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Mozilla cranks out Firefox 5 with cross-platform 'Do Not Track' feature

BC Boy

Crying in beer

Yes, that'd be me. Flippin' major release number to add a couple of features? What's the world coming to.

Biodegradable products are often worse for the planet

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How complex is this really?

Use. Less. Stuff.

The subtle multiple accounts analysis to find out what technologies allow us to preserve our odious lifestyles unchanged highlight the delusion of status quo consumption.

Heading for the door because I realize this is not a welcome idea.

MYSTERY of huge Canadian chicken-shed EXPLOSION

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Big Brother


Or at the very least, eggstremists. The RCMP have a shady history in Canada already related to mysteriously destroyed barns.

Wooden spaceship descends into Moscow sandpit

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Life on Mars

A human visit to Mars means giving up the search for indigenous life on Mars: "Then the crew will load all their rubbish into the "lander" and shut the door on it: the ESA says that it would then be discarded on a real flight."

With all that human waste and contamination, then yes we will find life on Mars, and by gum, it will look like us (or our bacteria).

Staggers me that we would even consider sending humans to Mars.

I search in my coat pocket for an apparently diminishing supply of common sense.

Java surpasses Adobe kit as most attacked software

BC Boy

JRE not server Java

Not surprising - the vulns are all JRE, not server-side Java. I'm always SO GRATEFUL that our org with its 250+ managed apps is strictly server-side.

Beer because gloating feels almost as good.


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