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New Nokia Lumia mobes fail to inspire investors

Alex Norcliffe

Re: Huh? Everyone know putting out shit phones is part of Blamers plan

Do you also believe the Moon landings were faked?

Alex Norcliffe

Pretty sure this entirely misses the point

The stock was rebounding during the announcement up until the point that Elop admitted they were not going to talk about pricing or availability. That's the real story.

Google spews out 'privacy' email to Sky punters too

Alex Norcliffe

Sky & Virgin mail stored outside EU?

Would be good to get both UK-focussed companies to clarify whether their mail is stored outside the EU since it's outsourced to Google. Certainly since the mail is outsourced to a US company their mail is subject to Patriot Act disclosure, although Sky is owned by a US outfit anyway but doubt that is made clear and apparent to UK sign-ups.

Nokia: There will be NO smartphone division selloff to Microsoft

Alex Norcliffe

Not convinced

Call me cynical but if Nokia UK comms manager David Hall doesn't know the whereabouts of the CEO and is making educated guesses about his meetings with Ballmer, it's not a complete impossibility to suggest he wouldn't be kept in the knowledge of such a potentially contentious, massive move for the company that'll be way beyond his pay grade, comms manager or not. Such talks would be kept to an absolute minimum of executives.

Despite the reports that he's unpopular, the fact Andy Lees has been moved to "another opportunity regarding Windows 8 and Windows Phone" inside MS also connects reasonably well with this rumour.

Kind of hope it doesn't happen though. Nokia has far more brand appreciation than anything with "Windows" in it. From obviously just anecdotal evidence from friends' reactions to my Lumia 800, Microsoft could probably see more return from an investment in rebranding to something not connected with negative Windows connotations to get consumers to give it more of a chance.

Windows 8 fondleslabs: Microsoft tip-toes through PC-makers' disaster

Alex Norcliffe

WinRT does not require .NET

This post talks about WinRT more or less requiring Silverlight / WPF / .NET

The whole point of WinRT is that it doesn't, it opens up to many more developers. You can write Metro-themed HTML + Javascript apps, or C++ apps, and they'll be using the same WinRT layout engine.

Wikileaks taunts Pentagon with server mirrors in USA

Alex Norcliffe


He's currently giving a live interview at the Frontline Club streaming online http://www.ustream.tv/channel/frontline-club

Alex Norcliffe

It's that they are on US soil

It's not about whether or not the mirrors are flaky


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