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Scots and pilots brace against ID cards



"people seeking private medical treatment, domestic workers and retired people who support themselves financially, plus their spouses and children"

WTF !!?!?!?!?!?!?

Ryanair cancels aggregator-booked tickets in escalating scraping war


@ Luke Wells

The point is the tickets are not "legitimately booked". The Ryanair T&Cs prohibit screen scrapers from legitimately booking the tickets so like it or not they are not legitimate.

Ryanair are undoubtedly unfriendly and treat people rather harshly but they have also brought serious competition to the market, which has in turn massively reduced prices to where they are today.

Ryanair’s arguments are often distasteful but they are reasonable. Take, for example, the case a few years ago about charging wheelchair passengers more; they were simply passing on a cost that the airport levied. It is silly to expect to pay a few pence for a flight and have the airline cover the unjustified cost levied by the airport. Ryanair are a no frills airline and they don’t pretend to be anything else. You get what you pay for and with Ryanair you pay for everything; you could call it itemised billing. They have the right to offer a service at whatever price and on whatever terms they choose. We have the right to decline their offer.

Amazon launches self-cloning experiment

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I would

Checkout with amazon :-) Have sold a few old IT/Science books through them because I trust them. They are more expensive than eBay but I trust them so much more.

PC World, Currys staff to be dumped in DSGi rescue plan?


They're not THAT bad

Their take on clicks & mortar can be quite useful. Go to their website, reserve it at the online price, collect at store (no waiting for a dodgy courier to not turn up). On the couple of occasions when things have gone wrong they have simply gone to the shelves and given me a brand new one. Admittedly I only buy a few things from them when I can't be arsed waiting for an online merchant to deliver.

Google tips hat to St George - finally

IT Angle

@Tom Re Paddy's Day

Actually they don't have a Paddy's day logo EVERY year. I checked and they didn't have one in 1999 (yer I know but) or in 2003.

Phishers clean up at online casinos


@ Simon

Money laundering costs money no matter what way they do it.

One of the key signs front line staff are taught to look for in money launderers is a willingness to have lots of expensive transactions (layering). Money launderers are often believed to settle for 50% "clean" money as opposed to 100% unusable "dirty" money.

Can't comment on the logging and anti-fraud tools used by the sites, but as a step in a complicated layering project I don't think they would worry too much. After all, the banks have logging and anti-fraud measures galore but they are heavily (albeit unwillingly) involved in a lot of money laundering.

Microsoft rides PCs and Xboxen to rich Q2

Gates Halo

Warm & Fuzzy

I'm less of a MS fanboy and more of an Apple detractor (for reasons along the lines mentioned by DeFex, including their horrible lock in on the iPhone) and this news just warms the cockles.

Blackberry Pearl 8120 smartphone

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Agreed - NO to video

For all of the reasons stated above.

N95 struggles to find itself


Way to go Nokia

Finally a decent response to the Apple & the iPhone.

Tracking down the Ron Paul spam botnet

Paris Hilton

@Almost Speechless

It would have been fair had you actually paid the correct fare when you signed up. Clearly you went for the free entry level sign-up!

Microsoft kills Santa Claus


@LaeMi Qian & @Anonymous Coward (Two of them)

How dare you suggest that Santa isn't real. Santa is now and ever will be. Sure, our perception and understanding of him when we are children is child-like and different to how we see him when we get older but that doesn't mean he isn't real.

Santa is real and we should all believe in him because he brought magic and wonder and dreams and hope to all of us as children and he continues to do the same for the current generation of children.

Santa may not be a physical being but he is an ideal of selfless unattributed giving and love. Teenagers are cynical because that's what teenagers do and tbh that's what most of us continue to do once reality bites. No need to hasten the day me thinks.

I'm off to drink some more mulled wine... Merry Christmas El Reg & Readers :-)

Fire service may charge for shifting fat people


Flat Rate Would Work

Fatties like "all you can eat" deals ;-)

Kiddie coders embrace Facebook as new-age dev platform


Anonymous Coward - Viral Marketting

Viral marketing is actually a strategy in itself, whereby you set out from the start to get your message out using an existing network of friends or email contacts. The strategy can be used for its relative low cost or to lend credibility to the campaign among a chosen market segment (e.g. youth). The key to success is in making the message attractive to people so that they naturally want to share it with their network of friends/colleagues/family. It works in the same way as those relentless poems, funny pictures or video clips and chain letters. Indeed, it works in a similar fashion to a worm, only with the consensual collaboration of the “infected.”

A viral marketing campaign would start out with one of those meetings where they decide to use viral marketing. It should not be an afterthought.

What's 77.1 x 850? Don't ask Excel 2007


More Newsworthy than Halo 3 ?

I just don't get why the BBC haven't reported this in their technology section. Sure it's just a bug, it will be fixed, it's understandable yada yada yada.... Nevertheless this is a company with massive market share and one of their leading products in its market can't do the job it is designed for.

Surely that is more newsworthy than halo three which has been on the top spot for days !?!?!?


More Newsworthy than Halo 3 ?

I just don't get why the BBC haven't reported this in their technology section. Sure it's just a bug, it will be fixed, it's understandable yada yada yada.... Nevertheless this is a company with massive market share and one of their leading products in its market can't do the job it is designed for.

Surely that is more newsworthy than halo three which has been on the top spot for days !?!?!?

FBI redefines length of century


Tail end of September to 2008?

I hate to be a pedant but that's still three months, not two...

O2 takes it to the EDGE


No need to be offensive JayKay

The fact remains that it IS more awkward to use the iPhone for standard phone tasks that we currently take for granted. Therefore, in my book the iPhone is more difficult to use.

For example, I can quite happily knock out a text message with one hand while using my other hand to carry a coffee or anything else I please. With an iPhone I have to stop whatever I am doing to carry out simple tasks.

From what I have read, hanging up on a call is awkward (many actions as opposed to one) if you have navigated to anything else on the iPhone (e.g. calendar, contacts) during the call (quite common to check diary or provide a number).

The iPhone has plenty going for it and it will certainly carve out a healthy market share, but saying it is easy to use is not entirely true and does nothing for its case. Undoubtedly, the added-value functionality will be more accessible to some users who find existing phones cluttered and confusing. The fact remains though, that for a phone to be described as “easy to use,” its core functionality must be easy.

The iPhone will be revolutionary and will but a rocket in the behinds of complacent incumbent manufacturers. I suspect future incarnations will make it easier to hang up and may even address the need for two-handed usage. If so, I will have been right. I am certainly not alone in thinking this to be a problem.

You allude to my being one handed as being unlikely but I know two such people and they are keen technologists. There really is no need to be so dismissive or rude about it. It is that kind of response, in defence of an item of consumer electronics, which leads to the term “fan-boy.”


Easy to use JayKay?

How many hands do I need to use in order to send a text message? (2 hands)

-- And on a standard device? (1 hand, mostly your thumb)

How many menus do I need to go through to make a phone call?

Easy my arse!!

Miss America calls for mandatory internet safety classes


I recall being taught the safe-cross code at school...

how is this any different? Yes, parents have primary responsibility but the message is more likely to get through if it is consistently "drummed in" at school and at home. I am sure schools could make the learning more fun in groups too.

Evesham sale imminent?


I Can't Imagine Worse News

I purchased a laptop from Evesham and have been very happy with it, to the point of being willing to buy from them again. I would NEVER EVER buy from Time. How they can even show their face again following their collapse I don't know. No doubt they will manage to destroy the combined company like they have destroyed everything else they have touched, once again leaving customers to pick up the pieces.

Downing Street dodges 'unlimited' broadband debate


E-Petition for the Ending of E-Petitions

Leigh made a great suggestion so off I popped to the petitions website and did a search. I didn't have to start my own as somebody already agrees that the system is rigged and is therefore worthless...


eBay's phishy old problem


I'm not all that surprised really

eBay care about the bottom line only. Everything I have heard about them in the media tells me they could care less for the security of their customers. They give the appearance of trust but when people come to rely on it they discover all the small print that makes their protection meaningless. I believe eBay is especially unethical. They are happy to make money on all sorts of illegal auctions. eBayer beware !!

Channel 4 refuses to pull Diana crash pics


In the Public Interest or Interesting to (some of) The Public

I completely agree with the princes on this one. Channel Four are pulling a fast one and dressing sensationalism up as something that is in the public interest. The public interest is about societal welfare not about casual voyeuristic nosiness. How exactly is showing a car crash going to serve the welfare of the nation?


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