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Android's on top – will Nokia and RIM let it in?

The Daddy

Not sure ....

Yes, its possible that Nokia could form some sort of merger with Microsoft, or for them to adopt the Jalvik VM.

But to take on WP7? Thats been far from a runaway success, its more like limping into action. Even with the "assistance" of being readily available in the states, WP7 hasn't even got close to the sales of S^3 devices.

WP7 and S^3 have been on the market for a similar length of time, and during that period Nokia have been regularly rolling out minor updates, something that Microsoft seem to be incapable of doing.

And correcting one item in the article. Android is only on top in the last quarters sales. That is not the same as being on top in absolute terms.

Its still got a massive way to go to beat Symbian for an installed user base.

Ten... sub-£150 PMPs

The Daddy

Re: the blade

The blade doesn't make a good music player.

Sound quality - not exactly good. It has a regular "pause" or break in the playback. Video playback is extremely bad - if you shut down absolutely all non-essential background processes it can sometimes just about cope with xvid playback.

Good battery life? If you use it as intended it doesn't last more than a day.

Gaming on the blade? It can't even cope with Angry birds. 600mHz on Android is just too slow.

Despite those gripes, its still darned good value for money.

Oh, and the latest variants don't use an OLED display - they just use a regular TFT (price cutting)

Nokia slips out Designed By Community handset

The Daddy

HDMI - its obvious why?

Its a good way of showing the pictures and videos you've taken? They definitely look better shown in 720p on a 42" screen than they do on any small mobile or laptops display.

The Daddy

I like the N8 as well

And there's nothing wrong with Symbian on it - it works, its fast, has decent contacts/calendar/mail integration. The camera is fantastic. Some surprisingly decent apps in the Ovi store.

I've come to it from Android, and it easily feels as good as Android as long as you aren't a rabid fanboi.

Nokia N8 smartphone

The Daddy

Nope, you can't.

At least not without requesting a developers certificate and then self-signing the applications. Its a fairly sensible choice and does (to some extent) cut down on the level of piracy.

11.6in sub-notebooks

The Daddy

Shame that ....

HP never submitted their old 311C for review. Okay, I've overclocked it, but 2gHz N270, ION GPU, it pulls in about 1680 on the 3Dmark and typically goes for about 5 hours on a charge (full screen brightness, video playback, wifi on, etc.)


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