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Citrix has built a browser, and lost a CEO


Potentially Unwanted Program?

The Citrix Workspace App has installed Microsoft Edge WebView2 since version 2108, is this different? The forced installation of Edge WebView2 with the Workspace App is a particular pain in offline or "dark" environments, as the Workspace App launches the Edge WebView2 Bootstrapper, which then 'phones home' to Microsoft to download the full installation.

Does this fall under the umbrella of a Potentially Unwanted Program? How different is it from the ads for Chrome during installing a bit of freeware.

Master boot vinyl record: It just gives DOS on my IBM PC a warmer, more authentic tone


CD drive for Amstrad CPC (of sorts)

I remember back in the days of the Amstrad CPC, Codemasters released their whole back catalogue on a CD, so you could load it via a CD player and a AUX-out to 3.5mm adapter. I had a 3" 6128, but also a separate tape desk with the 5-pin-DIN to 3x Jack Plug cable, as the budget games were £2.99 from W H Smith, and Amstrad disk games were like proverbial hen's teeth. Tape errors were the bane of my life...

A volt from the blue: Samsung reportedly ditches wall-wart from future phones


Re: Thoughts

There are quite a few guides out on t'Internet dedicated to cutting the data wires on a charging lead for use in public USB charging ports; it even has a name; the USB Condom!



Schrödinger's Wall Wart

Phone manufacturers surely cannot have it both ways?

If they insist on hobbling their phones so they only work with 'approved' chargers and cables, then they should bundle the means to charge said device. If, however, they start 'un-bundling' said chargers and devices, hiding behind the old 'environment' virtue signal, then allow 'customers' to charge their device how they see fit.

If the phone manufacturers truly cared about the environment, then they would have settled on a single approved connector and power standard for chargers and cables long ago, and also given phones a supported lifespan for software updates actually longer than the average contract these days...

Acer dishing out 16,400 cheap OLYMPIC laptops to schools


RE: OEM Licences

They do. Windows VISTA! There was an article about the PCs and IT in general for London 2012 a few months back.

Cameron cocks up UK's defences - and betrays Afghan troops

Thumb Down

RE: Extra Chinooks

What Lewis fails to realise about the Chinooks ordered in a fanfare of PR by the Labour governement is that they are *not* just available 'off the shelf' and require to be built-to-order. The estimated delivery date of the first of the new batch of Chinooks? 2015. Right on schedule for our WITHDRAWAL from Afghanistan.