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Google, Amazon, Apple, Facebook blow massive amounts lobbying Trump administration


Knocking On Wrong Door

They would be better off sending money to Putin.

Our current administration resides in Kremlin.

TWO can play this 64-bit mobile game, says Samsung, crossly

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I want terabyte phone

Personaly, I would like smart phone to have 3 terabyte space so I can save all my favorite scifi shows and watch them anywhere.

Right now I got sammy's S3 with battery case, and netflix account.

I know I am a geek :)

PS: Getting an angry look from my gf.

NASA: Humanity has finally reached into INTERSTELLAR SPACE

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American are good at engineering

To voyager: May God be between you and harm in all the empty places you walk.

I really wish that that 6 trillion lost in Afghan/Iraq war would've been spent on scientific exploration and outter colonization. I will drink to her journey cheers!!!

Microsoft announces iPad amnesty for fanbois



I can give "Micro"soft my $600 tablet so can can give gift card for vista 2.0 tablet?

Massive strike at Foxconn's iPhone 5 factory

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I love Luddites!

Yes! Strange way the only solution to our peak oil as well!!!

China's net addiction staff told to stop the beatings


Justifying Internet censorship

Isn't interesting how red china jumped to internet addiction bandwagon yet they never talked about tv addiction, or its harmful affect on human being?

Hint: Communist party control media but not world wide Internet.

Now even China's PC market is shrinking

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Fanboi calm down

I know it's scary feeling that your osx hackintosh box can die any day, and realizing the pc era is fading like Commodore. If you guys take a shower once a week, and clean up your room I am sure ur mommy would give u enough money to buy an iPad, and a brand new toy that any unemployed 30 year old fanboi, living in momma’s basement with no woman, no savings, and no friends need.

Oooh-la-la! 'iPhone 5' bares all, strokes tiny nano-SIM in pics


Standard are nice but then again

Being Apple mean being different from rest of the world, and twice as expensive.

Microsoft: It was never 'Metro,' it was always 'Modern UI'

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Let's give Micro$oft some credit!

They could've done Apple style crusade, and bang German company WW2 style.

Forget Ultrabooks and Win 8 - only fondleslabs can save us now

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Don't need an upgrade

I bought a laptop in 2008 - dual core, with 2gig of ram, and last year I installed additional 2 gig of rams, and recently I got a free terrabyte of a hard-drive. All in all I really don't need a bigger computer. It's still running Windows XP (downgrade from Vista)/dual booting with ubuntu. I still have my old P4 desktop. I Recently I bought an iPad (3rd gen), mostly for games, and outdoor usage.

I dunno about most ppl, but I really don't see the need to upgrade computer every year or even every three year. Hardware is not that advance enough, nor I find software all the appealing.

Apple cofounder Steve Jobs is dead at 56


Gonna Miss Him

I never truly agree with him on lot of things, nontheless, this is a shocker. He will be missed.

Rest in peace.

China's 'stealth fighter' flies – brown trouser time, or not?

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Typical anti chinese propaganda

China has come a long way, and therefore deserve some respect for what they have accomplish.

American stole German technology after WW2, and brought the rocket scientist to state to built a space program. Even with the backing of western allies they were still far behind Soviet Union.

Also China is catching up to west in its own way. It is already a second largest economy. In fact it is buying up American bonds and debt to keep the world economy floating.

Not bed for a nation that was only selling rice, making money through tourist.

Phone 7: Another Vista or another XP?


Pardon my unspoken french.

Biggest problem with Microsoft -- as well as with other smartphone -- is that it doesn't have nice clean and easy sync apps. We need something simple, and easy like iTune.

Fancy phone is no longer enough, it's how it communicates with computer that what we really need to know.

I am a Linux user, I am not likely to buy this since Microsoft have insulted my community.

Apple rolls out two new MacBook Air models


Bit too pricey

I would love to buy a mac book. My biggest issue with mac-books are that they have very limited option -- specially smaller notebook.

13inch notebook don't come with matte option, and of course Mac-Air doesn't let you upgrade. Also, every 3 years or so I upgrade hard-drive, and with Macbook Air it's not that easy, instead of a standard PATA connector Apple uses a 40-pin ZIF (Zero Insertion Force). Standard Stata would've been betters..

I would wait a year or so for apple to offer matte option in 13inch lappy, otherwise I would probably buy 15inch Macbook in near future.

RIM boss joins queue to kick Jobs


Who is he (Balsille) kidding?

Seriously, this guy needs some serious help. First he started fight with countries (India, Middle-East, and even European). Defending security BS under the notion of democracy, and other Orwellian labels. Of course it was RIM arrogant which forced many European governmentto switch to iPhone, and Android.

As an iPhone user I can tell you why I would not use BB. It's very hard to sync with computer -- specially when you compare with iTune. Software is very bloated, and not very intuitive. Also lets not forget the games, audio books, and of course music!

Mind you I am a Linux user -- one of those who compile their own kernel -- so I can tell you BB has long way to go assuming it doesn't end up like Palm. Palm was a powerful company but their arrogant forced users to switch, sell dried up and HP bought them.

Google Android chief smacks Steve Jobs with Linux speak


where is itune equivalent for android

Google should start making an application for PC, Mac, and Linux which would allow android users to sync apps, music, contacts with their phone.

Until then this is a smokescreen.


But there is a catch

I am not a big fan of apple, however, I do prefer comfort.

With android you have find an "itune equivalent app" to sync your multimedia content. Also games, apps, and other stuff is some what imporant to most of us -- time it takes to sync with itune is almost nothing compare to Blackberry, and other smart phone apps.

As for over price. Let's say you bought a PC notebook -- a good notebook would be around $750 (with matte screen). You have to spend another $100 - $150 ( a year) to keep your computer clean from viruses, malware, spyware, and other upcoming threats (not counting waste of time. OSX is based on UNIX therefore way better for the masses. Let's say you decided to keep you laptop for 3 years, the money you'd spend on keeping it clean would be almost equivalent to Mac -- not to mention the frustration.

When I was a student I couldn't buy Apple laptop so I learn to use Linux. I don't regret that for a minute. However, most of the people don't want to invest lot of time in computer, and that is why mac sales are going up -- it's already #3 in US.

Keep your PC clean - or we'll shut you down

IT Angle

Monitoring how?

How would you monitor someone having a virus? I use linux, which makes is somewhat harder to monitor. The only way to do it is by intercepting where I am surfing.

Personally, I would enjoying seeing government wasting tax payer money on me.

Note to Big Brother's PC: My children normally watch pokemon, and other animation on the net,.