world, it appears that Google has taken on the persona of the sticky ball in Katamari Damacy. Just rolling over things (rights, information, companies, etc) and picking them up where value is added and flattening and crumbling pretty much anything which stands in its way. Eventually it will reach critical mass where the entire elecronic world will succumb to the mighty Google Ball and everything we know and do will become minor appendages until it becomes self-aware and attempts to destroy all of humanity in a "Do No Evil" attempt at saving the human race through the most effacaious means available. Elimating the human race is the only sure way to save it from itself. The Google ball seems to be growing larger by the moment......

Thanks Google - I can sleep better at night now.