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Apple: iTunes ascends to the heavens this spring

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What is powering these datacenters

Surely Apple cannot be using racks upon racks of MacMinis? Does anyone have insight?

Apache server thumps Microsoft and Google

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A little more research please....

In case anyone is interested, this "opinion" is derived from the Dec 2010 Netcraft survey: http://news.netcraft.com/archives/category/web-server-survey/

The data in the survey seems like it does not support the same excitement as this article does.

SGI forges overclocked servers for Wall Street

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re: can someone explain the physics?

In my tiny bit of research it seems java is very popular amongst the hedge funds. Seems to me using C would work better than throwing money into servers.

Man denies charges he hacked Fed Reserve network

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A steaming pile?

It would seem that Poo's encryption was shite, and as such, he is now in deep doo doo.

Obama consults Steve Jobs on making America great again

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Hoping there's a strategy

To benefit your average American. It would be great if Obama was talking to Jobs to see what would make American soil a better place to produce electronics than Asia. A great president may not be recognized for generations. If America had listened to Jimmy Carter with regards to energy, we wouldn't have had to go to Iraq to secure the oil.

Handheld porn market growing fast

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The Byline

Of this article is pure brilliance. Well done, sir. Well done. Also, please enclose funds for a new keyboard.