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Yes, Assange, we'll still nick you for skipping bail, rules court


"UK's #1 toady bum kisser"

Number two, surely. Definitely a "jobbie", either way.

Trump's 140 characters on F-35 wipes $2bn off Lockheed Martin


Re: F-35 is about jobs

Just one drone would probably do it, if designed specifically for the purpose. The trouble with lugging meat about up there is how squishy it is, 9 or 10G in a snap over perhaps, but less in a tight turn. Take the meat out of the aircraft and it will be capable of performance which would mince a human pilot inside their G suit.

Banks don’t give a 2FA


Re: Whoops!

Barclays have a reasonable 2fa system. This is not a recommendation for Barclays as a bank, nor does it constitute financial advice.

FTC top techie's mobe fraud


How is the possible without corporate incompetence?

Customer: "I'd like to upgrade to the most expensive phone plausible please!"

Salesmonkey: "Certainly, may I see your photo ID please?"

Customer: "Here you are."

Salesmonkey: "Thanks... may I see the phone and SIM you're upgrading please?"

Customer: "Errr... no sorry, I've left that at home."

Salesmonkey: "Oh dear, never mind the security risks, let me process that transaction for you anyway so my bonus this month is nice and fat."

It's an UPGRADE. "Show me the thing you're upgrading or get the fuck out" should be (with photo and card ID which you'd require from the article) the absolute minimum requirement!

Popular UK mobile tech firm 51Degrees hacked


Re: personal information is the aim

How do you make an offline backup in real time?

The 'new' Microsoft? I still wouldn't touch them with a barge pole


Re: This is why I've still not bought a personal/home O365 sub.

Some clients of mine with differing use cases of productivity software spring to mind.

Client one, had MS Office 2003 and 2007 in a mixed environment, installed on Windows 7 boxes with a Windows SBS2008 server and used only three products, Outlook, Excel and Word. They upgraded both 2003 and 2007 office installs to MS Office 2013 Home and Business as, at the time we were told a site license was unavailable for fewer than 100 seats. Total cost was just shy of £5k and they'll continue using it for a minimum of 5 years. Projected cost of O365 for the same period assuming no price rises ~ £7500. Saving from not using O365 ~ £2,500

Client two, had MS Office 2003 exclusively, installed on Windows XP boxes with a 2003 SBS server. Their usage included basic spreadsheets and text documents only. They upgraded the SBS to Server Essentials 2012 on their existing hardware, the workstations to Win 7 Pro and switched to LibreOffice and Thunderbird. The workstations they had to upgrade anyway, the server software was £300 or so and the cost to upgrade office was £0.00, projected cost of O365, just shy of £3k over a 5 year period. Saving from not using O365 ~ £3k call it £2.7k if we factor in the SE2012 instead of using OneDrive.

Client three, MS Office 2003 on Windows 7 machines but they're fixated on MS Publisher and have MS Access database requirements. Cost to upgrade to Office Standard and purchase additional Access licenses where required almost £5k, cost for O365 more like £3k. Saving by using O365 ~ £2k

There are savings to be made with O365... if your use case lends itself to it. On the whole, not so much for small businesses.

A Brit cloud biz and an angry customer wanting a refund: A Love Story


Re: Threats?

The e-mail came from support, not from customer services. It's not impossible the question "Was that milk and two sugars?" would also be seen as a threat.

NatWest tightens online banking security after hacks' 'hack' exposé


Re: So giving them your phone number makes you less secure ?

If the phone gives full access, or at least access sufficient to steal money from the account, then it's 2FA in name only and '1FA' in practice.

Telemarketers hit with £70,000 fine for cold-calling pensioners


Surely, gentlemen, ladies...

...the light at the end of this particularly dank and noxious tunnel, really should be an oncoming train.

SCO's last arguments in 'Who owns Linux?' case vs. IBM knocked out


Re: Why...

Upvote for Pratchett reference.

Beware the terrorist drones! For they are coming! Pass new laws!


Re: 10x illegal

"Ground based lasers will be harder to avoid"

Use their weapons against them and deploy said drone with tinfoil armour? It's the ultimate anti-government armour cladding after all.

Fans demand 'Lemmium' periodic table tribute


If this happens then it has to be metallic and harder than a bear with a flick knife.

Lenov-lol, a load of Tosh, and what the Dell? More bad holes found in PC makers' bloatware


A solution, providing you have or can quickly implement a login script.

Add the following snippet to the script where it will be run for all users:


REM Remove all Lenovo Software Products

wmic product where "vendor like '%lenovo%'" call uninstall /nointeraction


Or if you're loath to be without SHAREit etc. but still want rid of the 'Solution' center, use the following:


REM Remove Lenovo Solution Center (sic)

wmic product where "name like '%lenovo solution center%'" call uninstall /nointeration


iPad data entry errors caused plane to strike runway during takeoff



...it's all "To the cloud!" these days?*

*sincere apologies if someone else has remembered this advert afore I.

WATER SURPRISE: Liquid found on Mars, says NASA


Re: Tasty Morsel

There could be a weird Wellsian backflip that occurs there, where a relatively benign bacterium from Earth carried by one of our own probes, learns new tricks from some nasty corrosive environment, flickknife wielding Martian bacteria and turns into the thing which prevents human colonization of Mars, much as the 'common cold' did for the Martians in War of the Worlds.

Yet another Android app security bug: This time 'everything is affected'


A facepalm of security flaws?

Wicked WikiLeaks leaks considered harmful: Alert over malware lurking in dumped docs


"Wieder says he's been trying to contact the whistleblowing website to get the data cleaned up"

Has he tried calling between the hours of, say, 9am and 5pm ECT?

Free ethical upgrade offered as Fairphone launches mobe No 2




Could/should have been in the article really.

Windows 10 upgrade ADWARE forces its way on to Windows 7 and 8.1


Re: I'm confused

Maybe it was an initialization? Bok - Bring own kangaroo? Buy our kar? Maybe it's Better off hitching and it's really a lower case h and not a k at all! The possibilities, while far from endless, are huge!

There's a Moose loose aboot this hoose: Linux worm hijacks Twitter feeds for spam slinging


Did I miss something important or does:

"The duo report the Moose malware exploits weak login credentials in the networking gear, and does not require vulnerabilities to be exploited."

get contradicted by:

"Vulnerable devices are those running the popular μClibc C library"

V&A Museum shows Guardian's destroyed MacBook as ART


Re: Security Alert!

BBQ - most people have one and charcoal burns nice and hot provided its given sufficient air ;)

Paul Allen hunts down sunken Japanese WWII super-battleship


Re: Not so vulnerable...

For balance, check how much HMS King George V, HMS Rodney, a pair of cruisers and the best part of a squadron of destroyers dealt to Bismarck before rendering it unable to fight back.

Modern, for the time, battleships were significantly better armoured than the, even refitted, Hood.

EDIT: Pertinent bit from Thickipedia added; "The four British ships fired more than 2,800 shells at Bismarck, and scored more than 400 hits, but were unable to sink Bismarck by gunfire"

Apple boots Windows 7 out of Boot Camp


Re: Apples values.

Well, I assume you'd want your nice new vibrating touchpad to work? ;)

Yes, oh... oh... OH! YES YES YES!... sigh... I love you Macbook.

Scary code of the week: Valve Steam CLEANS Linux PCs (if you're not careful)


No it's not... Birmingham has a screwdriver though, several in fact, which largely explains why Land Rover shut lines aren't pebble tight, let alone water tight.

PROOF the undead STALK Verizon users: Admen caught using 'perma-cookie'


Probably... if they didn't have to do anything more than "Monkey see app, monkey press app, monkey like app, monkey rate app 3 stars, would have been 5 if free"

For the supersimian, OpenVPN is still free if memory serves and has a free Android & IOS app - choose your OpenVPN host and attendent proxy and, while I can't burden this with any proof, your UIDH worries could well be over.

PlayStation Network blasted offline AGAIN. Just not Sony's decade


Re: Hang on

Just possibly Sony is the smokescreen Andyb@85... make lots of noise about an obvious target while stealing a quiet march on someone else while the World watches the theatre. As you say, an always fluid warzone, with as many mirrors and as much smoke as you care to code.

Antarctic ice at all time high: We have more to learn, says boffin


Re: IMHO...

"Only a sith deals in absolutes" - Obi Wan Kenobi, a long time ago.

IT jargon is absolutely REAMED with sexual double-entendres


Re: Love Story Told in Linux Commands

There's a T-shirt with something similar on it:

who girl; look; talk; date; strip; touch; unzip; finger; head; mount; uptime; fsck; more; fsck; more; yes; yes; more; umount; make clean; sleep


Re: Deploying a build

I used to work with some ex-mil types who, on hearing someone fart would exclaim:

"Keep shouting sir! We'll find you!"

Google wants to KILL apps with the 'Physical Web'



I wonder how you could apply the principle in his open letter on advertising (have a look here if you've not seen it: http://static2.thedrum.com/uploads/drum_basic_article/110260/main_images/bansky-bottle_0.jpg) to something delivered electronically?

I'm sure a brighter spark than I will figure it out and there will be much hillarity when the 'smart' machine in the gents, instead of asking if you'd like "Anything for the weekend sir?", informs you "Don't buy this chewing gum, it tastes of condoms!"

Be your own Big Brother: Keeping an eye on Mum and Dad


Repay the love and attention lavished on your childhood by the simple purchase of some tech to spy on Mum and Dad, so you don't have to bother yourselves with their second one.

I'll pass thanks!

IBM takes a shine to Lighthouse, gobbles bouncer-in-the-cloud biz


Usernames held by a 3rd party, routinely accessed over the Internet...

What could possibly go wrong?

Lego is the TOOL OF SATAN, thunders Polish priest


Re; "Due to his pledge of chastity..."

Surely there's a one word explanation... choirboys.

Greenpeace reveals WORLD'S FILTHIEST CLOUDS – and the cleanest may shock you


Technically, all energy is 'renewable' since it can be neither created nor destroyed only transformed. In the eyes of a marketing or P.R. dept. I'm sure that gives lots of scope for ommissions e.g.

"All our data centres use 100% renewable energy sources. [omit]Some of those sources may require millions of years to 'renew'[/omit]"

Apple to grieving sons: NO, you cannot have access to your dead mum's iPad


Insensitivity abounds!

My condolences to the bereaved.

The data protection acts in the UK don't apply to the deceased. It is also perfectly legal in the UK to resell/transfer your licences to downloaded software as of the judgement of the Court of Justice in the EU on the 3rd July 2012 (Directive 2009/24/EC – Articles 4(2) and 5(1) – Exhaustion of the distribution right – Concept of lawful acquirer) - the only stipulation is that your own use of transferred software must cease on (or before, I would assume) transfer. There would appear to be no legal basis to deny the new legal owner(s) of a device access to their property.

Any company may stipulate anything in their T&Cs. However, that doesn't make it legally binding or enforceable other than by threat of unaffordable legal costs should the judgement not go the way of the party least able to afford it.

Rent a virtual desktop from Amazon: 35 bucks a month (PC not included)


Total cost of operation for three years...

$2, 700 for a dual core win7 msoffice box with some Adobe and Oracle feeeware on it... plus the cost of whatever you use it from. Hmmm... tempting?

Bang away – just not 'with friends', Zynga tells naughty hookups app


So this app is the new and improved digital friend who will tell your beau/belle "My friend really likes you..." ?

Horrific moment curvy mum-of-none Mail Online spills everyone's data


Before long...

...there will be a DM article about data security giving someone cancer and being a major factor in the death of Princess Diana, mark my words!

Big Beardie is watching you: Lord Sugar gets into facial recognition


Re: I predict...

I'll be buying lots more insulating tape in the near future... black for preference, because black goes with anything and is very slimming. I'm not a lawyer, but I'm quietly confident that blocking the lens of a camera, provided it's not an 'official' (police/speed/CCTV etc.) one with something easily removable and which does no harm to said lens, isn't illegal. It would also create a need for someone to go and remove it... such people would need employment, a vehicle, work clothes, hi vis etc. etc. all of which creates demand and therefore more employment. A boost to the economy all round.

Break out the electrical tape people - it's a win win win situation (third win because it would tick off Beardy Al a treat)

India's eager IT grads fall for fake interview scams


Tech companies should learn from this...

...it's a potentially great interview technique to sort the wheat from the chaff - fall for an internet scam, particularly straight from doing a technology related degree, go to the bottom of the list when it comes to face to face interviews or the back of the line when it comes to salaries.

Apple asked me for my BANK statements, says outraged reader



...IT companies are, by and large, run by business people not techies.

Are biofuels Europe's sh*ttiest idea ever?


Biofuels are an excellent idea...

...it's the implementation, legislation and bu'euro'cratic bullshit that government injects into good ideas which is the bad idea.

Forget the invisibility cloak: Boffins invent INVISIBILITY FISHNETS


Re: Surely Not Invisible ... to mesh radar

If it's Fordward wuoldn't that be Model Tx, the Type Rx being invented much later by subsidiary Mazda?

Review: The ultimate Chromebook challenge



...is there anything a Chromebook WILL do that an Asus X401A won't? There's pretty much everything that a Chromebook will do in the Asus and a lot more that a Chromebook won't, apart from cost you £20 less in the UK natch.

NASA deep space probe sends back video of 'Comet of the Century'


Re: That's the best the medium quality imager can muster?

It was ahead of its time...

Stricken 2e2 threatens data centres: Your money or your lights


Heavy clouds...

...usually precede rainfall. Anyone else tempted to move their data to someone elses servers and services today?

Apple regains 'el numero uno' market-value crown


Market news...

...is to tech news what standing at Speakers Corner in a clown suit shouting "WAH DRIBBLE DRIBBLE WAH!" through a megaphone is to polite dinner conversation. #justsaying

VXers exploit users' confusion over Java to punt fake update


I'm only amazed...

...it took them this long to work that particular angle out.

Faster-than-disk 1TB USB on sale soon... but if you lose it, you've lost £2k+



Hasn't that been done already? IIRC correctly it was free too! (*conditions may apply)

*Must spend $2k on a penknife to qualify for free 1TB USB


Facebook fixes 'Peeping Tom' webcam bug - AFTER 5 MONTHS


Re: Hoist; You are Yoda...

...and I claim my £5!