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eBay head honcho: Amazon drone delivery plan is 'FANTASY'

Black Helicopters

Re: Books existed ... (Was Re: Yeah...but...)

By extension, drones exist. All we need is someone to devise a working regulatory model and take a punt.

Microsoft hires Pawn Stars to shaft Google


Re: The sound of one hand clapping.

The sound of one hand clapping is 'CL'. The other goes 'AP'. (Terry Pratchett, I think)

BOFH: This buck's for you



All is well with the world.

The forgotten, fat generation of Mac Portables


68000 speed

As I recall, the 68000 chips ran at twice the input clock rate, unlike the Intel chips of the time, which ran at half the input clock rate. The 68000 required a 50% duty cycle clock, the Intel chips just needed a consistent rising edge. But it's been a while, I could well be misremembering.

Voice-routing call fingerprint system fights 'vishing'


@AC 09:23

GIT is the Georgia Institute of Technology, commonly called Georgia Tech.