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Bad hair day for alternative browser users

Chris Papaioannou
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So theres bugs....

...in OLD versions of Firefox and Opera.

Is this really newsworthy? As long as they are fixed in the LATEST version, why does it matter?

Opera tries to out-do the iPhone

Chris Papaioannou

Works perfectly....

Not had an issue yet with it. Small install file. 91KB, installed fine, detected setup in about 2/3 seconds fine, and then every function I tried worked....fine.

Fair enough with phone browsers there are a limited number of things you can have to seperate youself from the competition. But though this is a Beta....works brillinatly, and its a great browser.

You also have to remember, Safari Beta is for Mac's and PC's.....

Opera Mini Beta had a much damn bigger range of devices is needs to be able to work on. If it doesn't work for your device, I'm sure they will be working on making it work asap. Submit feedback. Tell them.

Its simple to use, its functional, and not had a bug yet. I cant find a flaw anywhere.

Bit of a contrast from above; aye.

So what's in a URL? The Reg URL?

Chris Papaioannou


Gets my vote.

I wouldn't be devistated if you went for the .com, as long as the content stayed the same. But the .co.uk would be preffered.

Makes it feel all British and what-not =)

Norfolk schools install kid-monitoring software

Chris Papaioannou


Have Securus installed at our College. Had many a great time changing the user agreement upon login, so anything I wanted, due to the agreement text file being stored in a directory I still had write access to. Years later, still not fixed.

And as said by Fraser. Yup, used to use DSL whenever I wanted to do on a site and not have screenshots taken just because a 'naughty word' came up on screen.

Despite however being captured many times, trying to break into various servers on the network, never recieved more than a small telling off of 'Do you mind not doing that'....