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Surface Pro 4: Will you go the F**K to SLEEP?


Using an SP4 and it _is_ a good machine

I'm writing this on an SP4 now, and yes I did expense it. Observations from 2 days of use: it's fast, the screen is very nice, the keyboard/trackpad rocks and like the article says, I can sit back in tablet mode when I want to read and mark up a pdf. It can even play games at low res. Furthermore it is half the weight of the laptop and iPad+stylus combo I used to lug around with me before. Battery life is iffy - 5 hours tops on the i7 and more annoying, very slow to charge. There were weird experiences/bugs getting all the patches applied (one update would not install with an SD card in the machine).

If Windows Evernote supported pen input or OneNote could do OCR I would be a happy man.

So the article is pretty spot on, it is good but not perfect but I am not aware of anything else that can meet so many use cases in an acceptable way which is available at this time.

UN privacy head slams 'worse than scary' UK surveillance bill


Re: Well...

>What on Earth has happened to our politicians? Have they been neutered or otherwise lost their balls?

Remember, this UK bill is only to authorise what is already happening. Draw your own conclusions...

And this is the problem with the "I have nothing to hide" argument. You may not, but can you be sure your elected MP, assigned judge or other public official who is hopefully treating you fairly, doesn't?

That could be too paranoid: perhaps the private contractors who benefit from all this going on have just been busy buying lots of lunches? Perhaps the MPs just don't "get" what this is about and really think (supposed) law and order trumps privacy. And there, it's our duty to help educate them...

Open barbarians poised to storm Apple's gate

Thumb Down

No news day for the Reg editor I guess?

“Projects that don't choose a permissive license are at a Darwinian disadvantage…” – true but just like in real Darwinian evolution there are many factors contributing to success in a given environment and open vs. shut is just one. That is why “closed” Windows never lost to “open” Linux and is why Android is merely “kicking Apple's shins”, to use your own words.

I’m quite disappointed this got past the Register editorial review – if I want to read something like this I’ll search the forums, not frequent a publication that I presumed up to now had journalistic standards.

Story gone


Mobile RSS Links?

I didn't know about the mobile version either. So how when my iPhone RSS reader pops me into the full screen Register, how can I make it default to the mobile one?


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