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Google Glass faces UK cinema ban: Heaven forbid someone films you crying in a rom-com


what about the deaf?

There is successful research going where Google Glass is providing subtitles when watching a cinema film. So banning Glass when the cinema isnt providing subtitles for deaf people is going to cause some issues. Glass makes it easiler for subtitles as only the persob wearing them can use the subtitles and not the whole cinema.

They will have to either allow them in thay basis or provide their own version of Glass to use.

Danes debut Bluetooth-connected 'made for iPhone' hearing aids



I'm a young adult. Im profoundly deaf so am I not "cool" enough for these?

Don't make jokes about deafness. We work hard to be treated like normal people that we are

Climate change makes phones obsolete: ITU


Re: Well doh!

I always managed to get through to people in new year no problems. Its a lot better now than it used to be.

EE's revenues dip, but smartphones lure in 200k new contracts


they dont have a clue...

Orange upgrade to whatever best with ee, orange or tmobile.

Deal. £36 per month, 100 mins, unlimited texts, 1gb data and the note 2 for £220.

Went elsewhere through an independent. Got tmobile for £31 per month. 300 mins, unlimited texts and 1.5gb data. Note 2 was free...... and with cashback on quidco of £80.....

EE are useless directly.

BT broadband goes TITSUP - cripples Scots, Geordies, Northern Irish


dont diss


My neighbour running bt infinity and I'm on plusnet version. Mine is always faster and better on ping. Even called plusnet at 11.30PM to sort a billing issue, sorted in 5 mins.

May be owned by bt, doesn't run like them

Credit insurance: The hidden data-driven force which killed Comet



Yup, supermarkets pay after they pretty much sold it.

Sky rudely barges TalkTalk off the top-three UK ISP podium


Re: After spending 3 years doing home callouts

I use plusnet fibre (owned by BT) and there no traffic management on my package so I can enjoy my 80/20 speeds all day. Its great knowing paying decent for something actually works. If you pay cheap, you get cheap.

Sorority girls gone wild: '1 to 3' casual sex 'hookups' every month


Re: Pictures on Google?

Lots of videos as well! Didn't have to ask anyone to do this research just Google it!

Everything Everywhere prices up UK 4G



Right no point getting the Note 2 LTE version with these prices. I just get the normal one. £31 for 500mb? I seen a deal for 1.5gb on t mobile for same price! Even my current £20 per month contract gives me 750mb.



mind control

The green glow is a radioactive side effect to the fact its controlling your mind that Apple devices are the best and only the best .......


HTC profits lobbed off a cliff by rivals Samsung and Apple


I still got my HTC Desire. Its running cyangenmod 7 and it's fast. I even had jelly bean on it and it was impressive (bugs put me back to cm7 for the time being) it been dropped, water splashed on it etc etc and it's going better than budget and even some mid range phones now. Looking at. The new ones with poor battery life, no SD slot and bugs they have seriously lost their way. They should be asking what the customers want and make a phone for them not what they think. I bet you Samsung Googled on their past models before making a new phone just to get a breakdown what they need next.

Apple demands $707m more from Samsung


When are the other companiess going to realise they need to hit apple at the same time? Surely a global strike by all companies apple happy to Sue continuously will hurt them?

Now Apple wants Samsung S III, Galaxy Notes off the shelves too


Apple realised then that the adverts for the Galaxy S3 and the Note tab is making their usual customers realise there are better devices out there. So insteadd of catching up they want them off the shelves so they can make something different. Simple really

3G Google Nexus 7 inbound


Good idea as people who saying what the point soon find out that running it off your phone 3g connection means charging your phone up more than once a day. My xoom got 3g and i find it very useful, my phone keeps charge all day and my xoom keeps charge for a week. It uses less battery on 3g than wifi.

So this is a great idea.

Google to axe 4,000 Motorola Mobility staff


Running 1.7ghz stable on jelly bean and its a uk 3g one. ;-) don't put the 3g one down, i find it useful at work.

Apple wins US ban on Samsung's Galaxy Tab 10.1


My xoom looks similer, everyone keeps saying is that an ipad. So why isn't that banned? Or is it because Motorola holds the right kind of patents to kill apple?

Three touts 'unlimited' Euro data roaming for a fiver a day


Some of the networks in the UK are the same aboard. So really, it shouldn't cost any different! Eg. Orange UK and Orange Fr (France). Same company, so why can't they simply allow a time period charge but keep all your usual charges the same. So if I go to France for two weeks, then charge say 5 pounds for the two weeks then I'm billed on what my usual contract is.

LG 47LM670T 47in passive 3D smart TV


Re: i bought this over the samsung 8000

Cinema specs DO work on this screen and work very well.


Average HD picture? I got the 42" version of this, once you tweaked the settings the picture is lovely. There are settings to help speed up the pictures during fast scenes. Putting it into game mode works well and turning tru motion off. Make sure the energy saving setting is off or min. The 3d is nice and clear, maybe comes out too.... much... but you can adjust it.

UK.gov: ICT in schools ain't dead, it's just resting


boring lessons

This is a floppy disk, you can write data to this. But you can't to CDs and the new type called DVDs yet.

Really? At the time I had a DVD writer in my computer.... tut tut.

Lessons were full of useless incorrect rubbish at the time. So we were bored of correcting the teacher non stop.

Ten... Qwerty mobiles


Re: No mention of things that matter?

I miss my e71. It was working well with my exchange emails as well. Battery was very good. Should've kept it and just got discounted line rental instead of upgrading.

The Register is rocking on Windows Phone 7


Re: Hopefully the Android one will be much improved.

What? There an android one???

Grab your L-plates, flying cars of sci-fi dreams have landed


Im sure if these things are about things would move on in a way that all homes will be making it own electricity so if your car flies home when you get to work the power use doesn't cost anyway due to the fact it will get charged using free power at home. So doesn't matter how much power it uses, as long it can do the trips and recharge quick enough what's the problem?

Don't forget one day they might find a way to be about to power a house on just moonlight

iOS Rock Band gets back together



... to the person who commented yesterday this was going to happen!!!

BT blows fibre into 'multiple biz units' for first time


fttc here... but wait

I currently have 70 odd down and 14 up..... on fttc?

Why would I want fttp then? Surely fttc cheaper and not much different in speed.

HTC One X Android smartphone



Don't forget it got dropbox with 25gb free for two years. You can have loads of memory using dropbox. Since you have top speed on wifi and most likely the contract you need for this phone should have a decent amount of data.

Pair of double-As give you cheap, quick charge


think i....

Stick with my desires slim battery which can be put in the case with the phone.

Got a wallet style case not much thicker than the phone which the spare battery fits perfect in.

HD bandwidth limits BBC Olympics 3D coverage


no to the red button!

Subtitles stop working once you are in red button mode. So no!

Attention tweeters: Your chance to win undying GLORY


whats the prize?

A story on the 10k follower?

iPad Fleshlight lets fanbois express their love



I don't want to know the reason why you got that ipad on your lap!!

Dixons cuts Ice Cream Sarnie ready Xoom to £225


3g xooms

I'm still nervous however rooting mine to get ice cream sandwich as it a 3g version.


good stuff!

For those not happy paying a huge amount but want a good solid tablet this is the chance to get one. Especially when ice cream sandwich coming for it, so wont be any different from the latest tabs apart from weight and speed really.

Fresh Apple lawsuits target 15 Samsung gadgets


rotten apples

How long before the likes of HTC, Samsung, Motorola, Microsoft, Google, Asus etc etc will do the decent thing and team up for once and all together put a lawsuit in against apple?

So easy to do and it would destory apple. The amount of patents combined with just two or three companies is enough to stop apple selling a single iwhatever on the planet.

McDonald's punters offered sex in exchange for Chicken McNuggets


i have

A big shake, half pounder, side of nuggets, and hairy fries, to go, I be under my big Mac, back of car outside....


HP hawks huge 132in 'tablet'



Cover all my living room walls with that!



tried this.....

On the PC its pretty impressive, not proper HD even on my fibre connection.

But my xoom, video quality is poor, barely read the writing.

So no good

Samsung rakes in record profits as HTC sales dive



I agree with the orange and little ram comments both exactly why my HTC desire and my partner HD desire both suffered problems. Mine however been rooted and it runs perfect, sometimes better than my duel core xoom! Its not hard for HTC to force orange not to put their rubbish on it, clearly apple manage it.

The ram is a very silly mistake, HTC can increase this very cheaply and make their phones a huge better than their rivals. Getting round this requires rooting and using the SD card as internal storage, not for the faint hearted.

Maybe HTC should make rooting easy for their customers so customers can upgrade their phones?

UltraViolet: Hollywood's giant digital gamble is here



Does ultraviolet have subtitles on downloads and streaming?

Think about the deaf and hard of hearing people!

PlayStation 3 sales catch up with Xbox 360 total


still orginal

Apart from a replacement DVD drive, my orginal Xbox been and still being used nearly most days especially for COD.

Sorry, your points were? My brother on his second PlayStation and had to buy it.


Man builds smartphone dock into arm



So when he holds the phone up to his ear, the poor kid behind is never going to watch Peter Pan again......

Gotta admit that isn't a bad idea. Since apple won't do it, he best put a patent on it!

Kinect 'augments' Bulgarian airbags



......but why???? Lol

The IBM PC is 30


can it run windows 7

Can it run it? Lol.

That 4.77mhz was the joke part. But today's computers are so fast kids today don't realise that back then the processor speed was recorded in single digits.

We are lucky things change. Imagine running windows 7 on that....

Murdoch muscles BBC out of Formula One driving seat



I was just getting back into f1 again thanks to the bbc hd coverage is brilliant. They also have a good subtitles so watching the talking before the race and after where I could finally understand what was hapebing and listening to the stuff in the race as well was brilliant. Now if it goes to sky I got to take a 12 month subscription to sky sports just for formula 1 with no idea of how the coverage or the subtitles will be like during formula 1.

Sorry that just annoyed me and once the bbc stop broadcasting it, they lost me again. The reason it gained viewers is because its on bbc. Switch it elsewhere and the viewer go down. Simple. Maybe the bbc should have a live iplayer contract instead.

HMS Ark Royal goes under the hammer



Hang on. Wont that ship be awesome as a paintball arena? Or even for laser tag?

Porsche punts e-car pre-orders


Checks sofa

None inside or under the old sofa. Doubt the new one tomorrow will have anything either.


<checks sofa>

Not enough here either sorry...

(Anyway if I found half a million quid I buy a house, sort the wedding out and go on a nice honeymoon lol)

Microsoft Kinect hacked to control the PS3


See you in court

The way Sony keeps the courts busy, add the Cool factor of Kinect to the Playstation 3 and you end up with all the murder cases going unsolved as Sony nicked all the lawyers........




"A fifth button lets you prod the person you are chatting to by making their phone vibrate"

So the app is aimed at males talking to females with the female using loudspeaker mode?

WTF is... cloud gaming?


Need proper broadband....

Onlive is a great idea. But its an idea that it a little early and they need to wait for broadband speeds to pick up first. BT Infinity is rolling out and is capable of brilliant speeds, but until they sort out the data allowance it won't work. Virgin cable network is also capable of high speeds as well. But the problem is you have to pay extra to get these speeds even so the allowance might not be enough.

Most ISP's moan about YouTube, BBC iPlayer, download sites etc because it takes a huge amount of bandwidth on their services which they have to pay for but try and keep the user monthly costs down. OnLive requiring such a huge amount of data even after an hour is going to seriously test them.

Until Fibre or fast services come commonplace, I will stick to my Xbox which actually works on my 6.5mpbs service with PlusNet very well, costs £23 per month for the phoneline and broadband and £25 a year for the Xbox Live serivce. Thats cheaper than getting higher speed broadband such as Infinity on top of OnLive charges. On top of that, my xbox does full HD with games, Onlive doesn't.

Sorry OnLive

Osborne urged to end islands VAT-holiday by small-biz group


Business is business

Sadly though it put small businesses at risk (which I perfer to support) you cannot blame any business who is using this loophole. If they don't do it, someone else will and they will lose business. Its a tough and horrible market at times.

Yes the Government should help the smaller business more, maybe allow more money to be made without tax. This would allow them to grow better and offer better prices so they can rival the bigger companies.

The problem is with the country in debt and the Government needing to save money it would be hard to give any business the chance to pay less tax when it needs it.

Tough world out there.....



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