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Spam blacklist snafu prompts global gnashing of teeth

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Thank you!

Was wondering the same. And, also, why not configure it on a separate network, and fake some IPs with a mail server to attempt sending against it? This way you don't take the other offline and switch until you KNOW the new one's working.

Yes, it's a lot of work to do such a thing, but, if that's your complaint, then you shouldn't be providing WORLDWIDE services.

Youth jailed for not handing over encryption password



Whats the adult age over thar?

Libya applies secret sharia to block sexy URL shortener


Really? Let's stick with making fun of tech NEWS, not ToS B.S.

El Reg:

C'mon now...Just pointing to "secret sharia" is an example of us westerners trying to trounce all over that country's main faith itself. WTF!


"This clause related to Libyan Islamic Law, which the controllers of vb.ly claimed was not at the time available in English."

Bottom line: the clause is in the Terms, so it is the fault of anyone from the West stupid enough to assume that the Internet follows our laws to the 'T'. Westerners: get over yourselves for a second and be a bit more worldly, and read the F-ing Terms (RTFT). The Internet is an international community, but there ARE still laws and boundaries. Some just don't follow them...and get bit (sometimes....eventually).


"What's so special...about '.ly' anyway, that all these url obfuscators need to use it?"

.ly is simply the Libyan country's domain extension. Not much that special about it, IMO. But, people may use it as an outside domain outside their country to keep from prying eyes.....kinda like a Swiss bank account, conceptually. The '.ly' extension is representative of that country, so IMO (and according to their Terms of Service, mind you


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