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Businesses should dump Windows for the Linux desktop

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"You can avoid the whole online Office route right now by installing Office 2019 but expect that option to go away as soon as MS can make it disappear."

Office 2021 was launched last year.

Chromebooks are here to stay thanks to COVID, even though shipments crashed: IDC

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Re: Used by date

"Not under either of my Chromebooks."

I think some models had the date printed in the bottom. Anyway:

"Every Chrome device receives regular updates from Google until it reaches its Auto Update Expiration (AUE) date, listed below, subject to support from component manufacturers. When a device reaches AUE, automatic software updates from Google will no longer be provided."

Ref: https://support.google.com/chrome/a/answer/6220366

"Since I started using them, I have watched and awful lot of Wintel lappies die the obsolescence death."


I'm typing this on my Win8 era laptop, and the (free) Windows 10 is still getting the monthly updates. It won't be getting Windows 11 (due to Micros~1 planned obsolescence...) but unless the hardware dies, it will have had way over 10 years of service life. HP ended BIOS updates stopped 2 years ago, so there is that, but wouldn't call it obsolete just yet.

Star Trek's Nichelle Nichols closes hailing frequencies

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Not just Star Trek

Outside of Star Trek universe I can only name one other title she was in, Truck Turner. Saw the film uh, 25 years ago or so and still remember it fondly.

Nichelle played a really tough bitch, pimping (!) her harem of prostitutes, check the trailer.

Not a high quality blaxploitation picture but fast paced, jiving + high fiving, outrageously good times. And proper music score as well.

Battle of the retro Unix desktops: NsCDE versus CDE

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Re: RAM usage

"For early '90s my monitor could do 1600x1200 but my computers could only do two colours at that resolution."

That was due to lack of graphics memory on you adapter. 640x480x256 (8-bit) is just 300kB, so perhaps you had only 512kB on your card? A low-cost Trident 8900 ISA card in my 286 PC had 1MB onboard RAM so I could use 1024x768x256 graphics.

Anyway, OP wrote "some time around Y2K", not early 90s.

My 22" Samsung 1200nf from 2001 (?) had 2048x1536@75Hz resolution (almost unusable); Sony GDM-W900 and (later on) FW900 were the ones everyone drooled after but they were ludicrously expensive.

2048x1536 with 32-bit color depth equals 12MB, so my late 90's era 16GB Nvidia TNT card could output it, but the limitations of analog output and the less than perfect geometry of that CRT with only 75Hz produced a picture that wasn't satisfying. (also, any 3D gaming like Half-Life wasn't anywhere near playable at that resolution)

Micron's 232-layer NAND is a game changer for database workloads

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Re: Bring back non-volatile mother-boards?

Persistent memory is already available: NVDIMM.

Russia fines Google $374 million for letting the truth about Ukraine be told

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Re: Gosh, really ?

"When you further take into account the language background of that area and the recent laws passed by Kiev making life much more difficult, is it really so hard to understand why you would want to not be part of the country that is making your life a misery."

In Kiev you can call the Russian attack a war. In Russia you'll get several years of jail for such grave offence.

Duma is about to pass a law where any talk about non-heterosexual relationships cannot be presented in positive or neutral light. Talk about trampling people's rights. Ukraine doesn't seem to have problems with human rights unlike Russia that continues all the bad Soviet traditions.

"Also if you live in England you have the most dishonest government"

No. I'm Finn living in Finland, as I've earlier stated here. Perhaps your team members failed to pass you the notes...?

BUT, earlier on you wrote that you live in England. Now your wording says you are somewhere else.

It would be much easier for you to converse here if you didn't have to remember all the earlier lies.

"Really, that's you saying Boris Johnson"

I've said nothing about BJ. Perhaps you're mistaking me for someone else on another forum?

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Re: Gosh, really ?

"It was reported in Ukrainian Media - so totally impartial unbiased sources with no dog in the fight"

It happened in Ukraine, so of course it was reported in Ukrainian media.

Of course, if it was posted in any reputable western media you would call it biased as well, unsurprisingly.

"A lot of rubbish is reported, but the people clearly have spent a lot of time trying to keep the LPR/DPR idea alive for a referendum you claim was rigged."

The whole world knows the referendums were rigged. Only Russia, Syria and North Korea (!) recognise the LPR/DPR as sovereign states, the rest of the world does not. Syrian government in power exists only because Russia supports them, so tit-for-tat there. Norks - who cares what they think in these matters.

I posted a link to OSCE where the referendum was described as total bollocks. You too have posted links to their site so you are also considering it a reputable site.

I'm done with you.

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Re: Gosh, really ?

"The referendum took place, that's what the link shows."

No. The link shows that a totally bogus referendum took place and Russia instated just another puppet state similar to Abkhazia and South Ossetia.

"The people living there voted, they don't care what you or the yanks, or I for that matter think."

Yanks had nothing to do with it. It was the imperialistic Russia that dictated from start to finish how the referendum took place.

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Re: Gosh, really ?

"This is rubbish, the people living there have a right to self determination, the referendum was said to be fair"


Are you just betting that people won't bother checking your links?

The day before the referendum, it was reported in Ukrainian media that a group of pro-Russian separatists in possession of a 100,000 ballots already marked with a 'yes' vote for the referendum were captured during the ongoing government "anti-terrorist" operation, and that the ballots were seized by government forces. Local news reported that polling in some occupied schools had already begun a day in advance.

A campaign of intimidation, beatings, and hostage taking has forced many pro-Ukrainian activists and known opponents of secession to Russia to flee the region, leaving the referendum to take place without any dissent or opposing voices

That referendum was the complete opposite of fair and you know it.

OSCE Parliamentary Assembly president calls for cancellation of ‘absurd’ referendums in eastern Ukraine

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Re: The court also claimed some material promoted extremism and/or terrorism

"So what your saying is the parts of the world that occupied the other parts of the world, are doing better than the places they bombed the shit out of, and occupied for hundreds of years in some cases."


I was replying to Eel's accusation of the lack of freedom of press in the 'Western World' and showed that it is not a concern here in Finland. Or in the Scandinavia. Or most parts of the West anyway.

Your article is just showing that the press can publish all sorts of critical editorials and news here. Thanks for the confirmation!

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Re: Gosh, really ?

As of 22 June 2022, the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) recorded 10,465 civilian casualties in Ukraine

"Which is far fewer than say, the 650,000 or so civilians killed during the Iraq war(s). Or the 176,000 or so in Afghanistan."

So you're comparing 4 months of Russian assault to the (wrong*) total of a 20-year war in Afghanistan?

*That 176,000 in the Wikipedia article about War in Afghanistan is the total loss of life, including forces from all sides. The same source for that 176,000 state that there were about 46000 civilian deaths.

Extrapolating this 4 months to 20 years - we're way past those figures and closer to Soviet-Afghan war that lasted 9 years. Soviets lost 14,500 personnel during that war, and they've already (probably) lost as many in the last 5 months.

Life in Soviet Union was cheap and this continues into the current Russian era.

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Re: Gosh, really ?

"Uhuh. You know wiki isn't a reliable source?

Which part of the article was not reliable to you?

Either the KH-22 a) was aimed at the shopping mall, or b) it is very inaccurate, or c) both.

Which one is it?

"Ukraine used to operate Kh-22, then probably sold them."

No. Trying to muddy the waters some more?

That KH-22 Wikipedia page contains a link to a Russian aviation industry website article dated 2006 where the disposal of all Ukrainian KH-22 missiles and the Tupolev bomber fleet is detailed. The only launch platforms for this missile are select Tupolev bombers which only Russia uses.

I'm sure you can read that website more easily than the Finnish press websites I asked earlier.

"Curious why you think a missile designed to hit a carrier or other large warship is 'highly inaccurate' though. It uses INS, just like a Tomahawk, and we've fired plenty of those around the world."

Let me satisfy your curiosity then. I'm afraid you already revealed your lack of knowledge on this field when comparing Tomahawks and KH-22's. They have the same usual missile shape, I grant you.

KH-22 only has an inertial guidance system, and a radar homing system for the last moments. The inertial guidance is prone to drift. Drift happens in all missiles and aircraft, not just Russian ones.

The sea is usually quite level and a big lump of metal in the middle of it is for that radar homing part. Doesn't matter if the drift was say, 50m - 100m, by then the radar homing takes over and corrects the misguidance.

Obviously this doesn't work in an urban area. Separating a shopping mall from a railways for a 60-year old radar technology is impossible. Probably impossible for even latest radar tech.

Tomahawks have INS, but they also have military grade GPS, and they are also loaded with terrain maps as well for more accurate hits. KH-22 in its 60-year history has not received guidance upgrades. They were already mothballed in early 2000's but reinstated for the Ukraine war.

"The West only uses 'precision' weapons, Russia uses 'indiscriminate' weapons."

Russia has more precise missiles for land operations than these KH-22's which are more effective for ships as I just explained to you in detail.

I don't have any rational reasons for Russias ongoing usage of them.

Maybe all newer missiles exist only on paper but the funds ended up on someones superyacht or dacha.

Or perhaps there's just a surplus of 10k missiles with no navy to shoot them at, so why not use them even if the chance for collateral damage is big.

"But you're also making the mistake of assuming the mall was the target. Not the large factory or anything in the rail yards behind it. Which is actually where the missile struck."

There were two missiles. Not one. The other hit the shopping center, verified by multiple people already. The aftermath pictures of the shopping center are there for all to see.

"Or why, if there were 1,000 people in the mall and there was a direct hit by a 1,000kg warhead, there were so few casualties."

Only in Russia 20 casualties are "so few". Human life was cheap in Soviet Union and that hasn't changed in modern Russia.

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Re: The court also claimed some material promoted extremism and/or terrorism

"Err.. Ok. Except I'm not Finnish [...] Can't read Finnish"

So you're trying to weasel out of this?

You made the claim "No democratic Western government would manipulate the 'free press'".

The burden of proof is on you.

Looking at the Press Freedom Index, it's the 'Western World' that is leading the rest of the pack in press freedom. Things are never 100% perfect anywhere, but your justifying Russian oppression against independent press is plain pitiful.

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Re: The court also claimed some material promoted extremism and/or terrorism

"Then there's media censorship, which is of course 'fake news'. No democratic Western government would manipulate the 'free press'. Read all about that in RT, or Sputnik. Oh, wait.. they're blocked to those without a VPN."

I can read RT.COM just fine without VPN here in Finland. Russia has however denied access to most of our media, and they need VPN to access our online newspapers.

Please give me examples how the Finnish government has manipulated our press. If you cannot, I'd like to call you a liar from now on.

"I expect to collect more thumbs down"

Happy to oblige. See icon.

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Re: Gosh, really ?

"As for the rest, obviously Putin soo hates Ukrainian music that he ordered the deliberate targetting of a concert hall. But that's really the problem with a lot of the Ukrainian/Western propaganda. It makes no military sense to waste expensive missiles on concert halls or shopping malls."

Yet they do it! Nobody claims that kleptocracy would be efficient.

Russian operatives have been disastrous from the beginning. Incredible waste of soldiers, tanks and other armored vehicles - not because of the materiel, but the way the were lead into their destruction by weak command and things like unencrypted communications (in 2022) leading to shelling of Russian command posts.

The tank columns without support were easy pickings for Ukrainian forces. I'm sure you've seen the videos. The sinking of Moskva, their 40+ years old Soviet Union era flag ship showed how sad state the Russian navy is in.

This is not due to Russia not funding their armed forces, but because a lot of that money ends up lining the pockets of the Oligarchs running the war machine.

"Or perhaps the missiles were old stock, after all the one allegedly aimed at the shopping mall"

It is not alleged. The missile was identified as KH-22, and only Russia operates them. This is a Soviet era (again!) highly inaccurate anti-ship missile and therefore "it makes no military sense to waste expensive missiles on concert halls or shopping malls", yet they use them.

Are you really claiming that all those residential buildings, shopping malls, schools and others hit with Russian missiles were all accidentally misaimed, and Russian forces have not deliberately aimed at them?

"You may also want to look into media & political repression, inlcuding assassinations that have been going on inside Ukraine since 2014. There's a reason it's considered the most corrupt country in Europe..)"

What exactly are you trying to justify with these sentences?

Oh yeah, Russia is even worse than Ukraine according to the Transparency report. Russia is just above Myanmar and below Togo. Nice company.

Apple forgoes cooling systems in M2 MacBook Air

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Re: The title is no longer required.

"The accelerometer is so the laptop can tell it's falling and park the"

It's there so that Apple Genius Bartenders can evade warranty claims. "too many G forces!"

iPhones have the water damage indicators for the same purpose.

North Koreans spotted harassing SMBs with malware

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Re: Fix

"Why don't Microsoft pull themselves together and fixes these security holes?"

Which holes? No mention of Micros~1 holes in the article.

Dmitry Rogozin sacked as boss of Russian space agency Roscosmos

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Re: When it comes to unhinged....

"When it comes to unhinged....we've got those Ruskis well beat."

Looking at what people are spouting in Duma, what Medvedev has stated about Ukraine and how Russia jailing opposition for calling the war on Ukraine a war, I think you are mislead - or more likely - trying to mislead.

"That said, the continual dissing of everything Russian and Chinese in the western media is seriously tiring -- we tend to make a very big deal of every flaw we can find in 'them' while completely overlooking anything naff that comes from 'us'."

Name a few positive news from Russia from the last week. Should be easy then.

If you had any visibility to the Russian state controlled media (=all media), they are doing dissing everything Western. Are you not tired of that? And if/when they cant find anything to diss, Russian media are just inventing stuff.

Dev's code manages to topple Microsoft's mighty SharePoint

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I never understood why anybody bought sharepoint.

I think most smaller companies that use(d) Sharepoint just installed the free Windows SharePoint Services (later on renamed Sharepoint Foundation) that was a component within Windows Server or could be downloaded from Micros~1 website. Simple to initially setup - although the management and troubleshooting has never been! Free versions of Sharepoint are not available anymore.

The free Sharepoint was adequate for file sharing, creating lists and forms, and MS Office had built-in support for working with SP sites and files, but it was a lite version of what Micros~1 wanter to sell to the bigger organisations.

"It's a bad clone of some free open source Wiki software, except it doesn't work properly, and you have to pay for it."

It's the integration with Office and Windows that sure beats Wiki. I don't think SPS is so much used for internal websites but more for file sharing, questionnaire forms and such, it is quite customisable. The Sharepoint folder structures can be easily synced to your PC's.

I'm not advocating Sharepoint and I have a strong dislike to the HTML interface, but I can see why it is used in many companies. Purely for document management in all its glory I would choose something else, M-Files for example.

FYI: BMW puts heated seats, other features behind paywall

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Re: I don't really see the problem

"In addition, it's become a rare thing over the years for people to custom order a new car - most now buy something off the lot that meets their requirements."

Citation needed - unless you meant buying a used car.

Driving a new car off the lot is unlikely because of supply chain problems. Last time I bought a new car (2019), I would have faced several months to just get a new Toyota no matter how I would have spec'd it, because of their 'Just In Time' process. The car would be built, painted and trimmed at the factory with whatever components you order, and AFAIK it doesn't really matter (time wise) what factory options you choose as long as they don't run out of components.

What I've read and heard, delivery times are much longer than before 2020 due to COVID.

Watch a RAID rebuild or go to a Christmas party? Tough choice

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Re: At least you got a warning!

customer who screamed "Why did you do a RAID0! Now my data is lost!"

I once had a small customer who spec'd the cheapest Proliant ML310 server with two IDE (or SATA?) drives and insisted on RAID0 despite protests from me and my colleagues. I ended up honouring the request for RAID0, but I also slipped a note inside the server for future administrators to show it was the customer's idea!

the RAID controller silently switch to RAID0 instead of raising an alarm

Sounds made up so must be true! Which vendor/controller was this? Name and Shame please.

Indian tax authorities raid offices of Chinese smartphone maker Vivo

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Re: Gold?

"The gold was just resting on my account"

Calls for bans on Chinese CCTV makers Hikvision, Dahua expand

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"There is a reason Hikvision are used by a great many people, companies and local authorities - because their products are pretty damned good at what they do."

Hikvision are used because the cameras are very cheap and retailed at many shops and smaller companies specialising in security camera installations had an easy upgrade path from older coax cameras because they could just plug cameras and DVR's into company networks and it was instantly visible with the camera app through internet, due to UPNP and the DVR's transferring all the data through manufacturers own systems for easy access. Maybe with default credentials as well. Scary shit but most small companies don't know better. Or care.

Both Hikvision and Dahua products have been assimilated into botnets due to their vulnerabilities.

The hardware itself isn't anything peculiar - like with any other cameras the IQ is all about the image sensor and optics, and with interchangeable optics it's only the CCD that matters.

I looked at Dahuas about 5 years ago last time, and their only solution to use the DVR's with a web browser was via Internet Explorer and an unsigned Active-X plugin! Also, all communications with the NVR was unencrypted, so you could just sniff the credentials.

If you need to replace legacy (coax) camera systems, the Dahua HDCVI cameras are incredible value for money, and a drop-in replacement for getting FullHD, because CAT cabling would be expensive or even impossible with >100m runs. (ethernet over coax extenders do exist, however)

Dahua NVR's have contained hard coded credentials.

These CCTV products should only be used in closed circuits (=separate VLAN with no internet access and firewalled), and then they're secure(-ish) to use, but the usability will still be poor.

Of course, no matter what the manufacturer is, you should always separate security cameras in their own VLANs.

The App Gap and supply chains: Purism CEO on what's ahead for the Librem 5 USA

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Re: Asterisk @sergio

That's some good sleuthing there, thank you!

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Re: Asterisk @sergio

"So much for Made in USA then, huh?"

...are we reading the same article?

'The main printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) is made by Purism in the US, and its microprocessor, from Dutch semiconductor maker NXP, is also made stateside.'

HPE unveils Arm-based ProLiant server for cloud-native workloads

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''No doubt after receiving a big brown envelope with Something Inside''

Those HP moonshots (and probably the Dell equivalents) were aimed at big server farms where lower power ARM's could have mattered. Most likely not enough were sold so HP canned the line. These things happen even without conspiracies.

ARM has matured a lot since then and these new Proliants are actually something you can attach into a regular 19" rack instead of having to first buy a special 19" chassis those older SL servers required. The bar for evaluation and actual installations is now much lower for ordinary businesses.

Misguided call for a 7-Zip boycott brings attention to FOSS archiving tools

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Re: I like 7Zip.

"How many did the West kill and murder in Iraq based on lies?"

Accepting that Russia is killing and murdering based on lies is a good start for you.

You can't defend Russia because its position is undefendable.

Your comment is a fallacy. Should Russia be allowed to do anything they please because USA something-something-smallpox-blankets-something in its own bloody history?

I live in the west of Russia but my country didn't have anything to do with Iraq war. The west is more than USA, as you well know it. My critique of Russia as a Finnish citizen is not borne out of care for USA but for the deplorable actions of Putin and his cabal.

Cisco quits Moscow

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"he's following the NATO's example: "we" were the first to seize private assets of Russian people here with the sole reason for being Russians."

It all started when Russia started to seize Ukrainian soil back in 2014 and extending the operation this year.

Internet Explorer 11 limps to the end of Windows 10 road

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Re: "to help keep those internal legacy business applications alive"

"The windows server version of ie doesn't support much beyond plain text files though."

Windows Servers have the same IE as their non-servers counterparts have.

Windows Servers since 2003 had have the IE Enhanced Security Configuration enabled which severely limits IE in every way. ESC can be disabled and while I still wouldn't use it for web browsing, it should be perfectly sufficient for any old business application that require IE.

Sandtitz Silver badge

"to help keep those internal legacy business applications alive"

"Edit: Oh, my bad. Turns out they aren't. Just killing it and recommending Chrome's rendering engine as a replacement."

Death of IE was announced year ago, but the writing has been on the wall for quite some time longer. Shouldn't come as a surprise. Migration from IE-only applications should have started a decade ago - if not earlier.

Many companies have a lot of legacy stuff that only work with DOS, XP, Win7; or Flash, ActiveX, or a specific (old) Java version. You need to deal with the fact that most software/hardware has an EOL date in the future. As your systems are already(!) microsegmented and proper access control is in place, you just publish the old stuff via e.g. Citrix/RemoteApp or dedicate firewalled workstations for the work.

With IE you can still use the IE Mode in Edge. If it doesn't work, IE is still supported in Windows Server versions and LTSC.

Linux Mint adopts Timeshift from overworked original developer

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"Why do you need a dishwasher? When mine broke, I just smeared soap on my penis and used it to clean my dishes; they may not get as clean as before, but now I save time masturbating!"

Just be careful with the cheese grinder...

Taser maker offers electric-shock drones to stop school shootings

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I think there was a similar episode in Galaxy Express 999 as well...

Declassified and released: More secret files on US govt's emergency doomsday powers

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Re: Might is right, in other words

"There won't be any cities left. See The Day After movie."

The Day After? For further realism I'd also recommend watching Planet of The Apes and Whoops Apocalypse.

Oracle really does owe HPE $3b after Supreme Court snub

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Re: Happy Days

"Just put the console on the VSP and then you don't need the adv iLO license."

Not the same thing at all.

Advanced license allows enables mounting virtual media with which you can do the OS installation into a blank server, or you can boot into SPP and such without a need to visit the server room. The console may be handy if you lose connectivity to the server, although you can use it for short periods (1 min?) at a time before you get the license errors.

Advanced license also allows LDAP logins and the federation feature is handy if you have more than a handful of Proliants, although there are other ways of monitoring and updating the servers, e.g. ILO Amplifier.

For a one-time need you can get a 60-day trial license from HPE.

Microsoft adds unscheduled breaks to most certification exams

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Re: As with all exams

"Relationship to the real world ? What has that got to do with anything ?"

The same can be said of schooling.

Samsung unveils hardened SD card that can last 16 years if you treat it right

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Re: capable of surviving a five-meter fall

Perhaps Samsung test guys only had access to a single story building, and couldn't get higher?

In vacuum a 5m drop means a terminal velocity of 35 km/h which would be quite a bump for the card.

Russian media watchdog bans Google from advertising its services

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Re: Fascism 101 @Steve Button

OK I'll bite.



You are calling for more mask wearing, but you offer no evidence that they work.

Sorry. I'm not saying there is a 100% protection. Similarly I don't expect seat belts and airbags to save people in all sorts of crashes. This study from February 2022 found that even cloth masks lower the odds of contracting the virus by 50%, and the surgical/N95 masks lowered the chance even further.

I wouldn't normally quote Sky News, but they have a collection of scientific studies about wearing the mask.

I also found a Danish study finding that masks didn't help the wearer.

In any case, the masks have another function - infected people wearing them are less likely to infect others.

"I think you may be suffering from heuristic driven biases, bearing in mind what you are hearing from hospitals."

Perhaps I should mention here that I am from Finland and I'm not that aware the situation in UK hospitals.

"The data just don't agree with your assertion. Hospitals can't both be all at full capacity and treating well under half the Covid patients they were last summer... unless it's caused by the backlog, which in turn was caused by the lockdowns (and basically telling people to stay away from hospital)"

The patients numbers and Covid cases have grown a lot lately in Finland, perhaps because the restriction in restaurants, (night) clubs and such were gradually and the fully lifted. The latest Omicron (?) variant is reportedly less lethal and more of a case of influenza. People stay home unless they need hospital care. The graph on UK doesn't look much different from us...

Our hospitals have many times more patients than they did in 2020 or 2021 at any point. Mangled through Google translator, this page shows the Finnish hospital status and the number of hospitalised and dead has grown steadily since last summer. (the controls won't work and the translation isn't perfect, sorry)

"I guess he wouldn't have been so pleased if that lab was funded by the US? Looks like there's plenty of blame to go around when the other shoe finally drops."


Experience, yes. I'm yet to see any facts, just opinion so far. Which is fair enough, as that's all I'm able to provide and mine just happens to be different from yours.

We agree to disagree then. :)

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Re: Fascism 101 @Steve Button

"I really don't have time (or energy) to go back through all your points in detail."

A pity. You did after all appear incredulous as to why someone would disagree with your post.

"Lockdowns didn't "work" in the sense they have caused more harm, on balance, compared to the benefits."

First of all, you wrote that the "lockdowns didn't work at all". Now you're just writing about mis-balanced government reaction to this.

You are entitled to an opinion, and it looks like that "didn't work at all" was just an opinion, not based on facts.

Lockdowns always caused harm to business, the economy and people in many ways. It also created/acceleratoed new types of business around remote working, deliveries, healthcare and whatnot. And also saved lives as I earlier said about not flooding hospitals by lessening their burden.

The virus outbreak was causing mass deaths from the beginning and it was not understood immediately. Better safe than sorry? There's a good Wiki article on lockdowns, with pros and cons.

"Who promised the you couldn't catch or spread the virus? Faucci, Gates and Boris + many many others. It's all on YouTube with clips of them saying exactly that. I can't find the clip any more, perhaps it's been taken down as "misinformation"

Every one of them on the same clip? Fishy. Fauci saying anything like that? Not happening - he's an immunologist with a Doctor of Medicine degree and seems to know what's he's saying. Plenty of people seem to have hatred against Fauci, so you may have watched a fake video.

In fact, it is easy to dispute Fauci saying something like that when there is plenty of evidence to the contrary.

Here's Fauci telling Congress that 'There’s no guarantee that the vaccine is actually going to be effective'. Similar Fauci quotes are plentiful.

I'm not sure of Gates' credentials, but Boris is a politician and facts don't seem to be his strongest forte. Policitians excel at promising things, not delivering on them. Similarly Trump downplayed the Covid outbreak for a long time and played his own political games to his own gain.

"About the Lab Leak theory, there's a great article in Vanity Fair (yes, really) which has plenty of references to respected sources, if you can be bothered to read it...."

I bothered. If you also bothered to read that long wall of text, then you'd easily bother replying to my messages.

The article speaks poorly of that Mr. Daszak and the Ecohealth nonprofit, shady working all around, but provides no smoking gun.

Trump administration would have been delighted if the the "Chinese virus", as Trump put it, to have actually been a man-made virus by the Chinese military. He claimed evidence of how it started in a Chinese lab, right after the Director of National Intelligence (Trump appointed Richard Grenell) said the virus not believed to be man-made or genetically modified. I'm pretty sure if there was reasonably high probability evidence to the contrary, it would have been flouted by Trump. Didn't happen.

"I would love to spend all day arguing back and forth about this (not really) but I'm exhausted from doing this for nearly two years, with people whose argument always boils down to "whatever the government says, that's the right thing"

You have read me wrong. I'm not arguing for the government here. I'm speaking from facts and my own experience. My wife's a registered nurse and still doing overtime work at the hospital Corona ward. For the third year now.

While Covid patients are not necessarily as severe as they were 2 years ago, the hospitals are still running at full capacity because lockdowns are no more and people are less careful with wearing masks, hygiene or keeping their distance.

Are you against all sort of government control - during pandemic or otherwise? Is your liberty worth more than others?

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Re: Fascism 101

"I'm not sure why anything I said was wrong, and I'm not sure why it got so many thumbs down."

Let's see.

"Saying lockdowns didn't work at all? (they just didn't)"

Of course they did work. Obviously, they didn't end the virus, but they allowed for hospitals to better deal with the number of patient who required intensive care. There are a finite number of intensive care rooms/locations for patients. Most required respiratory devices which are/were not available at quantities needed.

There are also a finite number of nurses and doctors to care for the patients. Around the world the personnel have had to work a lot of extra hours with inevitable burnouts.

Also, letting the virus run rampant in millions of people makes it easier for the virus to mutate into something else. This has happened a few dozen times already.

China is really tough on the lockdowns NOW, but had they locked down Wuhan back in 2019 when the fatalities started to pile up, perhaps the virus could have been quarantined and there would have been no pandemic. Impossible to say.

"Even now, saying that the vaccines are nowhere near as good as we were originally promised? (they don't stop you catching or spreading it)."

Uh, who promised that you couldn't catch or spread the virus?

The vaccines were rushed in a fraction of time due to the ongoing pandemic. No doubt a normal, longer clinical testing phase on all of them would have made them better.

There have been several studies on the Covid vaccines. In all cases it has been found to be way more safe for a person to contract the virus when they have had vaccination.

"Or stories of "lab leak theory" being labelled as conspiracy and misinformation, when it's actually looking quite likely."

Why do you say it is quite likely?

I think it is quite unlikely. I'll back my statement with references as soon as you show yours.

Ericsson pulls out of Russia 'indefinitely' to protest war in Ukraine

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Re: Where was Ericsson during the war against Iraq?

Guys, stop feeding the trolls.

Voice Of Truth directly translates to голос правды, "golos pravdy".

Golospravdy.eu (coincidence?) is another misinformation site telling how Ukraine is a neonazi state and the Russians are there to save the day with their Weapons of Peace. Handily for non-Russian speakers the pages offer machine translations, so don't just take my word for it.

There was a popular Soviet saying "Pravda has no truth and Izvestia has no news". Izvestia was the the other Soviet government mouthpiece and you can guess what the word means...

China accused of cyberattacks on Indian power grid

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Finnish govt websites knocked down as Ukraine President addresses MPs

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Re: Amazing

Finland has had rather minimal part in colonialism of any kind - whether in the Americas or Africa.

So, why are you bringing the whole western world to the conversation to justify Russia's war agains Ukraine and their hostile rhetoric against Finland and other countries.

Google must pay €150 million fine to French Competition Authority, court orders

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Re: Gibmedia

"Has anyone actually been to their web site? It's basically an anti-google."

What's wrong being anti-google?

Happy birthday Windows 3.1, aka 'the one that Visual Basic kept crashing on'

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It was called DMF format, and reduced the amount of disks by 15% (roughly). Less disks to duplicate, faster install, smaller packaging. In theory at least. Perhaps even stopped someone from pirating Windows but there was nothing to stop copying the CD contents anyway.

I recall Windows 95 was more often installed from a CD drive anyway so you just needed a working DOS installation to update, or just use the boot disk since Win95 CD wasn't bootable. NT4 in 1996 was (AFAIK) the first bootable Windows CD and back then not every computer supported booting from CD anyway.

Similary, IBM had already debuted with their own, even higher density, XDF floppy format, and OS/2 Warp installation disks were XDF formatted disks, a year before Windows 95 was released. IBM also released the OS/2 Fixpacks as XDF images.

I always thought the DOS 720KB/1.44MB format was quite wasteful when the same disks could hold more data with an Amiga or Apple system. Back then 2M and fdformat made some sense as long as you understood that there were reliability and incompatibility problems.

Russia bans foreign software purchases for critical infrastructure

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Re: Don't write those Russkies off just yet...

Wow. Makes even the rotoscoped 1978 Bakshi version look great in comparison.

So, how about those rip-off Asylum films?

Russia, Iran, Saudi Arabia are top sources of online misinformation

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Re: Russian "Z" is the new "卐"

"The Belorussian President revealed a Russian invasion plan"

No, he didn't.

The video showed something that was already underway or was thought possible since 2014. Nothing was actually revealed. Lukashenko is an illegitimate dictator, but stupid he is not.

Russian devs plan alternative Android app store after Google Play bans paid apps

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Re: The proletariat

Putin is already facing general unrest due to his invasion of Ukraine. Contributing to this unrest is a good thing.

The unrest has been mitigated by throwing people into jail by the thousands. Because all (credible) opposition leaders were either jailed or murdered, there is no orchestrated effort for mass protests, and a small group or a single protester is easy pickings for the National Guard.

Majority of Russians support Putin in the latest polls. The actual numbers are of course not as high as reported because people are wary of saying wrong words.

I wouldn't hold my breath for any sort of unrest in Russia that would change the government. More likely an internal power struggle could cause a coup. Putin and his cadre's standard of living is unlikely to change but the oligarchs, officers and others can't just pop for a 5-star skiing holiday in Switzerland anymore.

Intel updates ATX PSU specs, eyes PCIe 5.0 horizon

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The article mentions a 'telemery pin' which probably means a new connector.

Is it optional? I haven't read the specs, please do and report back.

The 6/8/12 -pin GPU connectors are specified to deliver 75W/150W/500W, and the new specs call for a 600 watt connector, so yeah, it will most likely require a new connector as well.


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