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WordPress’ Google potshot: users deserve better

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Thanks guys! Here I was wondering "What is WordPress?" about 30 minutes ago when I stalled trying to read any page in one of my national newspapers (National Post - Canada). Thanks to Firefox I could see they were waiting to connect to WordPress. So, thanks to No-Script, I disabled WordPress and carried on quite merrily, and quickly. Yes, I was polite enough to send them a message.

Conflict mineral laws haven't helped Congolese

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Yeah, but ...

Gibson is a "known" Republican - his competition supports Obama's Democrat Party and have no problems. Why doesn't Gibson understand that if he sends money only to the Democrats that it'll all go away? And he calls himself a businessman!

India uncloaks new thorium nuke plants

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Here's the web site ...

For those of you who are interested, here's a web site I bookmarked 5-6 years ago. Yes, it's current and really simple to read.


Where am I going tomorrow? My electric car charger wants to know

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What will we do with all the unused petrol?

If I mis-remember my history, wasn't the petrol engine developed to use the "waste product" created while refining for diesel? So, when we reach this mythical electo-utopia, what happens to all the unused petrol? Do we burn it off from the top of the cracking towers? Hmmmm, now that would probably cause Global Warming. Then of course we'll come up with a "solution" - use it in personal automotive engines. And so the spinny-wheel spins again.

But personally I think dragging big chunks of lead around is kind of spinny, like a sh*t house fly.

Google breaks South African embargo on Dalai Lama

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Maybe he'll wander in as a Canadian citizen?

Maybe he'll wander in as a Canadian citizen?

For those of you who don't know - the Dalai Lama has Canadian citizenship. So did Nelson Mandela.

Sarah Palin calls for US to stand by North Korea

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A mis-wrote'er complains?

I just assumed she mis-spoke; same as you mis-wrote (will? while). Either that or her teleprompter wasn't working? Oh wait, she's not the one!

Obama consults Steve Jobs on making America great again

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The meeting was SUCCESSFUL ...

... and did what it was supposed to do. Obama needs "something positive, anything" for the MSN bandwagon to simper about leading up to the 1st Saturday in November. Whatever else do you think the meeting was about? Perception trumps knowledge and facts!