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Verizon users must 'opt in' for privacy



That is all.

Flashback trojan targeting OS X shuns virtual machines


Did I miss something?

"Flashback developers have also rejiggered their code so that it no longer installs itself in an easy-to-spot subfolder off the OS X ~/Library location. Instead, it plants a backdoor inside a more obscure folder associated with the Safari. Deleting the files prevents the browser from working."

Thanks for telling us what the folder IS!

Planetary exploration under threat, says space pioneer



Seriously, the three responders to the original poster MUST not be from the US.

Mainly because they actually know and have provided REAL-LIFE facts to support their arguments.

Who are ye that knows the ways of reality so well? (A DUCK!)

Maybe humanity has SOME hope after all.....

Where am I?

I've never encountered such creatures.....in my country...(or even in Soviet Russia....nah I kid, they actually did more for space than Righties in the US).

Oh, and wasn't it Reagan (the guy the RIght LOVES) that REMOVED solar panels from the WH....for some......reason....

Or, we have no hope at all....


Neil Armstrong: US space program 'embarrassing'



You can't go injecting facts and history into the equation....

Seriously, just make something up, and people in my country will believe it!



THIS Administration?

What the hell?

Where the hell was he when the last Administration was keeping funding from scientific research on stem cells that can advance humankind, and spending all that money on multiple wars that ruined our possibility for funding anything else, including reducing the possibility of maintaining the shuttle program, or possible missions to Mars.

In fact, it's THIS Administration that wants a mission to Mars, as, well, we've already BEEN to the moon.

I respect the hell out of him for what he did....er, ~40 years ago. But, times change....

Mediocrity my ass, that was before, this is NOW. Sounds like the Republicans got another guy to throw some vitriol around for them as well.

I mean, the guy isn't exactly a scientist...his career began as a warm body to test different experimental aircraft.....

(Oh no he ditn't!)

Drinking alcohol wards off asthma



"No reason not to do both :)"

Well, yeah liver and kidney disease to name two....which weed doesn't have any affect on.

Just saying, and I drink, er, a "couple" every now and then....but weed's definitely on the top of my list.

HideMyAss defends role in LulzSec hack arrest



As long as you discard after the session is completed, which would be the proper way to "Hide Someone's Ass", one would think the Feds would have no leg to stand on.



I now it appears they know about all my deep, dark fetishes.....


BOFH: No, the Fabinocci sequence



I am now happy.

Pints all around!!!

NASA: Beam me up some power, Scotty


190 Gigawatts!!!!

DOC!!! That's one hell of a flux capacitor!!!

NASA offers space shuttle food and tiles to schools


Minus Texas...

They get nothing....


CERN: 'Climate models will need to be substantially revised'


Scientists' interpretation

CERN's director-general Rolf-Dieter Heuer warned his scientists "to present the results clearly but not interpret them".

Why the hell not?

What they should say when making such statements, as they have in the past, should be "to present the results clearly, and allow assholes to take said information and formulate it into a lie that supports whatever sponsors they hold dear to them".

For once, can we have a SCIENTIST interpret what they know, and not a damn idiot on TV?

Ah well, sigh.

Hardware-happy HP has swallowed a Sun death pill


Jobs Lost/Gained....

So, I just wonder how many jobs gained and which country they will be in and how many lost and which country will lose them....

But hey, these ARE the "job creators" for the U.S. after all...which is why they need tax breaks...

Apple sued over Mac OS X 'quick boot'



Stifling progress since day 1.

10-year old hacker finds flaw in mobile games


How I hacked XP

That's how I hacked XP!!!!

Woohooo!!!! I'm in the ranks of 10-year-olds...

I did this when I was 5 sometime on my Apple IIgs, does that count?

Martian water slides caught on camera (maybe)


OMG Conspiracy

Who stands to benefit from evidence of life being hidden? Erm, well....the Catholic Church....any OTHER church....

Who is likely to get loads of extra funding in the event of extra terrestrial life being discovered? Well, if US Republicans are around.....

Who runs a totally watertight operation with absolute secrecy? The Catholic Church managed it for quite some time, did they not? XD

You call people 'chief'? SO DO I!!! :D

ITV eyes micropayments for Corrie specials


I thought....

.....ITV was acquired by Reynholm Industries.....

LulzSec hacker Sabu: Murdoch emails 'sometime soon'


Pretty Sure....

...it was Anonymous that once made such an announcement.

These are, however, ever changing organizations, and some may choose not to disband and still run under the same banner, it would seem.

CERN 'gags' physicists in cosmic ray climate experiment



...The Couch Potato Scientists Guild

Motto: "Purporting to know everything about science".

Ah well, least they're not 'a-certain-party-who-shall-remain-nameless' from the States....who know all about 'God'.

Asteroid hunter achieves Vesta orbit



American Republicans....I kid, I kid.


Many sites cookie-track users regardless of opt-outs




iPhone 4, iPad mole faces 30 years' federal porridge


EVERY legal system...

...is fucked in some way. It's not just the US one.

Mind you, if seems most of the fucked up ones seem to follow our lead.

Yet again another addition to the world's largest inmate population...because he's a danger to civilians......

Servers: My place or yours?


Couldn't have said it better....

"....when in fact it simply shifts the pain to your balls."



Separate countries...

Thus making the idea of separate countries even more pointless, as it doesn't really matter.

The problem, ultimately, is that the individuals making the majority of internet transactions/actions don't understand "The Internet" conceptually.

It's something mankind has yet to really understand the full implications of.

One per cent of world's web browsing happens on iPad


And your proof is where?

Please cite proof of your statement.

I don't buy that it is completely correct, that's all. Yes, a portion may be just solely for that, but I don't buy that that's the only reason.

Canada buys Obama's reject Brit choppers for spare parts


What he said.

Nuff said....

Drunken bust-up woman sprays cops with breast milk



I've heard that after football matches it isn't that uncommon to run into individuals in the UK "soiling" the streets.


Apple pilfers rips off student's rejected iPhone app



....shit like this that pisses me the fuck off.

Apple bars WinXP users from iCloud


Misplaced outrage

Should people still not be cautious of cloud services in general? (Given recent history of Amazon's EC2, etc)

I feel like tech reporting has now become inherently more like the political spectrum of news "gathering"...with general supporters on both sides of an argument arbitrarily flinging poo at each other.

(Too bad there's no monkey icon)


Unwelcome Realism

Apparently, your realistic outlook is unwelcome by 3 people here.

Feds turn one in four black-hat hackers into snitches


Nuther Day, right?

Just another day in DC!

Data encryption and the Cloud


Is it just me....

[QUOTE] “If you encrypt everything haphazardly with loads of different keys, you are making a nightmare for yourself in five years time when you want to open encrypted files with keys you no longer own." [/QUOTE]

...or would this ONLY happen in a cloud-based system where you will most likely be given a "subscription"-based fee for the keys you "own".

If you privately/locally make and store your keys, they are yours, and would remain so. And, you could have at-will access to them, if needed in the future.

Perhaps I'm not understanding the entire implication of what is being stated here....

Mac trojan evades Apple's brand new security fix



Ah well, we knew this would start happening eventually!

Dear Dell and Microsoft: You're not Apple


Wow, not trolling at all...

In fact, I was merely expressing my experience....

...and I don't wear glasses...

And with the name calling....sounds like someone's annoyed by what I stated to be my own personal experience. Oh, and I never said anything outside of the Midwest, did I? At any point. I'm pretty sure you are showing your colors a bit more than I.

In fact, I am extremely at odds with Apple in the direction SJ has taken them. I long for the days of true innovation and vision that Woz brought to the table. SJ is just more about screwing others with lawsuits and keeping everything under his ultimate control. not to mention the big FUCK YOU they threw to the enterprise users by dumping XServe.

Thanks for playing!


I'm just wondering....

WHICH US school corporations these people visited in the 90s. Every one I went to anywhere around the entire Midwest had a much larger number of Macs than they did DOS/WIN boxes.

Some still DO!!! XD



That is all...


Miss it on Mac, cuz of banks....

"for the better part of 10 years IE was the best free browser available on the internet."

....even on a Mac

Though, Communicator 4.5-7 is a soft spot for me, as I used to use it constantly for the browsing and Composer back then!!! Ahh, to be 14 again.

Even though it's not well known, iCab on OS 8.5-6/9.x performed very well. And, if you think nobody knows about it NOW...... XD

Waking to check mail? You're not alone


It's pretty easy to do, though....

Paranoia is a weird thing. I've been guilty of stuff like this sometimes, but I also just turn the phone off, even sometimes when I maybe shouldn't....it's just not THAT important....thought it's nice of them to cover the bill! XD



...and the insurance lobbyists make absolutely sure it stays that way....

I love walking to work....no effect from gas prices either!!! XD


Instant Gratification

This all comes down to the philosophy of our "instant gratification society". Issues cannot take time to repair anymore...they need to be repaired within -10 seconds of when they occur.

It's BECAUSE of management that we have this extremely ridiculous idea that there is no such thing as downtime. Everybody is supposed to be working all the time, and even outside of your normal hours, your work environment travels with you, and your employer claims to own your ass.

People need to THINK more before acting/reacting. Taking that short bit of time will help clear your mind to properly tackle any issue.

It's actually a LACK of philosophy that contributes to this "first response" mentality that isn't really needed in professions outside emergency services. But, if you don't respond quickly enough, we'll find one in some sweat shop overseas....oh wait, they're already doing that.....right, because corporations are people too!

LOOK new icons!!!!!

Drink 8 bottles of wine, you'll be unharmed if hit by Mike Tyson


Ahh, the benefits of liquor...

....weed's still illegal though!

BOFH: Attack of the Global Corporate Overlords



But, so true.

Yes, we DO need that over here....unfortunately.

Pint.....because I'm taking a month off drinking......bleh.

San Francisco BOFH must cough up $1.5m


Since when...

...can the legal system change facts, like numbers that are in court record?

Ah, right, it's my country's judicial system at work.

Dropbox 'insecure and misleading' – crypto researcher


@TAK: "Otherwise known as a tablet.........? Computer?"

Really? Uh....okay. I'm NOT going to go into how many things you can do with iPads over Android tablets. OR, how locking things down promotes proper functionality of a device. OR, how many people using the iPad don't give a shit about FULL functionality in such a device.

Nope, none of that at all.

Cheers, from a fanboi....yet realist.

Thumb Up


....it's called "Sales".

The people are called "Salespeople".

i.e. Crap Peddlers

Thank you Simon. XD

Porn found in Osama bin Laden compound



So, I wonder how many taxpayer dollars and going to go into the "analysis" of said collection...

...."just in case" their are any jihadist messages "hidden".

Much like watching Johnny Chimpo in Supertroopers....

"maybe we should take another look.....?"


"Hey Farva, what's that restaurant you like with all the goofy shit on the wall?"

Broadband leads to drug abuse, say US boffins


Can't test....

for prescription drugs....because they're all OOOOOoootay!

Just wouldn't want that now would we!!!

BOFH: Every silver lining has a cloud



A bit hung over....but....





How bin Laden thwarted US electronic surveillance


Such a marvel!!!!

I marvel at the fact that WE "marvel" at such a simple process....and one that was so easily detected.

1) Courier Arrives at a compound....

2) Courier Leaves Compound

3) Courier arrives at an internet cafe

4) Email from bin Laden sent

5) Courier leaves internet cafe

Rinse and REPEAT....over and over and over.....

How often did this happen? Maybe a "couple" of times....