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Kiwis unplug supercomputer after intrusion

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or most plausible

to mine alt coins

Tor node admin raided by cops appeals for help with legal bills

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Re: Blimee...

He runs a hosting company edis.at famous for offering free collocation of raspberry pi. Its probably mostly old servers retired to datacenter duty.

Reg hack runs Windows 8 on 82-inch touchscreen

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Re: the thing about trade shows...

Its would look chavtastic in your home though

New guide: Bake your own Raspberry Pi Lego-crust cluster

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Re: Great.. .but better ways to do the power...

You can get 50A 5V supplies from hong kong for under £30

UPDATE: GAGA team hunts down grass-smoking ROBOT

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wire grid

You could bury a grid of wires a couple of inches down in a couple of hours a tiny fraction of the time and cost of looking for a wireless solution. Either have the mower transmit a frequency into the wires and a base station report the position wirelessly to the mower or put an fsk id on the wires for the mower to id the wires as it crosses over them.

Brit balloonist reclaims UK altitude record

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"Large baloon, small payload" - genius how did he think of that.

Great white sharks menace Blighty

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Cornwalls loch ness monster.

This is exactly the same as the blue fin mako shark fishing off the west coast of ireland .. one guy catches one and 6 years later the boats are still leaving daily for 'blue fin shark fishing' you have more chance of catching a wellie.

In cornwall nooones even caught one but there are thousands of people dying to part with their cash to pile into a rental boat to try.