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Microsoft Research chief scientist has no issue with Windows Recall

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Go away, it's an operating system not a slurp machine.

So not only are older but perfectly usable PCs are needing to be replaced, but all those 256Gb SSDs will need to be replaced for larger drives to store all your future years of porn activity.

Just how green is Microsoft? Seems to be turning more brown each day

Exchange Server SE set to debut just before 2019 version breathes its last

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Some of my 'sub 10 staff' clients have been moved over to IMAP because of the subscription threat. I ask if the loss of the 'out of office' or synced address books will be an issue and usually get a no, or I show how to add a Outlook rule.

Not everyone wants 365 nor subscription and forcing subscription won't make everyone run to 365

Tired techie 'fixed' a server, blamed Microsoft, and got away with it

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I think I know the software used. I recall trying it on my home computer despite many years of experience telling me don't. Sure enough it trashed the registry to the point it was unrecoverable. It also munched it's way though shadow copies so recovery options were thin on the ground. And at the time I was too cocky to do full images, just file backups via robocopy as they were deemed to be sufficient.

I had an backup attitude realignment that day!!

Vodafone, Three hustle to tie knot before regulators crash wedding

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Done with Three

Moved to Three around 8 years ago. really good package, been a good signal until last Oct. Thought it was the mobile as it was getting old, struggled until just before xmas and got a Moto, same sh*t signal. But kept trying to find the cause, but in the last few weeks the signal would be 5G, drop call, try 4G, drop call, try 3G, drop call, H+, drop call, wifi calling, drop that because the signal was back. plus incoming calls were going to voice. Support said they would do tests and come back to me, never did.

So Monday, off to the EE, go a £10 sim

Tuesday tested it all out on the old phone

Wednesday requested PAC

Thursday bye bye Three

Today, calls, glorious calls

Microsoft promises Copilot will be a 'moneymaker' in the long term

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I had a little play out of curiosity. Most of the responses felt like they were directly lifted and reformatted from search engine data / wiki etc. I had a go at telling it to write Z80 code and it spew out loads of irrelevant stuff until I got a bit of code (hello world, yellow text on a brown background). after that I went to bed and didn't bother any more.

Supermium drags Google Chrome back in time to Windows XP, Vista, and 7

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Parallel port dongle. I left the site running disktovhd and plan to test out the VM and usb PP adapters, but I have a feeling that I did something similar many years ago and was down to HASP. that couldn't pass the key through. I will also introduce a sata drive and clone the IDE to it. As it's a gigabyte mobo so fairly robust. points of failure will be the drive and PSU, both I can deal with.

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I was actually on site yesterday as a vinyl cutters PC died. It was running XP. It was the 2nd time in around 5 years I had to repair it, the last time I dragged it from W95. Key issue is that it uses a sentinel dongle and the modern version is super expensive as they only do small inhouse jobs with it.

Fortunately they are a hording company and found a twin PC, swapped the IDE drive over, copied the files and off they went. I have pointed out that it's just a matter of time, however I think I have old IDE drives kicking around.

It was like an old friend

A small Alaska town wants a big bronze Riker

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"riker's beard" on facebook is worth a look if you are into dad jokes

Users now keep cellphones for 40+ months and it's hurting the secondhand market

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Have a Samsung S9+, unlocked, new in 2018. I recall being utterly disappointed with the speed as it replaced my Oneplus One which was much faster. But heyho, lived with it. Last two years some apps crawled / hung and the battery life was down so looked for a new one just before Christmas. Ended up with a Moto g54 from Argos. Does all that I need, sure it's not cutting edge, but sub £200 was considerably cheaper than the Samsung.

These days it's more about purchase price. I don't need to check my pulse, see how far I walk, how steep a slope is etc, However I do miss the built in wireless charger so ended up getting the adapter

Microsoft's code name for 64-bit Windows was also a dig at rival Sun

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My opinion alone

For me, Metro killed Windows Mobile. I had WM for many years prior to Metro and loved it, but the blocks did nothing for me and youngest introduced me to Android and never looked back

Desktop AI isn’t happening, says AMD, and might not for quite a while

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Another fad

Bit like 3D TV etc

BT confirms it's switching off 3G in UK from Jan next year

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3G in rural Devon is about three times faster than 4G. If I put my phone in 4G mode, push emails stop working, go back to 3G only, it's ding ding ding all day long.

Toyota servers ran out of storage, crashed production at 14 plants in Japan

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Ahh, the old days

I used to work in a car factory and it was always a joy when JIT became no parts. The numbers left (eg, engines) would race up the track and you would 'work back' to gain a little extra time, then off to make a cuppa.

I would imagine, however, that the production staff for Toyota would get out the brooms and dusters and clean the shop floor if their production stopped.

Freecycle gives users the gift of a security breach notice

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Looks like it's down to the local mod to send out the email, I had mine Sunday...

This is an automatic email containing a file from the Group.


On 30th August The Freecycle Network / Freecycle.org became aware of a data breach on Freecycle.org. As local Town group volunteer moderators we have been asked to reach out to you as a local group member to ask that you change your Freecycle.org password as soon as possible. We very much apologise for the inconvenience. 

Further information on the breach and on how to change your password may be found here:


   [and there is a "?" on that page if you have further questions]

The breach of data includes usernames, User IDs, email addresses and hashed passwords. Because of the exposure of personal passwords we are taking every measure to quickly inform members about the need to change their passwords. If you have used the same password elsewhere, you are well advised to change the password there as well. No other personal information was compromised and the breach has been closed and is being reported to the respective privacy authorities. 

While most email providers do a good job at filtering out spam, you may notice that you receive more spam than usual. As always, please remain vigilant of phishing emails, avoid clicking on links in emails, and don't download attachments unless you are expecting them. 

Here are some useful links to help keep you safe:

Find out what past data breaches have involved your personal information: https://haveibeenpwned.com/  

Learn how to recognise and report phishing scams in the UK: https://www.gov.uk/report-suspicious-emails-websites-phishing 

(USA) Learn how to recognize phishing emails: https://consumer.ftc.gov/articles/how-recognize-and-avoid-phishing-scams

Again, we thank you for your generous gifting locally and apologise for the hassle.

Sincerely yours,

Your Local Freecycle Moderators

Budget satellite drag sail shows space junk how to gracefully exit orbit

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Re: It works only if the satellite electronics still work at the end of its mission time.

Maybe a spring loaded deploy system held closed with power. No power, then it pops open?

Dialup-era developer writes ChatGPT client for Windows 3.1

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Re: One question

I'm sure I had a SCSI based CD burner on W 3.11. Mostly it was session based so very wasteful on CD space (to keep writing a new TOC) or I could do a cd - cd copy. I think I used Adaptec at the time

Where are we now, Microsoft 362.5? Europe reports outages

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All my clients are on-prem, no 365 anywhere. But my biggest is on Exchange 2016 since Nov 2015, they have three outages, 2 x internet (now has failover) and once when the Breakfix engineer replaced the drives under warranty. So our uptime has been very good.

Google HR hounds threaten 'next steps' for slackers not coming in 3 days a week

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That a good idea?

During lockdown, my lads stayed with us, eldest is a dev. Admittedly he wouldn't get out of his pit until 11am, however other than the evening meal, he bashed away on the keyboard from 11:01 through until 1-2 in the morning so did far more work / hours than was expected. He just did them when it suited him.

Software rollout failure led to Devon & Cornwall cops recording zero crime for 3 months

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Crimes are committed every day in Cornwall...

Our neighbours across the border insist on putting jam on the scones before the cream. Outrageous behaviour

First ever 64-bit version of Windows rediscovered … and a C compiler for it too

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Re: Windows XP x64

I seem to recall the MS Action Pack came with XP x64 DVD

Don't panic. Google offering scary .zip and .mov domains is not the end of the world

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Anyone buying a zip domain are going to be so heavily monitored as spam that they will have virtually no emails go though. Bit like .xyz, pure spam sites

Astronomers clock runaway black hole leaving trail of fresh stars

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Sounds like a black hole is a massive space whirlpool. Kinda makes sense that it can't keep sucking stuff in so bound to eject matter as new elements.

Maybe the universe wasn't created by a big bang, but was a load of black holes converting boring atoms into 'stuff'.

Techie wiped a server, nobody noticed, so a customer kept paying for six months

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Sometimes things are just forgotten

The story reminded me of a long ago client, I provided remote support to them, they were running SBS 2000 at the time. Few years later the server was getting slow so popped in SBS 2003 then few years later SBS 2011. Then out of the blue, one of the directors sends me an email about a Dell whatever-it-was server. As they were in the process of being brought out so all accounts etc were being looked it.

Basically the SBS2000 was leased and the company had continued to DD the payment each month for years. I'm sure the leasing company didn't mind. No one knew and all thought it was their own kit.


Cop warrant orders Ring to cough up footage from inside this guy's home

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If I set up a camera looking at a photo of drugs, cash etc and the police come and bash the door in, can I be arrested for wasting police time??? ;-\

For password protection, dump LastPass for open source Bitwarden

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Had bitwarden for years

..one day I will remember the master password and unlock it :(

Years late and 36 cores short of AMD, who are Intel’s 4th-gen Xeons even for?

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All those cores, MS will be laughing all the way to the bank

Commercial repair shops caught snooping on customer data by canny Canadian research crew

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I was at a domestic job yesterday where her hotmail account was compromised and the lady had difficulty changing the password as she used it all over other places. We went though various accounts changing them, and despite me having typed in the passwords initially and she wrote them down, when she did it, I still turned my head. Just habit. She thought it was hilarious.

Windows 11 runs on fewer than 1 in 6 PCs

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Been suppling small offices (workgroups) with W11. Start the brand new PC with no internet so no demand for a MS account. Then once at the desktop, taskbar put to the left and a reg tweak to bring back the classic 'right click' context menu. Then the end user feels it's close enough to W10 that they can actually work rather than be stuck having a WTF moments all day long.

The start menu sucks the most

Sage denies misleading customers over perpetual licensing, users not happy

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"If Sage are genuinely offering free upgrades to customers who have support contracts without forcing them into a subscription"

I don't believe they are. What Sage are saying is to have a support contract you are on a subscription, therefore you have access to the current version already. So it's not really a free upgrade as such

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If you don't have a subscription, it's not going to update anyway. But I still did my MTD VAT run this morning on my 3 years old version of Sage that's now locked down

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There is a potential work around however. I found on one of the Sage KBs that if you install Sage with no internet, it will work fine and just requires the serial and activation codes. With this, I was able to find the account number key in the registry and delete it, then add specific firewall deny rules to block my Sage and so far has not nagged me.

I posted a lot of my findings on accountingweb. So far the stand alone seem to be fine, the network versions need a few more tweaks, but ultimately no one will know if this works until the servers are shut down.

Sage accused of misselling perpetual licenses it knew would soon be obsolete

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I have v25 perpetual essentials, it's not the cloud version. I think I have come up with a way to get around the issue as on one of the Sage KBs, it did say that if you installed Sage on a none internet connected PC then you are unaffected.

If you go into Sage and look under Tools / Activation, there's a refresh license choice. Don't click on it, just make a visual note.

Go to help, about and under account number, take a note of the number.

Open resource monitor and under network, make a note of all the sage executables that are running off to the internet

close sage

disconnect the computer from the internet (eg, unplug the cable / wifi etc)

open regedit and search for the account number. I found it under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Sage\Line 50. Delete the AccountNumber key (see note later)

with the computer still disconnected, open sage. The 'refresh license' option before is now gone, under help / about the account number is no longer there and so far as I can tell, it thinks it has never been connected and 'might' continue to work after September. I wound the clock forward a month and never had the 3 day warning to reconnect.

Note:- if you reconnect to the internet and open sage, the deleted registry key is replaced and the 'refresh license' reappears. This is to be expected as Sage has ran off to the server. I suspect that if this works for you, you then add the deny firewall rules with the path to the Sage executables

The VAT MTD won't work, but that's an easy work around as you export the VAT to a CSV and use bridging software. I did it for the first time last quarter and all worked flawlessly.

But as a standalone Sage, mines been fine for the last few weeks since I made the above changes. It may not suit everyone or work on network versions or higher versions, but it's here as a suggestion.

I paid for it, that makes it mine. Doesn’t it? No – and it never did

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Re: TomTom Lifetime Maps

In fairness to TT and Gamin etc, they do say on the box in small print that the lifetime updates is only the lifetime of the product

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Too many years ago to remember I purchased a couple of music tracks to play in windows media player. Not long after I lost my freeserve email account and thus, lost the ability to play the purchased music. Damned DRM. Pretty much from that point I never purchased any more music online, always CD's and don't have a single software subscription.

I'm a happy perpetual dinosaur

Sage accused of strong-arming customers into subscriptions

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When I got the pop up warning I was annoyed, this was around a month ago? I have perpetual and also on v25. Having read a little deeper into the issue, Sage themselves said that a PC that was never connected to the internet when installed will not be affected. So after a full backup of sage and the VM, I uninstalled and cleared every trace of sage off the system. Disabled the nic and reinstalled. sure enough the licensing part doesn't get installed, however, should you turn on the nic and open sage it then runs off and you're back to the beginning.

repeated the above with the addition of windows firewall blocking outbound connections from sage.exe, sbddesktop.exe and sg50svc_v25.exe and so far it's been fine, even when I put the clock forward years it will run as if there's no internet

The VAT MTD was a pain, but it's just a few extra steps to export to a CSV and 100PcVatFreeBridge sees it and sends it off. No issues. Hopefully the CT one will be similar as quite frankly I will be damned if I have to spend money per month for doing my accounts for the paltry income I get these days.

Getting that syncing feeling after an Exchange restore

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Good backups are one's that successfully test restore. I wonder if all the backups were totally incremental based but the original full backup was still needed and was lost in time. Maybe it ignored the weekly full. I also suspect circular logging would have helped the restore. it's something I have always enabled.

I've been around Exchange from the beginning and it still gives me the willies anytime I update it, however now it's virtualised so a test export makes life so much easier.

Been there at the weekend playing with eseutil and watching the painfully slow % bars, usually claiming back a few Gb of space

Microsoft unboxes Exchange Online certification in bid to push customers off-prem

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I have been working round Exchange even before Exchange was Exchange and was a fancy email server built into Outlook 97. However I have resisted O365 and rue the day that onprem is no longer available. My clients don't want ongoing cost of subscription but find Exchange features very useful. I would have no issue with moving my clients to imap or a linux based mail server long before MS see's a single subscription penny.

FreeDOS puts out first new version in six years

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Now where's my Jazz Jackrabbitt shareware floppies?

IT technician jailed for wiping school's and pupils' devices

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Indirectly related, but often I am asked to allow business emails on personal mobiles. Yes, I can do it, but always get that persons immediate boss to agree on the understanding that I cannot remove the email account from their personal device and it's up to them to ensure the account is removed.

Yes, the account is locked down should said person leaves, but it doesn't clear the existing emails.

I always had a feeling that should I do a remote wipe on a personal device it would come under the computer misuse act.

Please pay for parking – CMOS batteries don't buy themselves

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Re: Paid parkng Tesco....

Tesco will have to pay the local water company surface water drainage, and based on size, could be a considerable charge per year

Reg reader returns Samsung TV after finding giant ads splattered everywhere

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Good read. good advice

I have a 14 year old Toshiba 38" Regza. No wifi / ethernet, just a good old TV without the bells and whistles, it just works as good as the day I brought it. Recently my lad brought a JVC 4k and swapped our TV for his for testing before he moved out. The sound was tinny (he had to buy a sound bar to make it sound less awful), apps kept crashing, the remote was a nightmare. He partly did it to encourage me to get a better telly, however it did the opposite, it makes me more pleased with what I already have, good picture, great sound and no slurping.

Seems being a AV dinosaur has some perks

Windows what? PC makers have bigger things on their minds

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Windows 10 with a few GUI tweaks is not going to sell computers when the current Windows 10 does the same job.

Microsoft's problem child, Windows 11, is here. Will you run it? Can you run it? Do you even WANT to run it?

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I have advised my client base not to upgrade, due mainly to the right click menu being messed about. Stupid light blue icons for cut / copy / paste etc more clicks to do the same task.

But (and forgive my ignorance), if a graphics card has direct access to storage, how long will it before that's a vector for attack? I can see 'cryptolocking' fake games appearing that kills your system and windows will not know anything about it. (If I understood what I read correctly)

Microsoft shows off Office 2021 for consumers ahead of the coming of Windows 11

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Upgrade for upgrade sake? I have customers still on Office 2010, it does exactly what they need it to do. Sure, the vast majority are on 2013 and higher as PCs were sold with the 'then' current version of Office. But the fact is that I have saved my clients a skip load of cash by them not having 365.

Windows 10 to hang on for five more years with 21H2 update

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I look after around 400 desktops across different clients. The vast majority are around 10 year old i3 PCs, with 8Gb ram and SSD and are absolutely fine for what's needed from them. I know they will have to be sent to slaughter eventually, but its the all in ones that's only 6 years old that will be criminal to dump. Just because they have an older gen CPU renders them ineligible for an upgrade.

I know the company owners will simply stay on 10 until the 3rd party apps stop being compatible. No cloud sales, no upgrades, no pennies to MS but I will happily send my monthly invoice to look after them.

Fool me OnePlus, shame on me: Chinese phone firm fingered for fiddling with performance figures – again

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I miss my OPO

I had one of the Oneplus Ones, about a year after they come out. It ticked all the boxes until 2018 when I needed an obscure android feature which it didn't have (i'm really struggling to remember what it was, but something to do with the calling side and was hidden) and went to Samsung S9+. First thing that surprised me was the S9 was no faster than the OPO, it still grinds along today.

I had been looking to go back to oneplus but the cost doesn't justify replacing a working phone that does everything I need it to do.

For the record, the OPO is still going strong, my lads get my hand me downs and I often wonder if I should do a swap with him.

Huawei hits the highway as Volkswagen signs to put 4G in 30 million vehicles

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not at all big brother

Speed telemetry uploaded, speeding ticket in the post.

RIP Spencer Silver: Inventor of the Post-it Note, aka the office password reminder, dies

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Piles of post it pads...

Looking below my screen right now is a small pile of post it notes with DrayTek written on them. Each time I sell a router to a client I keep the pad :)

Seagate UK customer stung by VAT on replacement drive shipped via the Netherlands

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Lad had the same issue

My youngest had to return an AMD processor (also to Holland) and it just dragged on with him, the courier and AMD having to state the price, and often was the wrong price for customs declaration. Under RMA there needs to be a declaration of £0 with it being a warranty repair. All got resolved in the end but took a lot of leg work

Google Nest server outage leaves US, European smart homes acting dumb

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Re: lifespan

It wasn't initially brought for that purpose, it was to remote hard restart some client equipment which eventually was replaced. Too good to chuck out.

I did have a timer and a dusk sensor but the wife drew the line at sensors so it now sits in the garage running a run of led down lighters.