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FCC bids to curb 'bill shock and mystery fees'


If people paid more attention

to their actual usage rather than complain about how much they are supposed to pay, maybe this wouldn't be an issue for the goverment. When you sign up with a contract carrier for a specific plan and you go over that plan, no matter how much, how is anyone surprised when you get charged more fees? If you want to avoid that hassle and the bills, as I did, then switch to prepaid where you pay for what exactly what you get and use it until it runs out. Many prepaid companies out there are offering deals on the same basic level as any contract carrier and bills ehre no surprise. My prepaid provider, NET10, just created a $50 unlimited use plan with flexibilty to move between that plan and 2 other low cost plans based on usage - why would I ever go back to overage fees?