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More Brits desert high streets to spend £50bn online

Jay Clericus

town is good for some stuff

Ordered a passive graphics card from a 100% ebay seller. He posted me one with a fan as the one advertised was apparently just for display purposes along with the model number. Eventually got a replacement.

Local hardware store sold me a pocket torch and batteries for about £10, 5 replacement batteries were about £6 and then went online to get 50 for about the same price.

Couriers - any company that does not use royal mail loses my business, city link managed to bend the internal disk drive chassis so badly that all the drives fell to the bottom of the case, but did not want to compensate me as I had not opened the case to check it on the doorstop. RM were excellent for the next pc and their depot is 10 mins walk away, unlike city link who delivered when they knew I was not going to be at home and had to drive 90 mins to their office or it would be returned to sender.

have used pc-world's reserve online deal to get a significant saving simply by reserving it online and picking up on the way home from work, the old guy in the queue was gobsmacked at having to pay another £30 on the same item that he had picked up after me :)

argos is local, so reserve online to make sure it is actually in stock and can compare / review before buying in large text :)

Republican pol rips online piracy bill, defends Google

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hope it fails

Have to admit going after the site payment options will hurt sites more than banning them will, one of the problems with non technical politciians making up laws is that they do not consider all the effects of the laws.

Switzerland has stated that file sharing is not a crime for them, sweden does not seem to care all that much and most p2p sites have multiple domains to guard against the .com domain being removed.

Microsoft arms Win8 store apps with remote self-destruct

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Potential rip off ?

"we may refund to you the amount you paid for the license"

Which means the purchaser might end up with paying for an app to beta test the software and run the risk of losing out financially in helping microsoft ?

Chrome is the most secured browser - new study

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Tried out chrome when FF was having some issues with sites, ended up removing and reinstalling. What I liked about FF was when I quit the program it did not stay in memory just in case I wanted to use it.

Chrome's adblock and other mods are all seperate processes that are memory resident

No surprise that google won a google sponsored comparison that missed out opera and safari

Mythbusters cannonball ‘myth-fires’

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Recall seeing photos and movie clips of american disasters where tornadoes have hit neighbourhoods and nothing but wooden scraps are left :( they rebuild in wood and get blown down in a few years or burnt in a fire.

Have seen the aftermath of a tornado in the uk, might be a couple of roof structures blown to pits, the rest of the houses maybe a few roof tiles and not a lot else

Was not aware that the californian towns where they have skyscrapers were all made from wood, technology exists to make modern structures earthquake resistant :)

Ebuyer knocked out by own £1 deals site

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not impressed

Tried to buy some stuff off their ebay site a while back, recall it linked me to the main site and was unable to login online. Cue the suggestion to call a premium rate phone number and checked out the competition instead

so glad I did, got some nice hassle free deals, not for £1 though...

Valve admits forum hack exposed gamers' privates

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Am on steam and was not notified

Good to read this article, the last interaction from them was when I bought a game a called Darksiders.

I have noticed a recent surge in dating spam from some chinese muppets which may or may not be related

Will have to contact steam to ask them why they did not think to email me as a customer on the email they know I use

Cybercrooks turn Eve Online into botnet battlefield

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been in for a few years

Looks like a very old repost from at least a few years ago

http://www.tentonhammer.com/node/65476 is an interesting read and one reason why never stayed long in 0.0,

friends tried playing with the russians, none of whom seem to have a RL job and so for them EVE is more important than RL work to pay for stuff like food and drink.

Recall an xmas raid on some alliance where a huge bunch of kids had to do without their dad on xmas day as some leader decided on an all out assault on some alliance

Guess the OP needs to have a current account to be able to comment :)

Google location tracking can invade privacy, hackers say

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wireless used a few years ago

went to http://samy.pl/androidmap/ entered my mac and it shows me a nice map of my locality covering approx 100 house or so

never owned an android, I got a nokia 1112, ie very basic phone

not used the wifi for a few years either...

UK net banking website falls flat on its bank

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works for me

worked this morning and is currently working now :)

as my card is in my wallet upstairs and the car reader is somewhere else, used the memorable data and keycode, maybe people want to try that ?

Recorded below are your activity summary details for the session commencing 17:16:37 on 18 April 2011.

Dig deep! Radio asks taxpayers for blank cheque

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DAB Fail DAB+ ok

Looks like a lot of European countries have DAB+, as it is better quality and can reach more people. DAB is not compatible with DAB+, so people who go out and buy a DAB radio for their car and then drive on holiday to europe will have no radio reception.

a dab radio adaptor looks to be in the region of £100 and higher, plus it needs a power source, most cars have custom built in radios, not going to be cheap, so suspect will stick with the mp3 player and the dab vendors can stick dab somewhere else

Fukushima fearmongers are stealing our Jetsons future

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excellent reporting :)

Using this site to post to friends in japan and kids who should know better than to read the Sun or the Sport and think everything in it is really true :)

Keep up the good work :)

Hackers make off with TripAdvisor's membership list

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no email from them

posted several comments to their site after finding american restaurants who are located in a utah town with the same name as a British one, eventually they took the hint

suspect the spammers will have a long way to go to beat the 722 spams on one day suggesting that I would really like a "gaining site" for beating the score in online games :)

also used play.com, but not had any phishing from that either :)

Google brings 2-factor authentication to Gmail

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Great move :)

Had the notification for mobile number as have several gmail accounts, mostly for in game use, so when someone asks character 1 for their email address, I already have an email address set up without having to give them this one :)

Dating site and hacker in online spat over security breach

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pof emails changed :)

Used to get my password emailed to me, there were complaints on the forums, but there was a recent password reset and changed to some random password, now stored in browser and some other place with the other 50-100 passwords I use

EU law not tough enough for online piracy, says Brussels

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encryption is the way to go

My ISP has a very good idea of what I download, was in their offices a year back sorting out some trial issues and to get a free router, they showed me my logs, think it was 3-4 GB per night :)

Just need to find a VPN service that works with ubuntu and windows, already use a vpn to the office and if have to get a personal vpn, then there is no way for the ISP to know what am using

all bit torrent programs upload whilst downloading, it is how they are designed, if you never want to upload, then BT is not for you

Upgraded my tape collection to CD, not upgrading that to DRM laden files that allow me to use the music on 1 pc or 1 approved portable media player

Adobe (finally) adds security sandbox to Reader

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foxit works

find foxit is better, less likely to cause me hassles :)

OOo's put the willies up Microsoft

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no way

Been using OO for years on windows and linux, it works well. Company laptops had office 2003, so they got upgraded to office 2007 and all my menus and the way it used to work vanished, took a long time to get used to it again, helped a lot by a MS program that showed stuff in 2003 and how it worked in 2007.

The comments for the video have been disabled, looked like spam from MS who seem to be worried..

For the most part, people at work use the basic level of office and it would not matter what office suite was used

Jay Clericus


Looks like tool has lost the plot, maybe post without the need to use swear words and you might have a point.

Have to admit have never bothered with additional fonts, customer service on free software ?

check out http://support.openoffice.org/

If you need someone to hold your hand, pay MS $$