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Self-driving cars doomed to be bullied by pedestrians



simple fact that unless its at lower than 10mph anyway, it will be irrelevant. If a pedestrian jumps in front of an automated vehicle it wont matter if its automated or not, though the automated response time is faster, the stopping distance of the vehicle will most likely be greater than distance to the pedestrian, which means squish.

This distance only increases with speed, the the pedestrian would need to further and further away proportional to the speed. not including other factors like load, number of occupants, road conditions etc. not a game you want to take lightly.

so really this articte is based on a maybe in very narrow set of circumstances and only were speeds were very low in the 1st place.

besides an AI will likely calculate the odds of stopping in time and decide to change lanes and slow down, avoiding the pedestrian entirely without compromising speed by much, bypassing the whole point., less they do something stupid, like change direction, into the lane the automated vehicle was moving into in too short of distance for it to avoid them, then they deserve the darwin award for being that dumb and dead.

Brave telco giants kill threat of decent internet service in rural North Carolina


Business Perspective

A company who has a rural area that wants service, has to weigh the cost of delivering that service vs how much the will make from population. Simple fact companies are there to make a profit, especially publicly traded ones, they are not charities.

So say they have a fiber trunk 40 miles away, its very expensive to run 40 or even 20 miles of fiber, plus all the infrastructure, between 100's of thousands to millions depending on terrain. So if the total income from customers from that area is less than 50% in most cases or 30% in some cases per year. it would take 5 or more years just to break even on the investment. which regardless of want, its a bad investment unless some government (local, state or federal) subsidizes the difference.


business perspective

A company who has a rural area that wants service, has to weigh the cost of delivering that service vs how much the will make from population. Simple fact companies are their to make a profit, especially publicly traded ones, they are not charities.

So say they have a fiber trunk 40 miles away, its very expensive to run 40 or even 20 miles of fiber, plus all the infrastructure, between 100's of thousands to millions depending on terrain. So if the total income from customers from that area is less than 50% in most cases or 30% in some cases per year. it would take 5 or more years just to break even on the investment. which regardless of want, its a bad investment unless some government (local, state or federal) subsidizes the difference.

Free Windows 10 upgrade: Time is running out – should you do it?


dont forget your tin foil

Holy crap, the Tin Foil Hat Club is in full swing today.

Funny thing is these same type of people gave the same complaints for every new ms os , including their beloved windows 7, "I'm never moving off of windows xp, windows 7 is piece of junk, spyware ridden, I cant believe you have to switch to admin to change system settings" etc etc. telemetry can be disabled even at install so quit wining and if your extra paranoid even with basic networking knowledge you can find the ports it uses for communication and block them with router or firewall. (it doesnt use standard ports)

windows 10 is actually significantly better than windows 7, is it different yes, so oh no you have to learn something, so scary.

its great for power users, search is way better, small tip you don't have to wait for text to show in the box for it to be used, ie click start start typing an hit enter ignore the box, and it will search faster and more accurately than windows 7 or 8. power shell has a lot of extended commands. Finally multiple desktops is well implemented even apps open on different desktops. My favorite improvements are the the file operation, prior to 8.1 including windows 7 file operations were a chore. i regularly upload alot of files to our file server, its nice to be able to add files to an existing copy or move without slowing it down and not have 2 different operations, its also multi-threaded and make much better use of memory to cache, that feature a lot is worth the switch.

most of the haters just go after what they hear or tried for one day didn't bother to learn how to use it and condemn just cause "it made learn have to learn stuff"

Massive global cooling process discovered as Paris climate deal looms


Re: neither a believer or denier make

just for fun:

Source: Sovereignty International 1997, (appears they are no longer active since 2013)

Robert Watson was asked in a press briefing in 1997 about the growing number of climate scientists who challenge the conclusions of the UN that man-induced global warming is real and promises cataclysmic consequences. Watson responded by denigrating all dissenting scientists as pawns of the fossil fuel industry. "The science is settled" he said, and "we're not going to reopen it here."

Funny part was at the time his research and later the East Anglina CRU which he joined in 2011, data storehouse, was funded by a grant from Shell Oil. Though the Shell grant for East Anglina CRU was well before he started there( if I remember right Shell distanced itself from East Anglina CRU after the ClimateGate scandal, where they were caught manipulating temperature data in the raw data set, Watson was brought in to clean things up), he changed his tune a couple years later and and recently as been advising the IPCC to start taking dissenting views and data seriously.


neither a believer or denier make

Simply put, at this point there is not enough data to say one way or another. too many variables.

The one things we do know is the climates models have never been right they have always been wrong.

There hasn't been even once other than very generalist terms that they have published results that held up.

Any group that wants to call what it does science must follow the scientific method, the problem is agw etc do not. They have proven that they don't by refusing to accept data from anyone but themselves, except when forced to or to save face.

If they were really doing science they would have fully published all their data including the raw set, and their full conclusions and model data. then allowed peer review. so far they haven't.They would also accept input from other groups, that have data that is relevant to their goal, they have refused this from multiple sources.

So until we can get a group to exam the data without bias, and preconceived ideas about what they want to find, we will never know.

I am neither a believer or denier.

There is no proof anything agw etc has ever published is accurate, because they want it that way, there isn't any other explanation for their behavior.

If real peer reviewed climate science and its processes go from hypothesis to theory, which it hasn't then we will have a good idea.

Science is never "settled", it is always is open for debate and new data.

Global warming stopped in 1998? No it didn't. If you say that, you're going to prison


The biggest issue I have with the whole climate change deal, is not correctly following the scientific method.

Starting with too small a sample period, even 150 years would be too small. that and they data they have is unreliable as they didn't set out to compensate for growth out to the sample stations, which raised the heat level at a huge number of sites, they then tried to retroactively apply a formula to compensate for inaccurate data.

This is just bad science, no data should be excluded or modified; unless you can prove the variance, ie do a series of experiments with encroachment of buildings and asphalt on a smaller scale and with one without, then use those results to modify not just making a guess.

They also cherry pick data only including points that further their view and excluding things that don't. they publish this big prediction of doubling CO2 levels and soaring temperatures in 2010 in the next 20 years. Funny thing is a few weeks later in study NASA put forward simulation data that even if CO2 levels double, it would ultimately have a cooling effect as the increased C02 would cause plant life growth rates to skyrocket and overall CO2 levels would return to lower levels than now, though it also shows that the CO2 level would never actually double as the plant growth rates would keep it in check they just inserted a doubled rate into the model and let it run, and really this is just common sense. for further reading: http://www.nasa.gov/topics/earth/features/cooling-plant-growth_prt.htm

Bottom line is if they were conducting themselves as scientists they would be treated as such, as is I don't see anyone can believe anything they say, eventually it becomes chicken little, as not a single prediction they have made as been remotely accurate, junk in junk out. If any real group of scientists can get a hold of the raw data do a proper analysis and opens it for peer review and it holds up then we have something real. otherwise they might as well be living in Fantasyland.

Sony PC owners to get Windows 10 upgrade as early Christmas present


Drivers are not that hard

I regularly update windows on multiple laptops, drivers are not a problem, all hardware have device ids, since i do it so often and don't want manually look it up, i have a few driver utilities, they scan a database for all the device id's on the system then match it to drivers for that id, you can then update all drivers on the system, with no missing drivers, generally they also a multiple versions newer than what the laptop manufacturer has "certified".

I recently updated a friends Sony Vaio laptop that had Windows 8.1 to Windows 10. no issues at all, wifi, lan and video drivers all work fine, even got all the chipset and drive controllers drivers manufacturer's usually only use the windows default ones. utility comes in handy.

Though i did that more for performance, even right after the update, it didn't have a single device driver that wasn't working, they were just a few that didn't carry over the 8.1 drivers and were using generic one from MS.

The warning is more for their liability than anything else. all the drivers are avail from the oem, it just isnt packaged in the bloated Vaio branded driver pack. funny part was the webcam that is built in to the laptop is made by Sony and has native windows 10 drivers avail from their site.

Run Windows 10 on your existing PC you say, Microsoft? Hmmm.


drivers are easy

there are literally over a hundred of driver utilities , slimdrivers, driver genius etc, that will find the proper driver for almost any hardware, by the device id. i use them alot when upgrading drivers for laptops after a os upgrade, as the laptop manufacturer rarely updates drivers for laptops beyond the os that it originally had. also works for oddball peripherals, as often the chipset or device with the same hardware just newer model has drivers for the newer os. had an older hardware raid card that didn't have windows 8 drivers, turns out it, their new model has the same chipset with matching ids just different model number. works. sure i could peruse 20 different sites manually and find all the drivers i need, but why when a util can find it for you in a few secs.

FBI boss: We don't want a backdoor, we want the front door to phones


funny thing about his comment is the encryption, is only on the file system for the smart phone its does not affect sms or voice calls or data transfers. so his whole comment just shows he doesn't know anything about the technology, he's waaaaaaaaaaying about.

N00bs vs Windows 8: We lock six people in a room with new OS


I dont like windows 8 beacuse i dont wanna

I find it amusing that most of the vocal haters have never used win 8 at all, or used it for 5 mins wanting to hate it and gave up.

I have been in the computing industry since the mid 80's, Ive used all manner of oses from early macs to win 3 to windows nt 3 and 4, multiple flavors of linux and unix. was part of UT computation center staff on the day ncsa mosaic launched. done minor developing in 4 different languages.

Im a good bit more than a power user, and I actually like Windows 8, when ya boil it down, all they did was make the start menu full screen and active instead of passive, and present a more minimalistic approach to the desktop. yes it took a couple of mins to adjust to how the os works, and ill prob be finding new things about its depth for some time to come

I find the over all speed increases on the same hardware to be a great improvement, especially in 1 os version jump.

File Transfers in win8 are a huge leap ahead, i saw up to 2x faster drive to drive transfers on both my ssd's and hdd's . add the fact you can now do multiple different file transfers at the same time. example your moving a 25 gig folder to a different drive a friend comes over and needs some music files transfer to a usb stick, WITHOUT interrupting the 25 gig transfer you can copy the files to the usb or any other drive at the same time. On my system neither transfer was hampered in speed at all. only exception to this is what you would except as it a limitation of the hardware, trying to do multiple write and read operations on the same drive, example copying a folder from hdd 1 to hdd 2 then at same time copying a file from an ssd to hdd 1, as hdd 1 is now writing and reading 2 different sets of data at the same time it will slow down a good bit.

The win8 UI is actually a lot more powerful than it looks at 1st glance ya can remove any "tile" from it at any point there are also groups and custom groups, you can move any group or tile and others of it's type reorganize and move out of its way on their own. by crating custom groups you can group apps anyway you want and move them where you want with a lot of options, there is alot more ability to customize here than any previous windows os. the only issue i had is with certain apps, which is really bad install programming on the developer of the app. if an app creates a a direct folder in a start menu folder instead of letting the os handle it, it will dump all the icons as tiles into your main grp. if the apps is setup is programmed correctly win8 will create a separate grp for it to replace a folder and dump the tiles in there.

There really are very few issues with win8 and I say to the haters use it yourself dont whine about something you never tried , and give it more than 5 mins use it for a week as your primary OS, you can legally try it for 30 days without buying it.

Stallman: Did I say Jobs was evil? I meant really evil



what i find funny is apple is losing the mobile market exactly the same way they lost the "general purpose computer" market.

those who do not learn from the past are doomed to repeat it.

the original and up to '95 macs were much more open and were well beyond the pc's at the time.

they were allowing clones, they were participating in compatibility projects between platforms.

then they hired Steve Jobs back again. gone clones gone compatibility. All reign the walled garden.

Just as windows 95 and 98 launched and took over. Apple went to a 10% market share and haven't strayed since + or - a few percentage point but never regained what they had.

even though windows was proprietary source code it had a much more open api.

apple tries to sue ms for patent infringement on multiple grounds as it cant compete with an open hardware platform. apple loses.

enter ios vs android mobile

ios is the same idea as what mac os became carried to the extreme, complete lock down, only one way to interface and thats thru apple.

Android starts gaining market share after manufacturers see its viable and starts a fairly rapid uptake, which it now dominates the mobile market and every quarter apple is loosing more market share now @ 24% will prob drop to 10-12% and settle there same as pc market as apple never learns.

apple seeing its market share dwindling fast tries the same move it tried and failed with Microsoft, suing not the Google itself this time but handset manufacturers because apple knows itll lose against google and then they cant sue anyone else.

also again same move that failed last time suing with overly broad patents that have no real basis.

Will apple ever learn?

android mostly open source, with an open market and very open api.

Android phone auto reverts jailbreaks


missing the kernel

This is most likely a function of the kernel, and of course there is no such thing as a "jailbreak" for Android, it is termed root or the action of doing it Rooting and even then its not really synonymous with what "jailbreak" for Iphone does.

To root a android most use an update.zip applied during recovery, it can be done manually but its more cumbersome.

The kernel or other system system module could be tagged to watch for modifications that resemble root and undo them. An easy fix for this "unrooting" is to wait for htc to release the source code for the kernel and a ROM developer to remove the offending code.

If its not in the kernel, it would be even easier, a ROM developer can simply pull out the module with this function and rebuild a new ROM without it. These ROMS are also usually better as they have all the Bloatware already removed and other features that make them better than stock.

HTC and any other handset manufacturer are required to release their source code except for driver source code thru the gpl license under which they developed android for their device.


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