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SuperFish cram scandal: Lenovo must now ask nicely before stuffing new PCs with crapware


Good price

Got a link, my ex wants to buy.

UK IT consultant subject to insane sex ban order mounts legal challenge


Re: "He was found not guilty, therefore he is innocent"

The law is black and white. A person should not be punished for something they have not done. The verdict was not guilty. Otherwise this is straight "Minority Report",

What is the doctor doing testifying about words in a consulting room.I thought that medical information is privileged,

His sexual behaviour is dangerous and goes beyond any form of BDSM. The correct procedure is to try and make him safe in society. He himself is worried, which is why he sort medical help. Pity that the doctor was unable to refer him for treatment.

BBC vans are coming for you


Good at Collecting, No Good on Refunds

I am still waiting for my £100 refund after chopping in the licence when the telly went tits up.


Re: I'd still like to know...

I was taught that TV detectors picked up the IF radiation and colour burst. However TEMPEST penetration collected stuff from the CRT display, The flyback transformer (LOPT) is used to scan not modulate so shouldn't contain information.

PC World's cloudy backup failed when exposed to ransomware


A Bit of Reality, the Choice - Pay up or lose the data

If the data or data replacement cost is more than the ransom then pay up, that is a business decision. She is in business not leading a crusade against PC World.

Égalité, Fraternité - Oui, peut-etre. Liberté? NON, French speedcam Facebookers told


Re: What Really Annoys Me

There are laws about speed limit signs and if the council ignore those laws you have no alternative but to brake to 30.


Re: Freedom != Do whatever you want

Who sets the speed limit? Is it the same people that make roads more dangerous so psychologically influencing drivers to slow. Near me, they have turned a blind series of S bends into a single lane death trap for families out for a walk and cyclists. The near misses I have seen are frightening.


Re: The Jeremy Clarkson Effect...

Yes, I've done that. Slammed on the brakes when I saw the camera because I was lost (no Sat Nav lock) and driving on a strange dual carriageway in Southampton. I was trying to spot the speed limit repeaters on the lamp posts, which were legally required to be there but were not. Legally I should have passed 4 or 5. So who caused the road hazard?

BBC clamps down on illicit iPlayer watchers


Re: illicit viewers?

"In what way is my x86 machine with Firefox installed a "BBC only device"?

You are thinking hardware, the BBC device is a software device (formerly known as a programme ).

It is a method of locking in the user by not having open standards. It forces licience payers to use BBC manufactured devices (software). This is exactly analogous to forcing everybody in the 1950's to use a TV manufactured by the Beeb (because the transmission format is secret and restricted by law) and not one by Echo, Murphy, Bush etc. It kills inovation and freedom of choice. It stops you building your own TV. It is a monopoly. It is wrong.

You will, in the future, give up your soul by agreeing to the T's & C's to receive the benifits (Apple, Google) - and thus become a serf. You will also give up the souls of your friends by registering (and you didn't ask your friends permission), this happens now, try registering to anything using facebook.

Nothing wrong with that ! ! (Irony)

How much is Microsoft earning from its Android taxes again?


Re: I'm guessing FAT/FAT32

The Moto G uses a bastard file system originated by Microsoft, as part of Google's increased security for a Multi-user phone. Yes there is a crying need for phone sharing. This file system has many limitations and got you's. Gone are the days when an Android could be USB'd and the phone would be another drive to Linux. This is the reason I had to leave Ubuntu 10.04 for 14.04 .

'The writing is TOO SMALL': MPs row over Parliamentary move to Office 365


re: 'The writing is TOO SMALL': MPs row over Parliamentary move to Office 365

" if the font size is too small, change your desktop resolution to get a more comfortable size, "

Nothing wrong with that. What good advice, you can save lots of money that way, there must be lots of CGA screens available at the tip.

World Meteorological Organization says climate data is uncool


Re: Right action for the wrong reason - get your facts right

"Because that's well known (man made increases in CO2) and hasnt been in any serious scientific doubt for at least a decade now."

The climate gets warmer then it gets colder. This has happened for millions of years, all without the intervention of man. In this cycle the CO2 concentration increases after the temperature rise ie the CO2 does not cause the temperature rise. This fact is a little unfortunate for the climate change industry but can be ignored, or explained away, as is done for the lack of temperature rise in the last 17 years.

#YO_NO! Messaging app 'Yo' gets hit by hackers


Yo; money

Obviously none of the posters has a mental age of 8.......... so they are not going to get stinking rich.

Russian gov to dump x86, bake own 64-bit ARM chips - reports


Re: Don't believe everything you read. OTOH...

I think the reference is to a RR jet engine being sent to Russian as part of a trade deal in the 40's. They kept it and improved it.

The Russians were not given Eastern Europe, they captured it from the Nazis, nothing Churchill could do about it.

100% driverless Wonka-wagon toy cars? Oh Google, you're having a laugh


The next problem to solve

Perhaps once the driver-less car is here Google can turn their attention to Android and stop my phone deciding to phone and text and launching apps while in my pocket. No real problem unless I'm roaming.

Windows XP fixes flaws for free if you turn PCs into CASH REGISTERS


Re: Is it not ethically and maybe legally questionable to provide this reg hack?

"More like you buy a car, and after the warranty is up you find out when it breaks that the hood/bonnet is welded shut. Then El Reg posts instructions for making the car work a little longer, and someone screams from their Range-Rover about how that is unethical."

What really happens is you buy a Ford Focus and after a few years you find the bonnet (hood) doesn't open because the tried and tested bonnet release has been "improved" by being removed and there is now a key operated lock under the blue oval badge at the front. The mechanism is not corrosion proof so stops working, it is at the front and subject to road salt. Replacement parts cost £40, £62 and £3 plus labour. This year the local Ford has sold 200 at £40, 600 at £62 ie £45,200 plus labour say £200,000 to cure a design fault present since 1998. how much is that for the whole country?

If you can, should you, the customer, avoid paying for the manufacturers mistakes or should the manufacturer fix their mistakes for free? Remember they have had plenty of time to know it is a mistake and yet they still keep on making the same "destined to fail" parts. If I 3D print the plastic £3 part am I justified since Ford are selling this simple plastic shape at £3 million a tonne.

Yes, I have a Ford Focus with a firmly shut bonnet. The Mercedes is not much better, plastic bits are crumbling .

At least I'm not using XP.

Chap rebuilds BBC Micro in JavaScript


The Beeb - an engineers machine

In the real world the Beeb was superb. There were lots of connectors underneath for interfacing and Beebs were used all round the factory for test and measurement, Ken Jones wrote a data acquisition and FFT prog and the software for the Winchester Hard Drive. I think Derek Finch did the 3D display. We were a Geophysical company that somehow got into selling Beebs because we used them (the gross margin was 2% or 3%). We never used the network server ourselves though we sold lots to schools (£3000 for 10MB). A master and two pupils from Amersham wrote the network software in assembler. No documentation, it all appeared to be in their heads.

I claim the world's first CB contact solely using the BEEB's voice synthesizer. The voice chip had just come out and it was a Saturday morning. The contact thought he was DX'ing due to all the QRM in the showroom. (Beeb's were unshielded.) He was disappointed it wasn't a DX and not at all impressed he had been contacted by a voice synthesizer.

Moto E pops up with £89 price tag – alongside new LTE Moto G cuz


Re: interesting

Yes, I was happy with my San Fran until I got the Moto G. An amazing improvement, no more waiting for a GPS lock before biking. MTP is a pain in Ubuntu. Android does so much over the air I hate to think what will happen with no signal - back to the Palm Pilot. But all in all I wish I'd waited for the 4G. That is progress.

Activist investors try forcing Google to pay more taxes


Google requires an ordered society to make money for its shareholders. If Google does not support the ordered society then Google is acting against its interests. Ducking out of paying tax is also morally reprehensible perhaps it could be described as "doing evil". Now where have you heard that phrase before? Oh, some large corporation beginning with G used it in the corporate ethos.

How to catch a fraudster – using 'top cop' Benford and the power of maths


Re: re: I only read the summary

I only have the Executive Summary read to me.

Naaaahhhhh Nah Nah

Australian government apps access smartmobe cams but 'don't film you'


a safe list

Anyone know of a safe list of apps that only do what you expect them to do. ie play your music from your phone, show your just taken photo without requiring a data connection.

What I want is an app that reports what the other apps are doing. I bought my phone. Nowhere was it declared as an advertising/tracking/face recognition device for Tom, Dick or Harry.


the update to Moto G Boot is of vital importance

You are crippling your Moto G by refusing this improvement. Don't you want a better life experience? It is nothing to be frightened of. Go on, step into "A Brave New World" .

This unmissable improvement is new boot animation screens, everybody needs those, don't they .............. to impress their street corner mates.

Don't you have mates? Don't you watch your phone boot?

Apple patent LOCKS drivers out of their OWN PHONES


Apple - give us a job.

Dear Apple

I have recently been employed in the Ministry of Silly Walks. I feel sure I can add to the dynamism and inventiveness of your research department by adding a good dollop of fatuousness. I am a complete waste of space, pay me lots of money and I'll take the piss like the rest of your remittance men. I have a complete understanding of your C1 & C2 victims. I have many scenarios where it is inappropriate to be texting, so we will make lots of patents and benefit all of mankind......... who own shares.

Thank you Apple for looking after me.

Your future employee with the new Apple brown tongue device.

Parents can hide abortion, contraception advice from kids, thanks to BT's SEX-ED web block


Re: . . . "Without deformities"

there speaks the Catholic Gillet woman, sorry for the spelling, whose daughter produced a child against Mummies teaching. I am glad my mother was against sexual ignorance, but then she had a brain and used it to think for herself.

What is the difference between Herr Hitler's creed and this censorship?

Industry group blames 'outdated' kit for stock-market tech disasters


Perhaps daily cocaine tests would avoid another crash.

Digital GIANTS in BLOODY battle to put your EYEBALLS in a JAR


Re: "Brock and mortar"

So in your digital delivery world how do you know those clothes suit your particular body shape? How do you check the suitability of whatever, the quality of build, the feel. Perhaps you buy your cars without driving them? or do you trust online reviews?

That toolbar you downloaded is malware? Tough, read the EULA


All end user contracts should be limited to one readable page.

Any contract that can't be read should be unenforceable.

Chester Cathedral smites net in Wi-Fi SMUT OUTRAGE


Chester cathedral to start a campaign

- no porn tube at Chester newspaper.

Demonstrations outside offices not reported by the newspaper.

Stripper-gram Nuns boycott journos knees up.

XBOX ONE owners rage as HDMI SNAFU 'judders' Brit and Euro tellies


Not quite correct.

Sorry, I don't want to be rude but you have never worked as a TV engineer, have you?


Re: You can bet

Agree,"DRM snafu" exactly my first thoughts. M$ made DRM to lock you in so that even your display has to be authorized and decrypt the input otherwise your 50" monster displays in VGA.

However, I don't believe this glitch has anything to do with the mains frequency 'cos TV's are computers and the refresh rate can be anything the graphics chip is capable of and is decoupled from the input.

So the DRM monster has turned round and bitten its creator. GOOD.

John McAfee punted from Portland party pad


Cheap Digs

$1200 a month gets you a 2 bedroom house in Winchester, Hampshire, UK

so .... is business bad?

Tales from an expert witness: Lasers, guns and singing Santas


Aliasing caused helicopters to shake apart - WTF

I am puzzled by this as a cause.

For aliasing to occur the sampling frequency is lower than the upper frequency of the signal.

So what is doing the sampling in the case of the helicopter shaken apart by by aliasing?

Perhaps what is being referred to is the low f components of the flappy blade system and their harmonics which excite structural resonances. These will be seen in the fft spectrum. This has nothing to do with aliasing.

Nice videos.

Boffins find MEXICAN WAVE pattern in random climate wobbles


IPCC quote " It looks very much like the Sun is not a dominant player in global warming."

all heat comes from the sun - AFAIK

If a climate model cannot explain the last 8 ice ages then it is not real world.

Dear Apple: Want to stay in business? Make an iPhone people can afford


Re: Rich buyers?

At last, somebody who uses his eyes to see who owns iPhones. It is the chavs who have the iphones 'cos they are status seekers and at £30 a month it is less than an evening at Weatherspoons .

And of course iPhones are good design with an easy interface and distinctive logo branding so the brand is differentiated and you are then "somebody" by owning a logo. Nike trainers - anybody? It is the great success of marketing iPhones that they are already down market but nobody realizes.

British support for fracking largely unmoved by knowledge of downsides


Re: Fear not working? Use real facts!


While waiting in outpatients I heard a Green woman explain how she was going to run for election and would stop involvement in foreign wars and Trident. Obviously she had not heard of North Korea and long range missiles, so a Sara Palin of the left.

I presumed this was for the council elections, so Winchester will not be fighting any wars or being attacked.

Fancy a new iPhone 5C or 5S? READ THIS or you may not get 4G data


Aren't mobile phones already using SDR for BT, Wi-Fi, Sat Nav and GSM Bands et al?

Peugeot 208 GTi: The original hot hatch makes a comeback


Re: Ah Memories @Chris W

Yours is the most stupid post, the trouble is you drive on country roads and so do I.

Can you see round corners? and stop in the distance you can see?

You must be a school run mum to that posh school in the country. I have a video camera on my bicycle for posthumous evidence against road twats like you .

"Never had an accident in the country side", then you are not driving fast. Up banks, through saplings, in off backwards because you don't know the road but it is night so you see headlights.

The 205 1.9 was a nervous over-steerer, but I got thumbs up from bikers in Normandy over 20 miles.

A Focus estate is faster than the 1.9, same corner but probably resurfaced in 25 years.

The Sirocco GTi was impressive in the braking dept from 110.

The MkII 8 valve was a beautiful cross country car better than the 16V (overtaken less than 5 times in 12 years on small A roads) Oh and Scooby drivers don't like being overtaken by a SMART so they force you out.

The point is - nobody can drive fast on country corners unless you are young, immortal and selfish.

If you want real driving then fold the windscreen flat and creak the wire wheels round corners on skinny tyres while having to come down the crash G/B at above max, rpm. If you drive then you will know the omitted details and perhaps keep the boy racer to your urban life.

US Republican enviro-vets: 'Climate change is real. Deal with it'



Isn't CO2 a lagging indicator of temperature?

Thus destroying all the predictive models!

French boffins: Regard, our record-breaking long, fat, wet pipe


Re: Can I really be the first to say ...

If you are lucky it might become une cravate de notair.

I am sure Georges Simenon would have approved so the Maigret reference is not off beam.

Got a Windows XP end-of-life plan? Neither does anyone else


Re: Bring your own app

BYOA and it is back to 1980, a Visicalc & mainframes re-run.

Voda: Brit kids will drown in TIDAL WAVE of FILTH - it's all Ofcom's fault


Also Fix Landline & Broadband for Duration of Contract

How often have you signed up for a year at one price only to have a price increase imposed after a month or two. Of course the telco didn't know it was putting up prices just after the massive advertising campaign.

This ruins any attempt to be a savvy shopper and negates all the work you put into your comparison spreadsheet.

This unprincipled behaviour encourages similar behaviour from consumers; which is not good for all of us.

Wind farms make you sick … with worry and envy


Chapman forgot to measure the infrasound produced so he doesn't know who in his sample was subject to what, so no comparison is possible. Rather like doing a drug trial and forgetting to record who was the control group.

Is this science? and who would want to pay for it?

Give Google a COLD HARD SLAP - web rivals' plea to Euro watchdog


Re: Google.. Just say FU to the EU and Buyone

I am overwhelmed by your skilful and cogent arguments. Such erudition in one so young and all deployed to provide a smokescreen for Google. Why does Google need a smokescreen? It is the "do no evil" monopoly so needs no more defence than the facts. That is the problem for Google, the facts speak for themselves and actions speak louder than words.


Google is not a search engine it is, in fact, an advertising service, that is how it makes its money.

"If that's true" - Why the doubt, they are paid to advertise.

The problem is not in the efficacy of the search engine but in the ethics of the search engine company.


Re: Wah.

Google is a monopoly abusing its power. There is a definite conflict of interest in selling advertising and promoting Google retail in competition with its advertisers.


An amazing reply! What rattled Googles cage?

Google is not a search engine but an advertising medium, that is true, so your rant is designed to obscure the facts. Google is a monopoly and should be investigated by the EC because there is a definite conflict of interest. Care to answer that?


There is some confusion about the role of Google on the internet. Google is not a search engine it is, in fact, an advertising service, that is how it makes its money. There is a conflict of interest when an advertising service is also a retailer and an even greater conflict when it promotes its products above those of its advertisers. The Google advertising service gets its footfall by pretending to be a search engine. The European Commission should consider the behaviour of the monopoly advertising service called Google.

WHITE WHALE spent 4 years trying to tell us something, then stopped


Can't see the wood for the trees !

The salient facts (as presented) are :

1)A mammal attempts communication with other mammals.

2)The other mammals are very excited by this.

3)Communication attempts continue for four years. (Perhaps they are a bit thick?)

4)The other mammals do not return the communication attempt. (They are.)

5)The mammal scientist reports via the Seven Seas Sonar net (sss.) that there is no intelligent life on the earth above the waves.

Are homo sapiens so incurious that they didn't wonder what the message was?

Google to axe IE 8 support, cuts off Windows XP lifeline


Re: I drive an old car

Don't drive n type cos you can't fink.

Error found in climate modelling: Too many droughts predicted


Re: Test Your Model

If your model does not predict the Little Ice Age or the Medieval Warm Period then it isn't a useful model.

If you haven't tested the predictive capabilities of your model then you are not a scientist and "climate science" is not a science. So why are we spending Billions?

Another thing, if the earth is warming why aren't we measuring the temperature of the earth rather than the air?