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MS fesses on silent security fixes



There seems to be an overabundance of Windoze lovers on here today!!!

QUICK!!! How many thumbs down can I get on this one?



"We don't have to tell you because it's not a 'publicly disclosed' flaw"

Oh yeah....that's who I trust behind my OS....

Who does the disclosING???

Steelseries World of Warcraft mouse and keyboard


Too bad...

Too bad they ruined the game with Patch 4/Cat!

One third of Russians say Sun revolves round Earth



Saying that the US is more stupid, stupider, whatever, is so old...and proves most people's level of understanding....

Oh, and for the Brits that say that.....just wondering....who was smart enough to win.....TWICE?


Even with this assertion...

they're still ahead of Bill O'Reilly.... and most FOX News viewers...frightening....and MANY have degrees!

As an American....ask general Americans about basic crap and you'll get even more surprising answers...and too many have college degrees!

Degrees don't mean shit....most of the greatest minds involved in Physics/Chemistry (i.e. REALITY) did not have fancy 100K degrees that they can never pay off, mind you....

I wonder if science courses in College/University are now opt-out??? I kid, on that one. :D

Clinton demands net freedom for all... 'cept Wikileaks


Let us pray.

No comment. :D

Enough with the Apple App Store apathy


@Wibble: Wow...

yes, because large businesses in closed environments with "business managers" don't roll out buggy software.....

Your'e just plain ignorant if you believe what you just wrote.



did not see that coming. :D



While I disagree with the way Apple is going...this is not a good idea because people will end up opening glaring security vulnerabilities by installing software that may not work "quite right", or be properly designed for Mac OS X. AutoScan-Network comes to mind....and so certain functionalities may not be working in full....like something as basic as quitting the Application, it seems...

US gov says it can't build an interstellar starship


You mean the "Tea Party"!??!!!

And some general Republicans. And some crazy liberals....


Do it now!

Should Apple enter the flat TV market?



This is a new story? Ah well, I'll bite.


From Gene Munster's Profile: His coverage includes Google, Yahoo!, Amazon, Baidu, and MercadoLibre. In addition, Munster has covered the Digital Media space since 1995, including Apple.

So, Apple is not one of his normal coverage areas....and when he does cover them, he covers their digital media aspect, NOT their desktop market? Thus meaning his knowledge of their desktops has to be slim, except noticing the Apple logo and saying, "Look! A Mac!"


"Not according to Munster though, on his hobby horse again, saying that Apple is still thinking of rolling out a connected Apple TV. "

NOT according to him? Then, according to who? And what actual, named sources then?

"This time he quotes some Far East Taiwanese sources who say that Apple is in the market buying big TV class LCD screens."

So, then, this IS according to him?! You're really losing me! And, maybe they're upping the iMac size again?

"The fact that the larger Apple Mac screens already have the quality and size – and that the LCD panels are just the same – seems to have escaped him."

Wow, a bit arrogant. And wrong, mind you. Not in the past 5 years has 21.5 or 27 inches been the norm for TV-class screen purchases. In case you haven't noticed....(whisper) they've gotten a bit bigger.

Have you even seen a Mac up close before? Or is it something you see on TV in the Aussie Outback? Wild creatures...It's got SHARP FANGS....

First reports on XM-25 Judge Dredd smartgun in A'Stan



and it put out those flamethrowers you speak of.

What's that, they don't get use anymore? Ah...well my hose is still a biggun'!



Yes, because having these weapons will get us out faster!!!!

Ah right, when we go to war, we love you long time....

I'm gettin' me coat!

Nominet asks what you think of police domain grab


I've got a few...





THOSE can be shut down!

Opera uncloaks browser for Apple fondleslabs


# Tablet Users

In the tablet market, which would you say is most popular currently?

There now, that wasn't so hard.

Hack reveals passwords from locked iPhones and iPads



Really, am I seeing this right, they're stored in cleartext, not even MD5?


Maybe I'm wrong about that....I hope!

No 'tipping point' for Arctic sea ice - latest science



People only want to hear what they want to hear. It doesn't matter what facts are presented.

Find me one study that shows one thing and I'll find you another that shows the opposite.

(In Soviet Russia!) Results can be purchased, too!

I hear.....

Devs gather for beer and burgers in Belgium


Simon says...

Junket time!!!!

NY hookers cross street from Craigslist to Facebook


@Wommit: or YOU'RE really...

A) Ignorant

B) Religi- ah....see 'A'



...you just allow it in the 'chute'.

That's what the "number 2" BB is for.

HP intros 'lay it flat' all-in-one touchscreen PC


Ahhh, patents....

Stifling innovation for every man!!! (or woman)

Assange relishes US banks 'squirming' over 'megaleak'


You would think....

"Hang that man now, and switch to Openleaks. At least they don't (yet) have a megalomaniac to run the ship.."

as far as we know, right...?


Assange ≠ Button Pusher

Assange is NOT the ultimate button pusher for WL, he is, as it has been stated COUNTLESS times, their public spokesperson.

Get your shit straight, please.



And, whoever down-voted your post must have worked with Bush and Cheney.

Must be the one that DIDN'T get shot in the face.

Chinese 'repurpose' Top Gun footage


CCTV...You can be my wingman anytime....

Bullshit, there's no way in HELL that's happening.

Grenade go BOOM now.

Microsoft hits autistic Xboxer with cheat evidence


Just wonder...

what the guy that does this job actually "does".

It's clearly not working....I guess he just justified his pay for the entire year with this one issue.

Storage array vendors vs. the cloud



I'm wondering where the legislation is that dictates proper security and location of cloud information.

The people that sign up for their cloud plans also need to understand that it is quite possible that their data is stored outside the US, so subject to totally different laws, etc. NO company with sensitive information should have anything in "the cloud". The problem is that the people making decisions about the cost-benefit of cloud storage don't understand the implications behind sending all that information TO the cloud.....or some war-torn jungle in Africa, no offense to the wonderful continent.

Think of the capacity ISPs will need to have to accommodate all the extra bandwidth being used. Holy crap it'll be outta control. Access times will decrease for many/if not all, and not every packet sent between may be completely secured.

if you look at the average amount of data sent around a LAN and just say, okay we'll send this all out into the Internet......"DAMN" is all I have to say.

BEER, cuz I need a drink to CLOUD my mind after perpetually hearing this CLOUDY nonsense.



Seriously, okay, I'll say the word...."cloud"...now STFU.

Deliveries for final Apple Xserves stalled to April



Wonder when they'll BEGIN the AppleCare plan coverage, date of purchase or delivery? XD

Ah well, as soon as they made that announcement last year, I made the purchases then, having a "feeling" about some "stuff" happening "inadvertently".


Oracle retains open source dictatorship



I didn't know Leroy (Pronounced: Leeeeeeeeeeeeeeroooooyyyy) worked on this project.

US Wikileaks investigators can't link Assange to Manning


Seems to me...

that mu gov't is just pissed that they can't keep the lid on their bullshit any longer.

If it's been said once.....

Welcome to... The Age of the Internet (dun dun duuuuuunnnnn!!!!!)

Backup: It really should be easy


Godsend, really? Basic Math Says NO

Small Business of 50 Users.

You say £29/user/month....ok, let's go through this.

So, £29 x 50 users x 12 months = £17,400K ....whoa! And that's just for one year.

The solution he mentioned was still going to be under £15K TOTAL, and will most likely run for more than 12 months....say, a three year lifespan

Sooo...the local solution will cost a ~£15K TOTAL one time charge. In most businesses, at that cost, this item can be claimed as an asset, thus allowing for insurance coverage in the right setting. Also, some small businesses DO handle sensitive information, and if someone could hack that cloud provider, then the COMPANY, not the CLOUD provider, would be liable....Yes, the cloud provider SHOULD be responsible, but we all know how the LAW has kept up with TECHNOLOGY. Until this is changed, expect nobody handling sensitive data to give a rat's ass about the cloud.

Or, you can pay 17,400K/YEAR for the cloud version, thusly making the TCO with a three year lifespan roughly £52,200. Compared to ~15K for an onsite solution...hmm...

If the one-time fee is too high, then perhaps these smaller business should actually have a BUDGET PLAN.

I just don't see it.

Big Brother

It's all part of a grand cycle...

...which is why I believe people will GO to the cloud, some of them, and then will want their data BACK under their control in the next 25 years, etc, etc, etc.

Back and forth it has been between Terminals to PCs, thin clients and workstations.,....etc...

With all the conspiracy nutjobs ("theorists") out there, you'd think they wouldn't even have an internet connection at all!

Facebook defends security strategy



...security strategy? Where?

Apple tightens screws on hardware hackers

Jobs Horns


I'm getting to the point of wanting to switch the office workstations back to Windows (Not a hater, just a bit MORE management required). It's not like I'm going to be able to run off of XServes anymore!!!

This is just bullshit that they continuously do this, and they are wasting their own time by going through all this extra effort just to annoy people that will find a way around these things anyway.

All it is is a mold and some metal pours, that' all it takes! Or, some will just be stripped trying to get into the machine, and then be replaced with philips heads that fit, that will undoubtedly be sold soon.

Others might say: "But this screws (no pun intended) the warranty!" Do you really think the people opening their Macs care about the warranty THAT much?

Didn't Apple/Jobs (hand-in-hand) say that they wanted to get their machines into the enterprise? Not with their constantly retarded screw changing policy to INTENTIONALLY keep people out of doing something as simple as a memory upgrade!

Why doesn't every machine just come stamped with the words "FUCK YOU" in the middle of the Apple logo? (Hey, it hasn't hurt Facebook at all!)


COBOL drinks from cloudy fountain of youth


Well, then...

I see NO REASON for us to keep the existing, WORKING stuff we already have....let's go with this newfangled, old stuff!!!!

CEO: "What happened?!!?!?!!?!!"

Management: "It was THEIR fault!!"



....it would kill off the rest of its developers!


Let me get this straight...

These companies using some of the oldest crap known in computing are going FROM COBOL TO the CLOUD?

Yes, so logical.

"Ancient Code Hacks 'R Us"

Ah well....look, a smiley face!!!!

Bot attacks Linux and Mac but can't lock down its booty


@AC: 10.0 rvs XP release

10.0 was released (retail) BEFORE XP.

XP was MS's RESPONSE to OS X, since they found out about it while it was in development.

Just an FYI.

Secure your departmental apps


Convenience vs Security, IT staff made obsolete by SaaS/Cloud

I will be the first one to say it: Many people that work on only ONE aspect of IT that maybe covers development of portals, etc. are worried that they'll be out of a job, so we'll say anything to keep management from making the decision to go that way. Though, there is much truth to the defensive stance against the cloud, as it has yet to prove itself.

Now, on the other hand, security is not an issue for management/"decision makers" because it's "not their problem". Well, until all that medical data that was stored in some unstable country gets out....

The "cloud/SaaS" technology has come and gone in many different forms, First, the Terminal, then to personal computers, then to thin clients, then back to full workstations, now "THE CLOUD" etc. etc. There's also an option to run your own cloud, as many "cloud people" say. How is this different from thin clients, or roaming profiles? Not very.

It is a cycle, and as soon as "everyone" has gone to the elusive "cloud" they will want their data (and privacy) back on their own servers/machines.

It is cyclical, and is annoying to many extents.

Ah well.

Israel and US fingered for Stuxnet attack on Iran



Fox News anyone?


Raises Hand.

That would be us. As in: U.S."


Gamers raid medical server to host Call of Duty



"That would only give you the minimum, however. In practice the actual time taken will be increased because very few circuits follow a straight line path between two points."

So, I read this as: "I agree with your assessment that physical distance has no bearing on response times".


"It looks like the lid was left off the acronyms box again and someone is waving one around to try to gain credibility."

Okay. If you look at, and COMPREHEND, my writing, you'll notice the two, ever-so-special words "SUCH AS", as in "for example". Thus, I am not using that acronyms to spout knowledge, but merely using it as an example of an internet protocol.


The speed of light only applies when fiber optics are the cables used, and even then, there is latency buildup, and repeaters are needed (because the signal deteriorates given that we have not perfected fiber-optics, and there are still impurities). This is demonstrated by the basic PHYSICS properties of current fiber optic technology. Thus making link speed variable.

Just saying...


HIPAA & Electronic Info

HIPAA has actually very little to do with specific regulation on technology and how it relates to the storage of electronic information. I was shocked at how little of a ruling it has over how data is stored/compromised, etc.


Internet Routing/Response Times

Some seem to believe that speed would be a factor in this situation, and that it could have only been an inside job, because response times to Scandinavia would be slow.

It seems that some may be unclear about the way internet routing, and its protocols such as BGP (Border Gateway Protocol), actually works.

I have connected to servers all over the world, even for gaming, with latency times well below 100ms.

This is, my dear friends, because the response times/latency has NOTHING to do with LOCATION. It has to do with the number of hops it takes between YOU and YOUR DESTINATION IP, and those individual routers' load at the time of traffic passthrough.

Just because it's in a different country does not mean that the response times are going to be all that bad.

In some cases, your response times to servers outside your country will be better than within.

Internet response times are not measured with units such as Kilometers or Miles.

This wasn't meant to be mean or anything, just a clarification.

Facebook facing fall-down issues


Across the pond.

My users don't seem to have ANY trouble finding it, when at work!

Palin's email snooper sent to prison


True, I spout crap every once in a while

I know it's just the "other half" of the same. It's absurd the way things are run here...and everywhere, to be honest It's just that the louder crazy ones are from the right-side, it seems.

One side stonewalls the other.

And so it goes...



Bureau of Repub-ah...Prisons

Of course the system that make so much money containing people is going to say OK to jailing someone. A system that is so obviously Republican in nature.

And, since when does the Bureau of Prisons have the final word in any court case? WTF? Maybe I don't understand my own country's laws anymore?

He should have just said he saw it written on her hand on TV during an interview.

Sigh, way to go "my country"....

US air force has new scramjet hypersonic plane plans


We think of everything here in the US

"101 ways to increase the National Debt"

Subtitle: TENFOLD, that is!

Yank fires up iPhone-controlled beer cannon


No Tramp Juice?

What, no Tennents?

Oh right, most of us in the US don't know what it is. In fact, I didn't know until my discovery of the grand BOFH.....and PFY.