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Dead Space 2

Huw Jenkins

Borked port?

I loved the first dead space but the PC version was a borked port. The control mechanism almost made it too painful to play, if I hadn't have bought it on the cheap from Steam. I would have been pissed off.

Lets hope the put some effort into making is play well.

Virgin probes Facebook safety, chav claims

Huw Jenkins
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Safety Standards?

"Virgin Atlantic does not tolerate any criticism of its passengers or industry-leading safety standards and is taking this matter very seriously."

So you can't critisise Virgins safety standards eh? Thats a forward thinking policy...

NZ sports fans cop eyeful of hardcore

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Is just enough time to crack one off and carry on as if nothing had happened!

Why can't we have more TV "blunders" like that?

Mayor Boris to cover Porsche costs in CO2 tax brouhaha

Huw Jenkins

Re: What car does Boris drive?

Yes I'm sure that Boris is risking political outrage in his new post where he's being scrutinised by EVERYONE just to save himself £25...

Civil Serf blogger faces disciplinary action

Huw Jenkins


It's nice to get the inside information on how badly our country is run. Shouldn't most of this stuff be transparent anyway? Doesn't the Gov't work for us? Or is that a mith?

Accountablilty is a wonderf00l thing...

Vote now for your fave sci-fi movie quote

Huw Jenkins

Saturn or Bust

"Yes, you have a great body. May I use it? (Benson - Saturn 3)"

I thought it was Saturn 5?

Physicists go nuclear with online protest at funding cuts

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And the UK

becomes a nation of shoe salesmen...

Sort it out Brown you tosser!

HTC to include high-res video support in handsets

Huw Jenkins


I notice that changing port to landscape (Vario III) is slow, however Tom Tom is fine, and quake runs fine.

However any performance increase in my hardware (for free) would be lovely!

Online gamer murders rival clan member

Huw Jenkins

Nothing worse...

...than being camped...

They should be ashamed of themselves!

Beware the populist mash oozing out of Facebook and YouTube

Huw Jenkins

Couldn't have cooked my goose

at xmas without Gordon Ramsey on youtube...

But then I had to film myself having sex with it so I could upload it and return the favor...

Drivers on the phone face the slammer

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Whilst they're at it...

They might as ban the elderly, mothers driving 4x4's (who have clearly gone straight from driving a fiesta to a Chelsea tractor) and anyone with less than 4 kids driving a people carrier...

I think it’s disgusting; I almost crashed 3 times last night trying to send a text. I'm OK with driving with my knees, writing the text and looking up at the road from time to time but now being burdened with having to check the rear-view for police is an outrage!

Beeb censors Fairytale of New York

Huw Jenkins

It's a dogshit tune

so who cares?

Space brains resign over efforts to attract ET attention

Huw Jenkins

And to add to my last comment.

You'd have to be a particularly brain-dead, fuck-pig to assume that aliens would be friendly, just because they have the tech to get here.

We should STFU till we can at least defend ourselves...

Huw Jenkins

Some responses...

"and the aliens can rightly conclude that while there is intelligence here, there's also a lot of brain-dead morons who think that the laws of physics only exist if you believe in them."

Well thats actually kind of true in some quantum theories. To observe a thing is to make it real. Do we create physical laws by observing them?

"Oh, here's another thought. Remember all those test nuclear detonations (along with two not so tests) we've set off. Gamma-radiation pulses are also kind of noticeable. Especially if the source is close by... Having nukes and the willingness to use them on a inhabited planet may not be the best thing to advertise to the universe at large."

Gamma Bursts tend to be fairly signifficant galactic events, no one really knows what they are but some speculate that they are stars becoming blackholes. Setting off a nuke at Bikini Atoll isn't really in the same ballpark. Its not even on the same continent...

Most people also seem to thing that life is inevitable, I tend to agree, however people get hung up on the great distances involved. What about the huge, mind boggling amounts of time involved? Its very possible that other life, will/is/has evolved in the galaxy, but the chance of it being in the same time-frame as us is tiny! How long do you think it will take for humanity to go "post physical"? Another 1000? 2000? or even 10,000 years? Thats an amazingly tiny amount of time to be around for. 1000's of civilisations might have lived and died/transended already and the only way we'll ever know is to dig up their planet lol.

Ofcourse this is only conjecture. But food for thought, none the less...

Huw Jenkins

Hostile Aliens

I would also like to volenteer my services to the greater good of humanity and take gunnery command of the NuBrit navy. Consisting of a converted telecom tower with pumped up microwave transmitters...

Dell sits on cybersquatters

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I think the're pretty good actually.

I've worked in lots of places with lots of machines and tbh Dell seem to have the best support, some of the more stable machines (sometimes you need to open them up and connect a cable thats been left off during the build).

Every tried to get support from Acer?

Fancy an invisible dog that dances on stilts?

Huw Jenkins

Can someone buy this please

before I do! Curiousilty killed.... arrrgghhh!

Get a passport, enjoy casual sex with foreigners

Huw Jenkins

Oh so true!!!

"Labour are seriously fucking up this country with cheap booze and hand-outs, creating a subclass which just wants to breed. If you want to get out, it's going to take 6 weeks".

LOLz! Th4tz 5u/\/\ fu|\||\|33 5h1t!!!

2012 Olympics logo debuts to whalesong

Huw Jenkins

I think it looks like

Paula Radcliffe having a wee, but then again what do i know? ;-)