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Psychology graduates remain poor for life, study shows


Poor for life? Nope.

An old gf of mine was a clinical psych, specialising in CBT and kids.

Her first ten years at a charitable institution wasn't too shabby at around AUD$50K per annum gross, but when she moved to private practice that moved swiftly to $80K and kept increasing.

It's ten years later and she's pulling more than AUD$150K.

Happy? Yes. Poor? Heck no. She's doing nicely.

Plane or train? Tape or disk? Reg readers speak


Tape not sufficiently persistent.

Good article and well informed points of view.

Regrettably, tape and hard disk are both susceptible to bit rot in a way that some other optical media derived products are not. It all comes down to how long the content or data is to be preserved for.

If the average spinning life of three to seven years for an HDD or six to twelve years for a minimally maintained tape are suitable for the project, then you're on a winner and well catered for with magnetic-based storage media. At the datacentre level, there is no alternative owing to individual data carrier size limits.

Want to store content or data for longer than that, or under ruggedised or non-optimal conditions? Perhaps there is a need to look a little further afield as valid permanent digital storage solutions exist.


WiFi comes to Sydney buses


Need more time

They'll need to add more time as the traffic through that area can be really, really bad.

Don't know about Leichardt dripping with cool. Dripping maybe, but not cool. :D


MySpace employees face uncertain 2011


Dud Investment

'Twas a dud investment, rather like Super League. How the heck anyone could make a profit from a bunch of pages of teenagers fapping off to themselves, C-grade bands self-promoting and adult actresses marketing is quite beyond me. Besides, one needs a quad core machine with incredibly powerful GPUs to even load some of the pages.

China announces Skype ban to protect telco revenues


China and phones

Not sure if anyone who has commented so far has actually been further into China than Shenzhen, but it is not uncommon for users to have up to five mobes, all currently active. The reason for restriction of non-Chinese VOIP services relates, perhaps, more to regulation and management of the population in the inimitable manner of that government.

Which storage technologies and vendors will fly in 2011?



All of the possibilities pronounced in the article don't last long.

Sure, magtape can do ten years at a stretch in optimal storage conditions, maybe longer if you have Das Ueber Data Vault, but what about longer storage?

What's the go in that case? How to circumvent data rotation, or at least extend rotation cycles and reduce data rot? Magtape?

Non-optical media? May as well rub it with adipocere at the start of the storage cycle, for all its recoverable worth for at least that may prevent oxidation.

What the fix, O Mighty Reg Pundits and Punters?

Scosche Solbat2 solar charger

Thumb Down

Scosche kit

If it's like anything else under that brand name, it's nicely made, very attractive but not competitively priced. The Seppos who run the company are rather excessively profit motivated.

Philip Green discovers ugly truth of government incompetence


Centrailsed contracts are Utopian

While it would seem to be a good idea to have a centralised contract, from a business process point of view it just doesn't work. It's an idea that is right up there with "one size fits all" or even the newer "one size fits most".

As any savvy business person knows, as soon as there is a deviation from the strict terms of the contract, the price goes up.

The other issue with centralised contracts is that they are usually negotiated by someone who is targeting the best cost only and is not aware of, or is suitably arrogant to ignore, the true and often quite esoteric characteristics of the 'finesse' elements to deliver an effective and efficient solution.

Remember the old gag "Your gun was made by the lowest bidder"? Not far off in most cases.

Ruskie gang hijacks Microsoft network to push penis pills


Could it be...

So is it a cock-up then?