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AI, VR, bots and YOU? A survivor's guide to The Future™


And Blockchain?

I think you're spot on in this approach...

Blockchain seems to swim upstream though - executives/ whole business/ whole INDUSTRIES want to see Blockchain succeed - technology first, and then work out the business case. What's your opinion on this?

US boffins unleash piezoelectric insect cyborg


If it's a large town, maybe they'll attach the generators to pigeons.

Microsoft prepping Office for iPad?


Of course they will - it will be create massive publicity for both organisations and transform the iPad into a more solid business tool.

For sale: 50,000 compromised iTunes accounts


This is going to become more common

These types of articles are going to become more common - social networks and websites that take users' details will have to step up to the mark to ensure processes and procedures are designed with security in mind.

More information in a full post here: http://blog.bradbox.com/data-security-unsexy-now-yet-soon-vital

Apple iPad vs... the rest


Advice please

I want to get a pad device, and the killer app is handwriting recognition. That way I can replace my paper book that I carry around everywhere.

What's the best device to get?

Berners-Lee: Facebook 'threatens' web future


Let's all have a go at Facebook...

I don't remember Berners-Lee complaining that Compuserve was a walled garden or a silo. For several years you couldn't even email out of it (which Facebook does allow).

Why wasn't everyone complaining then?

Security firms shrug shoulders over GCHQ cyberattack warning

IT Angle

Lateral thinking - just disconnect

Why are power stations or water plants connected to the Internet in the first place?