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Huawei looking into critical router flaw claims


I guess Cisco haven't patched it yet...

No way can Huawei release a patch until Cisco do - they've got nowhere to steal it from until then!

iPhone plunges 13,500 ft from skydiver's pocket - and lives


I always carry a phone

If you have an off landing (land away from the designated landing area) it's nice to have a phone with you to be able to call the DZ and let them know that you're still alive.


You're wrong

In the US it is legal to jump with objects that you intend to release. This is how raft jumps happen.

Ten... over-ear headphones


For PMPs ? Really ?

Quite early in the article we read "If you want to raise your game from the freebies given out with a PMP..."

Really? Most of these headphones will sound like utter rubbish on a standard PMP. The oomph to drive them just isn't there. Sure, if you've got an amp for your PMP you will get great quality out of these, but that's not the normal PMP use case.

I tried the HD598s recently on an iPhone 4 and an iPod nano and they sounded like rubbish - unsellable. But plug them into an amp and they sound fantastic.

I settled on the PX-200 from Sennheiser as these actually work with a PMP

Fable III


The map... how annoying is the map!

I have no sense of direction. I need a GPS to find the bathroom in the dark. So in games like this, I rely on the map. It's no big thing normally - click a button, see where you are in relation to stuff, maybe zoom a bit. Move towards where you think you're going and life is good.

No. Now I have to jump back to some room and listen to Stephen Fry start talking. Then I have to walk to a table to see the map. Then choose the place I am. Surely that should be the default? Then zoom in. Then get a feel for things and go back to the world and try again.

No compass to let me know if I'm going the right way. This is going to take forever finish, and not in a good way.

Ten... bedside iPod docks


Missing the main piece of info I care about

Sadly, this review is missing the main piece of info that I care about - can you completely dim the clock / screen view so that there is no glow in the room ?

I'm just looking for a decent sounding device for audiobooks, so I'm not asking for much, but I just can't sleep with a glowing clock :(