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We need a volunteer to literally crawl over broken glass to fix this network

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Re: my message to Your "oncall@register" has triggered your junk email

Was your on-call story perhaps about Viagra / Cialis / Nigerian royalty / Internet Lottery?

Elon Musk ends OpenAI lawsuit without explaining why

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Re: I asked AI, here's what it thought about him

Rhymes well to the tune of Dennis Moore.

Uber ex-CSO Joe Sullivan: We need security leaders running to work, not giving up

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Re: How credible

"Do you not understand the difference between opinion and advice?"

Why are you dishing out opinions if you don't expect them to affect people?

"Thanks for stalking me though, nice to we you are watching everything I post"

Aren't you the special snowflake. If you don't want your posting history visible, continue as an AC. <-- free advice.

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Re: How credible

"I was once told by a mechanic that you should never listen to free advice as he said that if the person that was giving free advice actually knew what they were talking about they would be able to charge for it. The only other reason for free advice (or free anything) is that the "giver" is getting something out of it a different way. In this case you are probably right, the media circuit and a book deal"

You posted free advice about automatic patching couple weeks ago in another thread. Are you asking people not to heed it?

Since you didn't charge for it, you were getting something out of it; perhaps some feel-good dopamine for your altruistic deed or hope for acknowledgement (and thumbs up) from the readers here in your quest for the coveted Gold Badge?

Russian hacktivists vow mass attacks against EU elections

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Business as usual

Instead of trying to elevate their country to a higher level of living/civilisation, Kremlin has found it easier to just try to drag others to their level.

After all, it is much cheaper to throw a million here and there to buy and support foreign Russophile politicians than to actually use billions for better infrastructure and social upgrades.

London hospitals left in critical condition after ransomware attack

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Re: This question should be put to Starmer and Sunak tonight

"The UK absolutely needs an offensive cyber-warfare division"

The UK (and other countries) needs a defensive cyber division which has audit privileges over every public sector + public company for their cyber security and offer recommendations ranging from compulsory - with penalties if not implemented later on - to optional.

Windows Subsystem for Linux gets enterprise friendly and plans a settings interface

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The problem is knowing if editing said text file will make any difference. Will this setting be applied or silently ignored? You can't trust anything found on Google unless you know what build number you have. Has it been deprecated?

This isn't different from any other software either, be it for Windows or Linux.

New versions of many software usually bring new settings and may deprecate old ones, so you can't just trust that stackoverflow / serverfault / reddit article from five years ago to actually work in your version unless you also check the docs carefully.

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"Does "enterprise administrators" mean "admins who only know Windows"?"


Do empty barrels make the most noise?

Google guru roasts useless phishing tests, calls for fire drill-style overhaul

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Re: Not sure if it's possible

"Except in cases where url shortners are used."

Then it will show the shortened URL. As will, say, Thunderbird.

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Re: Not sure if it's possible

"MS Outlook goes out of it's way to hide the real URL"

You are lying. The URL is shown as a tool tip when you hover mouse pointer over it.

Here's yet more ransomware using BitLocker against Microsoft's own users

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Re: VBScript can run system process?

"How comme a VBScript running in user space could do low level system action such as resize partition, and encrypt the entire disk?"

The answer is: it cannot. The malware depends on user having admin rights. Read the Kaspersky analysis, there's a link in the article.


"The most plausible explanation for this is that they already had full control of the target system when the script was executed."

"Mitigations [...] Ensure that users have only minimal privileges. This way, they cannot enable encryption features or change registry keys on their own"

Casino cyberattacks put a bullseye on Scattered Spider – and the FBI is closing in

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Re: The good old days...

Low-hanging fruit. These are more of the overconfident "script kiddies" type bragging in forums. The state backed professionals don't make mistakes as often. Also, the latter one will never be extradited anyway.

Read AI about it... OpenAI does deal with News Corp

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Re: Selling your soul...

No, it's the people subscribing to News Corp products.

Destroying offshore wind farms is top priority for Trump if he returns to presidency

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What's your take on China with them having world's largest installation of solar AND wind power? Or are they in the wrong side of curtain?

Uncle Sam urges action after Black Basta ransomware infects Ascension

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Re: Offensive cyber

"How long before coerporations realise that and conduct offensive operations."


How long before corporations realise that it is cheaper to patch and secure their IT proactively, not reactively.

Got an old Raspberry Pi spare? Try RISC OS. It is, literally, something else

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I don't see any bribery, blackmail or fraud in there. Deception at most. Spyglass made a stupid deal, but they receiver royalties from Micros~1 - look it up.

Also, Spyglass/IE had nothing to do with OS/2 losing the race, which is kinda the topic here.

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"Much like OS/2, RiscOS lost to Windows because of Microsoft's illegal actions."

OS/2 lost because of IBM. It didn't have the 3rd party developers, and consequently low amount of good software. Driver support was poor unless you happened to use an IBM PS/2.

During OS/2 2.x Windows 3.x was already a clear market leader and OS/2 was having an uphill struggle for its whole short life. You could run Windows apps in OS/2 - so developers didn't bother with native apps. Technologically OS/2 was streets ahead of the (non-NT) Windows but technological supremacy just does not guarantee victory.

NB - I personally used OS/2 from 2.0 to Merlin.

"Two proper OO desktops beaten by a complete pile of crap with "shortcuts" and a marketing campaign."

I have no experience of Risc OS, but Windows 95 had a better UI than what OS/2 ever came up with. (IMHO, of course)

"Just goes to show what you can do when you bribe, blackmail and commit fraud on an epic scale...."

Which bribe, blackmail and fraud cases are you speaking of?

Microsoft dusts off ancient MS-DOS 4.0 code for release on GitHub

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Re: Dos Versions that were significant or useful

"I toggled the big rocker switch on the front panel (remember that setup?)."

Uh, that's a later model with someone other than a hardware engineering team designing things. Was it a PS/2?

My first PC had the big red rocker switch on the right rear corner of the chassis so you actually had to stand up and reach to turn the thing on or off. Well, at least you couldn't just poke the power button inadvertently back then.

Encrypted email service files DMA complaint claiming it vanished from Google Search

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"Most sites will simply refuse"

Just name some known sites where this is true. If "most sites" (>50%) require this, name at least 3 if you can.

Governments issue alerts after 'sophisticated' state-backed actor found exploiting flaws in Cisco security boxes

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Re: Stop using cisco

You forgot to mention in your rant what firewall apparatus you are using now.

Microsoft really does not want Windows 11 running on ancient PCs

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Re: This whole industry is a self-licking ice cream cone

Trouble reading / understanding the link you yourself provided, or are you just moving the goal posts?

Micros~1 Account isn't mandatory to use Windows.

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Re: This whole industry is a self-licking ice cream cone

"Last I checked, an Apple ID isn’t mandatory to use macOS"

Last I checked, a Micros~1 Account isn't mandatory to use Windows either.

iPhone sales dive 19.1% in China as Huawei comeback hits Apple in the high end

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Re: Who is innovating faster?

How is that Huawei (or other PRC phones) streets ahead? Better camera, smoother UI, better builtin apps, better battery life, feels more luxurious, something else?

You mentioned the exact Huawei model but what's the iPhone model you are comparing it to?

Wing Commander III changed how the copy hotkey works in Windows 95

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Re: Multi-CD hell

"I remember FF7 (which from memory was basically a single game emulator of the PS game) seemed to need to have the disc swapped practically every time you changed location."

Let me introduce you to the slowest floppy disk drive in the world, Commodore 1541, with its 300 bps transfer rate. (remember v.21 modems?)

Combine that with Ultima V and the FOUR (4) double sided disks and a disk change EVERY time you changed location. The game was awesome - still is - but Origin included C1541 fast loader logic that didn't work with non-NTSC machines - I could have finished the game at least a year earlier...

Windows 95 support chap skipped a step and sent user into Micro-hell

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Re: Bogus

"Given that the OS in question was Windows 95, which had FAT32 as its underlying filesystem"

FAT32 support came out with Windows 95 OSR2, so it could have been FAT16 as well.

Hotel check-in terminal bug spews out access codes for guest rooms

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Re: "Accor Security, the security arm of Accor, which owns the Ibis Budget chain"

"Hotels wipe the kettle with the same rag they use to wipe the toilet."

They do? I have to find another place to wash my socks and unmentionables from now on.

PCIe 7.0 first official draft lands, doubling bandwidth yet again

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Re: No mention of the cost

"As has been said, getting Gen5 kit is still a problem."

Can't say I have had any problems with getting Gen5 kit from both HPE or Dell.

Intel's foundry business bled $7B in 2023 with more to come

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Re: But why was Foundry revenue down -31% in 2023?

"According to Reuters, Intel failed to invest in the lastest EUV fab technology and instead 'invested' in outsourcing more production."

The article says that was only last year but it was a decade+ ago when Brian Krzanich led Intel and wanted in-house developed chip making process instead of buying from ASML.

Perhaps the engineers at Intel were overconfident of their abilities and when they failed to produce sub-14nm* chips, the competition (TSMC etc) passed Intel and are far in the lead now.

*or thereabouts...

Malicious xz backdoor reveals fragility of open source

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Re: ......reveals fragility of open source

"We know 100% for sure"

No we don't.

"we can check the code"

We sure can, but how many are adept enough to understand the code? Some advanced maths in latest ciphers or what have you. Perhaps you can read code but can you prove it does exactly what it says on the label and it cannot even inadvertedly be used in nefarious ways? How long will it take to fully decipher something like the xz code in this case? Is it ANSI C or one of the later versions of C? Or some other language like Fortran? With no comments. With thousands of LOC for obsolete platforms (OpenSSL). Who has the time for this ongoing job?

How many libraries and other essential code packages are there when a typical Linux distro is compiled, and how many of them are eyeballed for every change?

Which OSS code have you checked most recently?

"FSB (KGB) found out CIA had done this and published it to show finger, or vice versa.. who knows"

This is nonsensical. It was published by a Microsoft employee.

Chrome for Windows-Arm laptops officially lands in time for Snapdragon X Elite kit

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Re: Windows Server 2008 (R2) was supported on Itanium until 2020.

"it was enough to keep Itanium support in Linux for a decade or more after Microsoft had given up"

"I’m not talking about continuing to sell the product, I’m talking about continuing to offer updates for it."

I'm not talking about sales either.

Microsoft dropped Itanium support in 2020. Until then MS offered updates for the Itanium version of Windows 2008. Linux kernel dropped Itanium with 6.7 - kernel 6.6 will be EOL in 2026.

The difference (2020-2027) in support is less than decade, so how did you come up with the 'decade or more after Microsoft had given up' quote?

Itanium failed miserably and both Linux and Windows could have dropped support even earlier for all I care...

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Re: Linux shops weren't buying Itanium boxes in droves either.

"it was enough to keep Itanium support in Linux for a decade or more after Microsoft had given up."

Plain wrong. Windows Server 2008 (R2) was supported on Itanium until 2020.

What's brown and sticky and broke this PC?

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Re: The user was left to set the time on her PC every day

My first PC didn't have a battery backed RTC. Upon every boot I was prompted for time and date. Mostly it was just 00:00, Jan 1 1980 (IIRC) becase I didn't care.

Reddit gets a call from Nokia about patent infringement ahead of going public

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Re: Reddit was started in 2005

We don't have details of the dispute. The alleged infringement can be about much more recent patent than something invented two decades ago.

Until we hear more about the intricacies in this case, deeming this an "obvious money grab" is showing some lack of forte in the logic department.

Trying out Microsoft's pre-release OS/2 2.0

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Re: Microsoft Presentation for the 1989 IBM PS/2 forum

The SIQ was very frustrating and IIRC it happened to me annoyingly often for the years I used OS/2 at home (2.1 -> Warp 4). I remember someone actually wrote a driver where you could use e.g. joystick port to reset/restart PM - the only other way was resetting the PC and losing all work. Most annoyingly I couldn't replicate this with a specific software or work pattern.

I don't think SIQ affected the sales in any meaningful way, people just didn't find use for OS/2 - all the software was for Windows (and DOS), and driver support was poor. I also remember my snappy 486/33/8 (with a reasonably fast non-SCSI hard drive) using around 4 minutes to load OS/2 2.1 desktop -- 3 minutes longer than just DOS+Windows.

Software offerings was poor all around. Things like terminal emulators for dialing into the BBS's were lacking in basic features (ANSI, Zmodem) for a long time until i found ZOC. Interestingly my 14400bps ISA modem (with crappy UART) suffered from buffer overruns under OS/2 all the way to my later Pentium box with Warp 3/4 - but when I made the move to NT4 the problems vanished - better multitasking I guess.

EU users can't update 3rd party iOS apps if abroad too long

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Re: Why does anyone buy Apple?

That's a good idea, but I don't have a Mac so can't compare...

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Re: Why does anyone buy Apple?

"Honest question — what for? You think it’s faster? Better in some way?"

Do I think it's faster? Impossible to say because 3rd party engines are not permitted on iPhone.

I certainly think Firefox browser is better than Safari on my iPhone already with features, better UI.

Apple does not have any real competition for browsers on iOS so what's their excuse of lagging on all HTML5 features, for example?

Do I and everyone else think that Safari is the best possible browser on macOS? No. Why would it be any different on iPhone?

"Do you see a lot of consumer excitement over browser engines on iOS?"

No. I do not generally interview people about their browser habits. What's your sampling size?

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Re: Why does anyone buy Apple?

has anyone actually heard an iPhone user say “I wish I could use Firefox’ rendering engine on iPhone”?

I wish I could use Firefox rendering engine on iPhone.

Safari is okay. WebKit is okay.

Perhaps you are fine with just "okay". Not all are.

We’re okay with the ‘walled garden’. If we weren’t, we would’ve held our noses and gotten Android.

I would like to use my iPhone in a way that Apple doesn't currently allow. Something really simple like setting an audio file to a ringtone is trivial with Android. Whoever is responsible for the ringtone management with iPhone should be hanged, drawn and quartered.

I'm can manage just fine with the walled garden on my iPhone because nothing exists outside of it for iPhone, but I am surely interested in changing the web browser with another engine. I am using iPhone not because it is Apple, but because it ain't Google. Apple has some things done better than Android. And vice versa.

Hold up world, HP's all-in-one print subscription's about to land, and don't forget AI PCs

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Re: Sweating assets

The pick-up rolls failed early and required replacing too often. HP even offered a free one-time DIY cardboard fix for every model.

Not picking up papers / picking several papers at the same time were the typical problems.

The redheaded stepchild in otherwise all right LaserJet 5 family.

Actually all upright HP models have been shite, perhaps because they naturally gather dust inside them. After 6L they came up with Laserjet 1100 - shite for the same reasons.

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Re: Sweating assets

"Single digit LaserJets also had the reputation of lasting forever"

Laserjet 5L and 6L were cheap shite.

Musk 'texts' Nadella about Windows 11's demands for a Microsoft account

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Re: Some elements of the operating system simply do not work

"If you have Microsoft Authenticator (required if you have corporate 365 with MFA)"

Authy and others work just fine with 365+MFA.

Microsoft catches the Wi-Fi 7 wave with Windows 11

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Re: Marketing needs to feed

"It’s just a new driver that MS happen to include in the standard build, nothing special."

It won't be just a new driver, although I suspect a Wi-Fi adapter would probably work without official OS support.

802.11be includes ability to connect simultaneously to all 2.4/5/6 GHz bands. Operating Systems expect wireless adapter to connect to a single band, so existing framework needs new code in how connectivity is reported and configured. 802.11be should come with major latency improvements so perhaps changes in the network stacks are needed as well. Certainly some work has been done with Linux kernel, and not just new drivers.

I do not understand what people have against newer gen devices and faster speeds. "640kB is enough"?

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Re: Marketing needs to feed

"How many El Reg readers have any device capable of WiFi-7? Hands up now.... Wot! No one... Quelle surprise."

What a silly remark. I don't have 400Gbit networking products at home or workplace, yet I'm quite glad the operating systems support it. Or many other advances in tech.

Linux kernel has had WiFi-7 development for 1.5 years now according to Phoronix.

Why aren't you ranting about it - because it is not Microsoft?

Persistent memory to replace DRAM, but it could take a decade

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Re: Its gonna be hard to supplant DRAM

"because persistent memory is of little use to most people"

Intel tried to sell the Xpoint memory for awhile in many configurations. The Optane NVMe drives had lowest random access latencies available but most people were already pretty happy with the move from HDD to SSD (and NVMe) that the difference wasn't worth the price difference.

The Optane NVDIMM modules are/were in a different class - the latency being something like 1 / 100th of NVMe drives. The sequential read speeds were only regular NVMe class (even if the memory bus allows way more) but write speeds were much lower.

Too bad those NVDIMM's worked only on Intel Xeon platforms, were expensive (duh!) and initially they were available in small 16/32GB modules, and you could populate maybe three of them per CPU (or per system? getting hazy...) so not that big. I think the later NVDIMM generatiosn allowed much bigger systems.

I'm sure there are applications that will greatly benefit from those super low latencies, but as you say, little use to most people.

Worried about the impending demise of Windows 10? Google wants you to give ChromeOS Flex a try

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Re: ChromeOS *is* Linux

I also recommend checking the EOL list for the Chromeos Flex. Some of those computer models have lost support last year already, many will lose support before Windows 10 is actually put to pasture, and some models actually came with Win11 which will outlast the support date in the Chromeos Flex list!

So if you only fancy a quick web browser and nothing else, then Flex could be worth a shot. Otherwise it's Linux every time.

What really irks me is that Google can't be bothered to support optical media many of those computers will have. No way to listen to CD's or watch DVD's.

I have an Android TV box that is a great HTPC. Cheap, easy to setup, easy to use even for the technophobes. I also have a lot of CD's, and films in DVD format - and a USB DVD drive - but I can't use it because Google has removed all optical support from the Linux kernel so Kodi/VLC and others cannot read the discs.

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Re: What does "stream an app" mean?

"I thought the *-365 apps were web-based and only required a subscription and a browser (like Chrome) to run?"

365 requires subscription. Companies can opt for the cheapest O365 tier, currently named "Microsoft 365 Business Basic", which only includes access to the web based applications.

In all other Company/Home tiers the users receive the full Office suite package for Windows/Mac/Android/iOS.

SAP hits brakes on Tesla company car deal

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"Warp, as in Star Trek's warp drive. Given recent delivery projections, it might have to rename it chug-a-chug-chug."

Consider Musk's attention span, they should call it the Musk Impulse Drive.

AI models just love escalating conflict to all-out nuclear war

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Re: Unsurprising....

"Usually, it ends with the AI realising that Humans are the problem.."

Can't recommend enough the Colossus novel, where the AI takes control of both US and Russian nuclear arsenal, detonates a few of them and threatens humans unless they "act nice together" under its absolute rule. A ripping yarn.

The film version is faithful to the book and well made as well. Just avoid the book sequels.

Amid Broadcom's subscription push, VMware killed a SaaS product

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"I'm in the position where I've prevented all of my VMware products connecting to t'internet just in case..."

I think that is wise for any infrastructure product, a mandatory security mitigation really.

Users now keep cellphones for 40+ months and it's hurting the secondhand market

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Re: Xiaomi Mi 9, the one with Qi charging, since March 2019, aka 58 Month.

"Satya Stupella killed Windows Phone when it just was taking off."

Quite a revisionist take there. WinPhone market was fizzling, with less and less apps was ported for it.

Micros~1 could have spent Billions more with it, but it wasn't a winning hand.

NB. I was happy with the Lumia 820 and 640 phones I used at some point. TIFKAM was better interface than what IOS or Android offered.

Satya has a good record at Micros~1 - now, his predecessor on the other hand...

After injecting cancer hospital with ransomware, crims threaten to swat patients

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Re: Brutality

"Do you know why it doesn't work as a deterrent? Because inmates gets a place to sleep, 3 meals a day, access to medical care, TV & Internet and all that FOR FREE! Make them earn their keep (not Auschwitz style but close) and you'll see some deterrent.

"The degree of civilization in a society can be judged by entering its prisons"

A place to sleep? Perhaps some vagrants do petty crimes to exit winter conditions and for a more regular meal ticket. I believe that is a very small percentage of all prisoners, however.

So, how much nutrition would AC be ready to give the inmates? Denying medical care - do you think most criminals are already paragons of health and would care? Denying TV - should the inmates also be denied of all news and entertainment as well? All those are recipe for mental issues and more violence. Any freed inmate will just cause more problems for the society when they come back with no skills, in poor health due to denied medical care and starvation, and probably bearing a grudge against everyone. Easiest course for them is to continue criminal life.

People commit capital offenses because they don't pay any thought to a possible sentence; some believe they can get away with crimes; some have the "get rich or die tryin" mentality; some are ushered to crimes by the company they are with. Some people have mental issues (psychopaths, sociopaths) and can be violent without (apparent) provocation, or are totally indifferent to other people's suffering without consideration for their own punishment. People still kill people in states where death penalty is certain.