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A Linux server OS that's had 11 years to improve


Haters be hatin'.

SME is a stripped-down, specialized distribution designed for *ease of use* and security. It won't relay spam but the spam *filter* works well. It may not have the latest kernel but it's up to date with security patches. The configuration templating system isn't terribly intuitive - but then again you're not supposed to mess with it. Make a few choices from the administration pages and it's done for you.

Just to give one example, SME is an excellent spam and virus filter in front of an Exchange server. Right out of the box SME can strip viruses and most spam from the incoming email stream then then pass the sanitized emails along to Exchange. No messing about with configuration files necessary.

So everyone who's criticizing SME on the basis of what *they* think it should be ... or *likes* faffing about with configuration files ... go use something else, willya? It's not as though you don't have choices!

Cisco jump-starts home 'telepresence'


You want symmetry? We got it ... municipal broadband!

Lafayette, Louisiana, USA: up to 100 megabits symmetrical, residential and business, with 100 megabits host-to-host within the network no matter which class of service you choose.

Is it great? Yes, yes it is.