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Want to cruise your auto auto around but don't fancy killing people? Nvidia has an answer


A real product please.

This technology and ones similar to it are ready to train people who are getting ready to drive in other countries.

Simply said, a service to learn how to drive before you arrive.

Would somebody please do this. As someone residing in the US, the idea of driving in the UK scares the crap out of me, but I'd really like to vacation there.

Time to party like it's 2005! Palm is coming BAAAA-ACK


There's only one way I would touch it.

If Palm would actually implement BeOS like they should have in in 2002.


They forked this one up: Microsoft modifies open-source code, blows hole in Windows Defender


Re: That's the trouble with open source

Microsoft forgot the mantra. Update and patch often.

IBM thinks Notes and Domino can rise again


SmartSuite Updated?

I would pay for an updated "SmartSuite".

Approach DB worked and didn't force you into SQL commands, but has it as an option.

Organizer still has more options then what you get online. Needs updating in shared module to Web Services.

Freelance Graphics does most of what you need, but needs some completion.

Wordpro needs export with HTML5 and CSS updated.

Fastsite also needs export with HTML5 and CSS updated.

"Team" functions needs updating to Web Services, but everything else is OK.

Don't care for Notes, but this would be a help.

Hyperledger 3 years later: That's the sound of the devs... working on the chain ga-a-ang


Re: no real use case ?

Use blockchain on the carbon exchange?

AMD, Intel hate Nvidia so much they're building a laptop chip to spite it


1 + 2 = 3?

What is not being said is where the HBM2 is coming from. If it's made by Intel, no more shortages. If it is not, the price will come down. If there is a hardware cross platform agreement between Intel and AMD on this technology, we will see HBM3 a lot sooner and a lot faster. In any case, NVidia will have to (A) make their own (B) buy it from current suppliers -Samsung/SK Hynix- or (C) buy it from Intel.

It is unlikely that GDDR5 will save NVidia.

AMD sales soar, actually makes a profit, beats expectations, share price... decimated


End to an End

The thing investors don't see is that AMD, in one swoop, has created a system across the board that is more about systems then the underlying technology. As they tighten up BIOS and drivers, they are making end-to-end processing as complete and optimized as possible. A rising tide lifts all boats? More like making a new ocean.

If investors leave in their money, the shear breadth of the ecosystem could overcome any early announcements Intel might imply is "coming soon". Intel is already tripping over itself. If AMD has the cash, they will keep focus and widen the edge to chasm.

How DeepMind's AlphaGo Zero learned all by itself to trash world champ AI AlphaGo


Variations on theme

Writing autonomous driving software for all scenarios is extremely difficult. This type of AI could assist in localization. Unless all driving rules are standardized, the way you drive from country to country is quite different. Exp: USA vs Great Brittan vs China.

FreeBSD gains eMMC support so … errr … watch out, Android


FreeBSD, Alright!

KDE has made good inroads in to the GUI

ZFS has snapshots and the ability to load earlier kernels if the current one fails. It also has send/receive that can work with your home/work receiver securely.

In short. What a great idea.

Memory biz Nantero is a right Dell raiser: IT giant flushes cash down RAM carbon nanotubes



I have been watching this technology for a while and am grateful Dell has stepped in.

Only I wished they had used HBM instead of DDR4. This product is capable of bit level read/write, but will be hindered by trying to match current controller functions. It's reliability will blow everything else away.

On a side note: Apples new filesystem is somewhat similar to ZFS but does not use error correction in memory. Could this be the reason why?

Protected? Cosy? Pffft, Reduxio prefer 'daring stupidity'


ZFS add-on

Shouldn't this really be an add-on for ZFS?

That Google ARM love-in: They want it for their own s*** and they don't want Bing having it


How a bot this?

Google does care about what chips it mixes and where.

But all these robotic firm buy-outs tells me more energy is being lost in design and maintenance of buildings and installations requiring humans.

Unlocking CryptoLocker: How infosec bods hunt the fiends behind it


Is this the right key?

"Using the Microsoft CryptoAPI, Cryptolocker encrypts each file with a unique AES key, which is then encrypted with the RSA public key received from the crooks’ server. "

Does this mean that replacing or removing Microsoft CryptoAPI stops CryptoLocker from action before or during infection?

Cheap 3D printer works with steel


Newsline: Autobody shop stops order parts..

If you have enough print heads and control, your autobody shop might not order anything but raw plastic, steel and nut and bolts.

Evan Powell exits Nexenta as Wyse guy strides in


Nexenta in the middle

ZFS brilliant.

Nexenta trying like hell

Oracle boat anchor

Still waiting a ZFS home NAS at down to earth price though.

Sensors and sensibility: Quirky’s Spotter multi-purpose monitor module


Open Source to the rescue?

If open source products are driven into the market place, these products might open up a little to be competitive in the software form.

I see that getting this information creates huge power industry advantages. Power Grid products, something GE is deeply involved with, could really use this data to create a "flexible" grid based in automated reactions derived from statistical analysis. Why they can't share the base data and control more directly with the end user is beyond me.

It maybe possible to create your own computer-router, then strip/redirect/tee communications from these products, dependent on knowing the format of the data packet. Information can be forwarded to you via e-mail or text or server-at-home connection via browser/vnc to your phone.

As with most of open-source, the parts are there, they just have to be assembled.

Aaah, the things dreams are made of.

US senator asks: Will Bitcoin replace Swiss bank accounts?


Swing, pendulum, swing.

Since the Supreme Court has let the cat out of the bag as far as money goes, these politicians must be asking how I can get "Bitcoin" today so anonymous donations can really start rolling in.

Future News: "In an unusual bit of news today, a candidate of neither the Democratic or Republican party received the most donations to their campaign contributions . Candidate X has based their platform on key issues that have been avoided in the past that some believe have been heavily influenced by large corporations, the banking industry and certain military contractors".

Oops, may not today.

Micron takes on Intel with 'breakthrough' processor for streaming data


Tough to program.

"It will also be tough to program for, though Micron says it is working with researchers to ease this issue."

They had better be looking at an OpenCL extension maximizing default usage.

Obamacare website 'either hacked or will be soon', warns infosec expert


So what now

"David Kennedy, founder of computer security biz TrustedSec, told the hearing the healthcare.gov "is either hacked already, or will be soon”.

The question not asked just after this one is, "Alright, show me one that isn't"

"He added that site is so full of functional and "critical" security problems that it would never have gone live if it was a commercial, private concern.""

If that were true, I must be reading news from a different planet.

However what is implied is "If you hired me in the first place..."

LG’s G2: The phondleslab that wants you to TOUCH ITS BEHIND


Didn't go far enough

Why they didn't use a trackpad system like the Steam controller, I just don't know.


If you're holding the darn thing in your hand, at least one finger could be helping since it's there already.

If you can tap and swipe without looking, certainly you can use this.

Their biggest mistake was putting it to close to the camera, making it probable that your finger would get in the way with a camera apps.

A use for the Internet of Things: ROBOCOP Neighbourhood Watch


Your augmented reality.

It is not the data collected, but who has access to that data.

Say the recorded thermal data telling that 2 in 30 homes in a neighbor hood are in excess of average temperature. IE wasting energy.

Who gets this information? The home owner, the local government or the energy corporations you purchase power from.

With all these systems, the real question is "will your computer have the software to interpolate the data" or "will you be first inline to make decisions?".

When was the last time you owned software/hardware that actually read the meter on you home or business?

Good accounting always balances on the sheet, but only when double checks are built in. This system is flawed by design and we are probably just going to have to eat it.

Example: GM foods introduced in products sold to citizens without there full knowledge or disclosure (labeling laws int the US comes to mind as pretty good example of a system gone awry).

Call yourself a 'hacker', watch your ex-boss seize your PC without warning


I'm not a lawyer, but this is what I'd be thinking about.

Free Speech...

Call yourself a "hacker", "patriot" or whatever you choose. The ability to define yourself by the words you find most common are a way of communicating. It does not and should not preclude that your are representing yourself under the meaning that someone else has posed a definition.

Was Batelle misleading Thuen...

(good luck getting evidence on this one)

If Thuen had stated his intentions to Batelle during his employ, did Batelle lead him to believe that his goal of opensource was possible. In other words, did Batelle lead Thuen on?

'Patent trolling' InterDigital CAN ask ITC to ban Nokia mobes: Supreme Court


Nokia stinks as much as this headline.

I love the Reg, but kicking the guy in teeth on the headline to someone who actually did the hard work to get a patent doesn't deserve this.

Title of article:"'Patent trolling' InterDigital"

Seven paragraphs down: "InterDigital does its own research and development rather than simply buying, selling and defending patents in court."

I have a friend who has long term invested in this company. Nokia and other large firms have just put up a wall to their hard work. None the less, just because someone says "it ain't true" doesn't mean it isn't, no matter how much money they have.

See http://electronicdesign.com/components/gordon-gould-long-battle-laser-patent for the reason why.

Is this the silicon chip KILLER? Boffins boot up carbon-nanotube CPU


Make a carbon tube listen

I suspect that possible answer is sonic frequency to stand the tube on their ends and lock them to position.

Regulating the vibrational patterns, if the connections can stand the stress, would allow for multiple path functions.

It's an interesting premiss.

VCs take a nasty cold bath on Drobo deal, leave Barrall 'delighted'


A relationship without a KISS.

I've looked at Drobo and think the concept it great. Except they should have sold Drobo PCI cards,

The external boxes are nice, but I don't need another box, I need a fool proof (me being a fool), low cost, easy to maintain drive storage system in my PC.

KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid)

Snowden, schmoden. Let's talk about crushing hackers, say US'n'China


Where's the universal truth.

Crush the hackers before they make it obvious what to fix, accidentally stopping government spying.

According to governments "If a ain't broke, don't fix it".

According to citizens "Why don't they fix this thing?".

Open means can't hide.

Ubuntu tapped by China for national operating system


Good for the goose is good for the gander???

It only makes sense.

If everything you do is bounced off Amazon, why not your government as well.

I thought it was MS specialty to resell you already developed software a couple of times in new packaging.

Ooops! I meant recycle products for a better world.

Still like 12.04 precisely for what it does though. Just edgy this morning.

Microsoft denies Windows 8 app spying via SmartScreen


What a great idea

This way, if Microsoft catches an interesting program early on.

It will use (copy) the concept right away and get its lawyers involved earlier on.

I smell patent heaven.

KIT drives off with memory win: 1-bit-per-MOLECULE storage


Might I suggest...

"Jarillo-Herrero and his team determined that illuminating graphene using a laser, results in variable heating of the material. The light heats graphene’s electrons that transmit current, but it does not heat the carbon nuclei lattice, which makes the backbone of the material. This temperature difference called as ‘hot-carrier’ response is responsible for production of the electricity flow."


Comcast makes up with Boxee after cable encryption spat


Boxee helps put Comcast back in Box

I am hoping this means that when the technology of "Vortex radio waves could boost wireless capacity “infinitely”".


Direct download over the air will displace Comcast wired control.

No doubt Boxee will be among the first to make an easy reciever.

Who knows, maybe uploading network resources will become a Comcast specialty.

Chinese boffins build nuclear-powered deep-sea station


BP gets a break

The Chinese are bound to make a mistake that will make BP in the Gulf look like puddle action.

Microsoft's Surface plan means the world belongs to Android now


Future Headline: Security draws Coders

If Microsoft starts to really control its software/hardware, it may be possible for it to create secure exchange on the net.

The other side of this is that code writers are not involved with security, as Microsoft databases all code and keys. (ZEN closed systems are always opening, open systems are always closing)

Coders will start moving in Microsoft's direction and reverse fleeing corporate clients if they can make this a reality and prove it works.

Schneier spanks AV industry over Flame failures


Re: Also a failure for...

USB login keys are an essential security method for some.

It's how you use it that makes the difference.

AMD to plunk ARM core onto Fusion, Opteron chips


A kick in the secure boot

I am truly hoping that AMD can use this as a workaround for SecureBoot and Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI).

It would be lovely to have at least one hardware vendor who wouldn't require a license fee just to run whatever OS you would like, and yet, actually have a secure environment.

I just can't see RedHat asking to pay M$ for the ability to use Linux. Given that Microsoft has bamboozled everybody on patents. UEFI and its group are like guys stopping at your front door and saying "Hey, you could have fire in a place like this" wink wink nod nod, "Do you want to buy a license , errr, some insurance?".

Munich's mayor claims €4m savings from Linux switch


Re: hmm

Are those official numbers your quoting or statistical analysis.

Scality opens Ring for close scrutiny



Wonder what Scality Ring attached/implanted to Node.js would be like?

AMD snaps up server upstart SeaMicro


Torus in processor

Is it possible for AMD to put the 3D torus interconnect on-chip?

Qualcomm poised to zap wireless charging rival into dust


Sleep tight, don't let the wifi bugs bite.

Has anybody seen any studies on how close you can safely be next to one of these things.

Or is it convenience folded into ignorance over intelligence?

HP culls nearly half remaining webOS team


Form fitting function

It would be nice if they decided in what "form" they're actually going to support in WEBOS and release that information along side of this.

That way developers would be able to "function", rather than be "fogged" over.

Freedom-crushing govts close to ruling our web, fears FCC boss


Censorship, plain and simple

If perception of governments is skewed by the revelation of truth. (Wikileaks)

Kill the messenger...

or at least make it so far a journey that the truth becomes irrelevant or inconsequential. (control the source)

Every man for himself or himself for every man?

Ahhh, the subtlety and nuance to justify the fallacies of good representation for all.

Microsoft blasts 'web video killer' Motorola Mobility in EU gripe


A contract is a contract.

It is illegal unless you agree to make it "not illegal".

If your countries legal system or an international court system does not take them to task.

All is fair in love and war.

I'm not a lawyer and this is just an opinion.


What! You can't do this to us.

Only we can do it to you!!!

Observe no thanks from Microsoft on payments (gouged) from Android manufacturers.

Ubuntu for Android: Penguins peck at Nokia's core problem


Re: One can almost smell the fail

You would be right except for:

Ubuntu One

Ubuntu One is the personal cloud that brings your digital life together. Now you can sync your files across all your Ubuntu or Windows computers; access your contacts or notes from anywhere; or stream your entire music collection to your mobile phone. Ubuntu One helps you do it all.


Dual Boot BS?

"In years past, Canonical tried dual-boot on Windows PCs, a program that has failed and been withdrawn."

Of all the people you personally know running Ubuntu, how many are dual boot and how many boot from inside Windows.

A + B = 100%

Now add in the those who only use Ubuntu.

A + B + C = 100%

Your assessment of failure is tuned to to the Microsoft song.

Those who still dual-boot only do so because of software they cannot donate to and only runs under Windows or Mac OS.

SPRAY-ON antennas waved about at Google's techfest


Key statement

This is the part to understand: Multiplicative capacitance release

You could really re-charge a battery if this works.

Maybe even while driving.

The scary part is whether or not it hazardous to our health and how long before we find out.

Broadcom boasts directional antennas for 802.11ac Wi-Fi


Hello Texas

Texas Instruments that is.

Why doesn't TI apply there DLP technology to a inverted pyramid with focus points?

Inverted cone would be better.

\/ focal redirection

| antenna

Apple orders PC builder to 'choose sides' in laptop battle?


Made in America

Small suggestion for Apple.

Megastar personalities are intellectual property in draft law


Assumed privacy for sale

If you in the news, no matter who you are, it is assumed that what ever is produced has a value directly correlating to news sources profits.

Everyone should get a cut of the action.

"Special people" should have to go to court for extenuating circumstances.

One mans privacy is not another mans open door.

Boffins claim breakthrough in hovering robothopter experiments


Thinking out of balance

Shifting center of gravity upward decreases response time to corrective measure.

Who would of thought.