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China's 'stealth fighter' flies – brown trouser time, or not?


Not writing checks...

...their asses can't cash, though!

THAT, I will give them.

Top CEOs agree: US is down the crapper


Patents Stifle Innovation

The other reason why people are afraid to/don't mess with things, is because they are afraid of legal repercussions, and multiple other things, like the FBI knocking down their door just for wanting to know a bit more.

It's supposed to be more about understanding new things, not the money to be made, which is why I hold Woz in the highest regard, and Jobs, well, not so much.




I'm glad I am not the only one that realizes that a certain "side" has nothing to do with it!

...and now I get called ignorant! XD


Practical Experience

This is why I don't bother with most job descriptions that claim I HAVE to have a 4 year degree (mandatory).....

If they want someone with 4 years of drinking on their parents' dime (NOT ALL DO IT, I KNOW!!!) then fine, they can have 'em.

Render farming is hot!


Oh, to be said sysadmin!

Wouldn't it be nice.....ahhh....happy thoughts.


Hotter Environments

Hafta say I agree with that. In potentially warmer environments, I'm afraid to go 1U.

(Some clients/companies worry about price more than common sense/LOGIC).

What's in your datacentre?



....did not see that coming.

Mum arrested for seducing teen on Xbox Live


Ahh Commentards....

The biggest d*cks are the people saying anything remotely close to "hey I think he probably enjoyed it!" Or, "No big deal, he lost it to an older woman!"

Just speaks to where this world is going as a whole.

....just wait til 18, please. Or, better yet, a meaningful relationship.

SaaS and Security


Convenience trumps Security

Convenience trumps Security every time!

Until people get out of the standard "user" habits, they are forced to use use better practices (practices like common sense), and the companies themselves don't sell you out (literally), then security and SaaS won't go together.

This is the same, metaphorically speaking, when discussing "Cloud Computing" (ACK!) in general.

We're gonna go into the cloud, spending left and right to do so, then back away from it again, and so on and so forth. Same happened with Terminals (thin clients anyone) then to personal computers, now back to terminals, etc.

Me, I'll just resist, since I'm all-knowing (not really, obviously).

Apple unwraps app store for proper computers


The Death of Mac Freeware?

These f-tards are removing their "Downloads" page from the site.

Effing Apple, pissing me off again. First the XServe, now this? XD

I just realized...this seems to mean that NO apps will be freeware unless you stumble upon them on the Internet (which can take forever).....

They're screwing "community" (open-source/freeware) developers with this. I know it's probably hard to understand for Apple, but some people just want to help out, and NOT make money off of their creations. But then, that WAS always Jobs' mindset: "How can I make money off of this?"

Soon, they'll discontinue OS X Server (the OS), get rid of desktops completely, then place a beautiful hand-polished gun in the top drawer of my desk for me to shoot myself in the head with.

Where's Lewis Black when I need him?

Feds raid server farms in bid to root out PayPal DDoS perps


Conspiracies Anyone?

Does this now appease all the crazy conspiracy theorists out there?

Maybe now they will understand how LITTLE control the government has over things! And, how little knowledge they have of networking. There's other ways to bring machines down without doing the ever so clever (and obvious) "RAID!!!!!!"

...Or so I've heard....

Cuckold computer tech faces ID theft charges over Gmail 'hack'



....on language. If they just used normal verbage instead of the crap in most contracts, then we would have no need for lawyers. Ahhhh....Utopia.


A little catch up to do, eh?

The law and common sense needs to catch up with technology. Period.

These people are using laws and applying them to

A) Things that did not exist when the laws were written. and...

B) Things they don't understand

Case in point: the Supreme Court is filled with people that haven't a clue (about anything for that matter).

Steve Jobs gets Obama love


Wait, what?!?!

This doesn't sound Socialist!!!! WTF!!! Who is this guy?!!

He's a guy you wanna have a beer with. :D

Double-clicking patent takes on world



Please see title.

Queen set to outlaw ID cards today



Any chance of rational thinking coming across the pond to The States?

(yawn) "Ahhhkaay, I'll wait."



You, Sarah Palin, moved to the UK?!

HE might be real after all!!!!

World of Warcraft: Cataclysm

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...is the one thing that pisses me off on a regular basis (aside from Trade chat).

(And why is this review in "Hardware")

Scientologist overlord declares victory over Anonymous


These effing people

Just don't know WHEN to STFU!

BOFH: Who's been naughty and who's been nice?

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Holy crap.

Your awesome.

Srsly! XD



Do you work in HR?

Ah, ok, stand over here, please.....


Jerry Maguire

Kid: "He said fuck!"

Hooray for a BOFH hangover cure! Ooohhh, my head!

(...and Starschumcks can't just simply give me a green tea!)

Windows 7 really was some girl's idea, rules ASA


Marketing ≠ Lies?

Since when does MARKETING = TRUTH???


Yes, this is such NEWS!

Article deleted


Multi-wait what?!!@?


Are you EFFING kiddin' me Reg? I thought the UK was smarter than "US"!

NASA sells PC with restricted Space Shuttle data


How's jain goin'?

Is this Julian?!?!?!?!

IT Angle

@Crazy: Uhm...wow.....

"And its not like you can;t just do a a DNS lookup to find their Public IP addresses. "

You think the WAN IP they use for their PRIVATE network connection to the internet is the one matching "www.nasa.gov' that you can find with Whois on Network Solutions?

You clearly need to learn something about the Internet and Secrecy.

SGI puts modular data centers on ICE



Okay, this may be a dumb question, but WHO uses this stuff?

Really, I'm curious!

..."Okay, okay, I'll get my coat...."

Facebook revamp gives away even more info, warn pros

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1 Concrete Fact of Life

People are stupid.

Apple Mac Mini with Snow Leopard Server


Not Correct

"Everything – that on a standard Linux server would be accomplished by editing config files – can be done from within a friendly, polished GUI"

I use Mac Servers, and love them just as much as (probably more than) everyone else...but what you said is simply not true. By saying this, it shows your lack of experience in administering Linux servers.

Have you not heard of Webmin/Usermin?

Otherwise, a good article outlining OS X's/Mini Server's features.

HP builds touchscreen Linux PC for India


New Headline

"American Company ships not only jobs overseas!!!!"

"Says FU to US"

(My oh my, Corporations at their best!)

SMOKIN' HOT BABE gets job as computer geek



...say yes. (nods)



Maybe next they'll have a Barbie Sarah Palin...

Complete with "Tax cuts" written on hand!

Fanboi primer: How to move your iTunes from PC to Mac



"I need the opposite "primer". Want to move my iTunes library back to my PC.

Got rid of my Mini (crap machines) and will be getting rid of my MBP in the coming months. Tried Apple and happily moved back."

Posted on a Mac.

Jumpin' Meerkats! Ubuntu moving to daily downloads?

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"Too many "developers" -- and I use the term loosely, some seem more like amateur software writers -- just rely on the frequent updates and have an attitude that they can release buggy code because tomorrow they can release something with some bugs added"

THIS, is my biggest fear, since I'll be trying to use Ubuntu in multiple production environments soon...

Paris Hilton


Since when has their been an UPTURN in reliability?

The more components you add, the more possible points of failure...esp. since their developed by humans.

Paris, b/c I'd like to know WHY the F she's on el Reg to begin with? The "news" reminds me of her presence enough!


Just wanted the answer...

He just wanted the answer himself, so he could know how to do it!

AND, yah I remember wanting these readings like 8-10 years ago, and it took more to config GKrellm on RH9 & Mandrake 8.

(I was a child)

Most coders have sleep problems, need 'hygiene and care'



"Thankfully, I don't work on stuff that requires live servers like that..."

Well, now we know...and yet, your comments try to imply knowledge about such things...



They're just as bad themselves in many cases, kinda like how psychologists/psychiatrists are just as crazy as the people they are treating!

The problem with many HR reps, is that they don't know solid facts, and look at a paper. Case in point, when hiring....missing experience, etc.


I understand...

I HAVE to be here at ~9am, and they don't get it, that it would make MUCH more sense, for me to work schedule like 1pm-10pm, so I could knock out ALL this crap I need to get done while people aren't one, without disrupting sleep.

They're so worried about WATCHING me, even though they can't see what I'm doing (I'M the one in control! jkjk). They just like to see that I'm physically here, no caring about what I got done. It's like I'm asking to pull a molar when I ask to leave a bit early so I can come back later to start a 14 hour process.....and then be expected to come back a couple hours after finishing...wtf!

But, this requires management to actually KNOW about managing people, and we all know how that works out...



ROFL, not really a poor wretched soul, just tired. And, I spend time developing as well, as we admins have to also do some of the same things you "coding-types" do, on top of everything else. we have to deal with.

"Tech janitor", really?? Since most of those "coding"/development jobs have been shipped overseas....

So, admins don't have a "so many hours" situation as well? Really?

In my (actual) experience, when developing in ANY way, shape or form, you are not working on a LIVE system. This means that it is a system that is not in use during standard business hours.

Yes, I understand the wheel turning in the head, but if anyone has that syndrome, it would be us sysadmins/netadmins.

We can't pass the blame like programmers do either, saying that it must be "over"-configuration, etc. Yes, that's actually been used on me by multiple programmers I deal with. And, then I proceed to tell them exactly how their software WORKS. And, then I tell them how it should work. They tell me it's the machine's fault, I show then exactly when it was working last, then show them when they logged in last to make changes, then show them the time it stopped working....huh, funny isn't it?

Although I stilll believe admins have it far worse, I understand developers, in cases, have to deal with the same.

I have to say the "tech janitor" made me laugh. I wonder who is considered the "Tech Elite". Simon might have something to say about that, too!



Yeah, it was a joke, b/c people that want free and open information and common playing ground for all are called Socialists.

Mind you, by people that don't know the meaning of it! XD


Admins, In General

Show me ONE sleep-deprived developer, who CAN (and should) write code during the day, and I'll show you 10 admins who HAVE to work late nights/overnight, AND then be expected to show up the next day after 1-2 hours of sleep.



"I believe in free information!"

You must be SOCIALIST!

Ah...I HATE this side of the pond...... sigh....

Oracle kills low-priced MySQL support



Not all are easily transferred.

osCommerce won't probably be until 4.x or 5.x Others have asked, with no real response. I sincerely HOPE that they allow Postgres sometime soon though!

Oh, and the management tools I really need, already exist on Mac anyway! :D

Grenade, because that's what i typically feel like taking with me into a room with a bunch of users.

BOFH: Join the club



Makes my hangover feel just a bit better!

Now back to sleep in the server room....

Apple rolls out two new MacBook Air models

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And, it's also the difference between cheap people and ones that will gladly fork over the extra dosh for quality.

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Yet, you spend the time to (I hope) read the story...AND comment on it!

Thumbs up...for being THAT guy.

Hefty physicist: Global warming is 'pseudoscientific fraud'



FAIL....Please have him back everything he says with incontrovertible facts and evidence. When he does such, then I will listen.

Quite good timing of this, as midterm elections are coming up and most extreme right-wingers think global warming to be a myth.

That is, in the U.S. anyway. But facts dont' matter to us Americans! (I am but one of so very few.)

Microsoft and Adobe talk acquisition and Apple


Buggy much?

And you think Flash on Mac was buggy before?

BOFH: Lock shock


F--- Yes

Release the dogs...