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David Attenborough dino doc shows limits of 3D TV

whats the point of kenny lynch?

3d was soooo 2010 darling...

and what's attenborough doing on sky - i thought he used to run bbc2?

looks like the beeb have had enough of dinosaurs then.....or is the budget slashed again...

iPad to lose weight, gain eye

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i have one...

and i'm a long time mac user but the vega is bloody great once you mod it and get market place on there.

it's not as pretty as the ipad and not as fluid but its £249 and you can bang more storage into it.

even the default browser is okay and runs flash - this is where apple is making a big mistake (along with no blu-ray players)..they should phase flash out slowly rather than just banning it....

whats the point of kenny lynch?


Would love a panty pad but the price is ridiculous, so i bought an advent vega from (apologies) pc world - its great and half the price of the ipad..

And i can expand the storage and play flash. Its a great piece of kit if you can get hold of one....and i'm a long time mac user but the ipad is way overpriced.

Gov.uk to grant £5k to e-car buyers

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for that? what?!

why is something that is 'better' always pricier?

thankyou please.

Apple patches QuickTime to root out 15 ugly vulns

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yep, seriously

at least i'd be able to actually open the files in the first place.....and not have to get everything from itunes...seriously i've never had an issue with vlc - it seems to handle everything i throw at it, quicktime just struggles.

dare i say it - i think that adobe media player is better than quicktime....

whats the point of kenny lynch?
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ok then..

apple - please get rid of quicktime player and buy vlc instead...then we can actually watch some other video files and not just the ones that apple prefers....

whats the point of kenny lynch?

hey! i'm a mac user

and i bloody hate shit-time, wish they'd get rid and just buy vlc player instead.....and the way that you have to download quicktime with itunes is a piss take too...

Google unloads Nexus S Gingerbread phone

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they need to get v3 out soon so i can put it onto my new advent vega tablet.....

Gran Turismo 5

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for proper muck and crashing...

get dirt 2, a right laugh and bonkers menu system.

gt1 was stunning on the ps1 but gran turismo is now a shoulder shrugger....

'ALIEN' LIFE FOUND in California

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can you not read?

didn't i say that no alien life was found?

they've got a massive budget and they find some pond scum in california....wow...nasa are happy enough when the hype is on their side....

whats the point of kenny lynch?

so no alien life has been found then?

some unusual life has been found on earth.

no aliens. nothing. nowt.

i'm afraid it's nasa trying to justify their ridiculous budget again.

Russia wins World Cup bid in parrot-sickening travesty

whats the point of kenny lynch?

nothing to do with the beeb

nobody takes any notice of them anyway.

it's obvious that fifa are trying to spread the football love around the world and develop it in new areas, hence russia and qatar.

there was so much arrogance about england winning because of the home of football nonsense that i'm glad we didn't get it.....a bit like the eurovision song contest - we have no clout around the world anymore, no-one takes a bit of notice of silly old auntie britain.

we need to get our heads out the sand and face a global reality - and probably move further away from the yanks who also didn't win the 2022 bid.....i wonder why...

Samsung, Dixons herald huge tablet sales

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whats their twitter name thingy? i cannot find them under 'advent'...

whats the point of kenny lynch?

i think that

the vega is the 10" version and the amico is the 7"?

anyway, neither is available but i will be purchasing the vega, looks great for basic stuff and half the price (at least) of the ipad...

Apple I goes for twice the price of an Enigma

whats the point of kenny lynch?

apple sell a computer for £130K?

wow - when did they reduce their prices?

'Plastic surgeon' cuffed for in bar boob checks

whats the point of kenny lynch?

no proof

without photos....we need to see them (and the photos)

Roman 'Leatherman' spied on web

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that bloke use one of these in the movie 'se7en'?

Brits say 'no, no, no' to 3D TV

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apparently, 32% of statistics are made up...

oh 3d tv? does everything look like jaws 3d on it?

DVD, BD retailers warn punters off non-DVD, BD Xmas gifts

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i can recommend..

the technika blu ray player from tesco at £79, working great so far....or just get a bottle of bombay sapphire, some walnut whips and loads of assorted crisps - xmas sorted...

Steve Jobs no longer Eggman as Beatles hits iTunes

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thanks steve for a day that i'll never forget......sorry what day is it again?

actually we've already got all those albums and more.....pink floyd next?

Facebook set to unveil 'Gmail killer'

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yep, it will be big

i've said it before....

facebook is the biggest threat to google and microsoft. you may not like or trust them, but joe public loves facebook and will use it for messaging, creating/storing documents, images, music etc etc..

this is just the tip of the iceberg and microsoft would be wise to snuggle a little closer to them if they really want to defeat google.

How much is Facebook worth?

whats the point of kenny lynch?

thank the lords....

damien has spoken...please ask him what he thinks about folks dying from cancer - i'm sure there's some wise words ready to spew out....

oh facebook? it's worth a mint because it the next big all-encompassing entity that you can spend your virtual life in. seriously, it will include everything and google should be worried.

Apple shrinks Mac Mini price

whats the point of kenny lynch?

hmm still not good enough

it's a nice piece of kit, i have the older one that was £499, but now i wouldn't touch a mac at these prices when the dell zino is better and has blu-ray.

£649 was a total joke for an entry level model, silly apple, taken over by the accountants again....

Our Moon is wet and welcoming, says excited NASA

whats the point of kenny lynch?

let me guess....

there's a funding review due for nasa? time to bring up some old theories to get the public's attention eh boys?

time to get rid of them, ban all space research and spend the money on cheese and sausages.....what's the bloody point..over and out

Jobs' Lion to marry Mac OS X and iOS

whats the point of kenny lynch?

ROAR - i'm the mighty lion....

quite possibly, the worst codename for osx so far.....wot next - 10.8 'slightly aggressive ginger tom'

Apple rolls out two new MacBook Air models

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1. are you talking about the desktop or a finder window? on the desktop you just drag the file onto the mail icon in the dock and its then attached to a new email

2. you can drag from a finder window into the sidebar icons, pressing the spacebar when hovering over a folder will open it for you, then you can drop the file. does windows do that?

3. you click onto the filename, wait a second and click again, then rename

4. apple is trying to be better. hitting delete to remove a file from the desktop is not quite the right usability. you can right click and send to trash, this fits in with the desktop icon environment of moving unwanted items to the trash, then emptying the trash later.

the finder has lots of hidden usability features, you just need to discover them, it's a pretty good way of working and is different to windows, and slightly better too.