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iOS bug unlocks iPhones sans password



Yes, thank you, I've discovered that now, however, since the phone 'should be locked, one begs the questions why it should be so.



It's just incredible. The only stuff they don't protect, is the stuff you want to protect! Who cares about apps, it's access to all your information and giving a false sense of security!


And you can take photos!

It actually works! It's just the same as it was with the iPhone 3G. It lets you into the phone function but doesn't let you go anywhere else. It's as if they've pulled up an old piece of code and put it into iOS4. To add insult to injury, if you press the home screen and the lock/power button at the same time whilst it is in this state, it will take a 'picture', which actually turns out to be a screen shot of the screen you're currently looking at! the only way to get out of it and see the screenshot is to switch off, back on, and look at it in photos. Strange. Very strange.