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Microsoft parades Windows 8.1, the version you may actually want

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Re: Question

Thanks Melni, sounds like fun!

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Re: Question

Thanks, but this is exactly what I don't want to do. I have perhaps 20 pictures of the same thing, the detail of which I can see on the big screen, but not in the file explorer, because they are with the same date, and same subject. In Windows 7 I could copy, attach, do whatever with the ones I wanted, now all I can do is select. There is no answer to this particular perfectionist's problem in Windows 8.

But from the forum above I imagine W8 is great for software designers and gamers.

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Re: Why save the PC?

I would hazard a guess that Windows 8 was done on a portable device, while commuting, when the seat opposite was occupied by noisy twins and the one next to by an abusive drunk.

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Before I get my IT guys to change my laptop back to Windows 7, can anybody tell me how to print the pictures from W8? Or even how to copy and paste onto Word? Or attach to an email? Scenario being I have just looked at one of my hundreds of pictures and like this one and want to send it to my friend? This one, not the one before or after, because they are nearly the same but not quite? You know, just a Windows 8 version of the right click. At the moment I go into a picture gallery and all I can do is "select". My IT people don't know:-)

Supreme Court: DNA database retention regs are unlawful

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The title is required, and must contain letters and/or digits. - oh, really!?

"Under the proposed new laws, the DNA data of those arrested for minor offences but not convicted would not be kept. People arrested for more serious crimes, even if not convicted, would see their data kept on file for three to five years."

Would someone wiser (coz I am just a woman and foreigner to boot) please explain to me the difference between these two types of innocence? Innocent of minor offence and innocent of serious crime? Because I, in my profound ignorance, cannot see any.

Bin Laden's porn stash: Too good to be true?

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Lockable desk at work?

Or are you a woman?

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Beer drinker - that explains it...It has been proved that wine drinker are more likely to buy smutty magazines

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@Tom Welsh

"...Hiroshima and Nagasaki, or the bombing of hundreds of different Axis cities during WW2, or the killing of 3 million people in South East Asia, or the killing of over 1 million people in Iraq."

Well, I don't particularly admire Americans for any of the above, but given the choice, I'd rather be under American rule than Nazi Germany's, Japanese or Arab for that matter. This from a Polish woman who does not bow and likes to flaunt occasionally without being stoned for it.

Sage Pay says sorry for upgrade shambles

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What's new then?

I hated Sage since I laid my eyes on it some years ago, and since then I hear it progressively got worse. But they have good advertising!