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Official: Fandroids are smarter/tighter* than iPhone fanbois

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Re: Thost that are dumb enough to think a phone is a status symbol of success

I pay £2 a month for my contract with O2, 200 mins, unlimited texts and 500mb of data. Which is plenty for me, as I'm usually near a wifi router, and usually use whatsapp for messaging rather than the outdated texting.

NHS diabetic gizmo will text for help if wearer is in danger

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DVLA - losing license

The problem is, the new EU law that has come in where if a diabetic has 2 or more cases of having low blood sugar (hypoglycemic) within a year, then they lose their driving license. So, if the doctors are receiving these texts then they have to by law report them to the DVLA.

The only way anyone would use one of these is if they are unable to tell themselves if they have low blood sugar - to use it as a life saving device only.

However, I wouldn't mind a device which can report and save my blood glucose levels throughout the day, but only ever report them to me (my mobile).

Midnight theft left Vodafone users bereft

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For anyone who is still down...

For anyone who is still down, try rebooting your phone. That should get you back on the network.

Credit card 'flash attack' steals up to $500,000 a month

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Lock the account

Simple, when someone has put in their bank card and pin successfully into an ATM, the bank account is then locked and can only be used by that one ATM. Other ATMs will simply deny the PIN at the ATM. Sort of like locking a database record so that other users can't modify it while you're accessing it.