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Sony sues PlayStation 3 'hackers'



I bought my fat PS3 over a year ago, back when it was still $399 here in Canada. Its price was about 25% more than an Xbox, but I chose it because I didn't want Microsoft (a sort of "stick it to the man" attitude). I had no idea it could run Linux too, but when I discovered that I was thrilled, and decided I'd give it a try at some point (been a Linux user for many years now). When the new update required me to give up the "Other OS" option, I declined it, and have stayed with the previous firmware version ever since.

Needless to say, since then I haven't been able to log on to PSN, have lost access to whatever money I had in that account, and (most importantly) I haven't been able to play any demos. But I felt their attitude as oppressive, unjustified, and until now I think it was a small price to pay for freedom.

I'm sure Sony couldn't care less if they found out about my little rebellious act, but when the Xbox 720 and the PS4 will come out, even though Microsoft is no angel either, I'll think twice about which console to choose.

Or, I might just stick to my good old MAME emulator.

Credit cards get colour screens

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All is good, but...

Does it have an app store?