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Windows 11 comes bearing THAAS, Trojan Horse as a service

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"The browser became part of the OS with Exploder via a service pack (and it silently installed itself with AOL).

No experience with AOL, but sounds like AOL wanted to make getting online as easy as possible to gain a big user base. I think it worked pretty well.

I remember the ISP CD's carried Netscape installers, with Winsock and other software as well.

Back then (mid-90s) most people knew nothing about Internet except they wanted to get online for web and mail with their v.32bis (or slower) modems. That's 1.5 kb/s. Most people had zero means of downloading a browser without a browser. (I had the same problem way earlier with my first modem and no terminal software)

"Embedding the browser (an application, remember) into the kernel is nothing short of both stupid and evil."

Why do you think the browser resides in kernel?

"Bill Gates famously said that using any browser other than IE should be very painful and that was one of the things that got them into trouble."

[citation needed]

I don't remember having any problems using Navigator/Communicator/Opera back in the 1990s under Windows 9x/NT. Except for crashes every now and then. (happened with IE4/5 as well)

"The OS should provide services for any application designed to run on top of it.

So, which OS encompasses this purist philosophy of yours, a barebones kernel with simple shell? DOS?

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"What the frack is it doing on a default install of a consumer OS, for that matter? If gamers want it, let gamers install it."

You can apply that same argument against every OS since they have components that are not needed by *everyone*.

"Of course, you can't even uninstall it. You can turn the "gaming features" off in Settings, if you know how, but you can't remove them. Nothing in the "Windows features" list for it."

Apparently, your Google-Fu needs more work.

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Re: Xbox Game Bar

"Yes, but what the frack is it doing ON A SERVER OS."

Huh, which Server OS comes with the game bar?

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"What business does a web browser (edge), a business communications platform (teams), and a games store (Xbox game bar) have in an operating system??"

Let's take a look at this curious question.

The web browser is there because everyone uses a browser. Every OS comes with one. Why do you see this as a problem?

Teams is there mostly for Microsoft's benefit. They're trying to win this communications war just like all the other players are trying to foist their products. Teams apparently has a daily active usage of 145 Million users and the number of users is still likely growing since the number has doubled in a year. Microsoft is of course catering to those people as well.

An app store is found in Android, iOS, MacOS - Linux distros have had repos predating all these stores. I fail to see the problem.

Xbox Game Bar has nothing to do with the store, sounds like you have no knowledge of Windows or what the Game Bar is. Not that it has ever ruled out strong opinions...

in any case, Windows is a multipurpose operating system and apart from game consoles, it's the PC Operating System that games are primarily developed for. Because Micros~1 supports gaming, the Game Bar is there. I have used the screen recorder several times to app use how-to videos and such.

So there. Of course, if you don't like some of those applications, you're free to not use them. Every OS comes with software you nor I never use.

Northern Train's ticketing system out to lunch as ransomware attack shuts down servers

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Re: One Needs To Ask

How important are Northern Trains to the UK's infrastructure to be targeted like this?

It doesn't have to be targeted at all. Could be a fully or semi-automated process, such as:

- Malware such as Cryptolocker is mass mailed to millions and someone at Flowbird/NT managed to execute the malware.

- All the public IP's are constantly scanned and a vulnerability in a (web)server / router / firewall has allowed the malware installation. Due to poor security practices the vulnerable machine has managed to infect other systems, the backend servers or even those ticket vending machines.

The railway infrastructure is not affected at all, NT just couldn't sell tickets.

Windows 10 to hang on for five more years with 21H2 update

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Re: They will have to support Windows 10 for longer than five years

Bah, I'm not expecting people to replace their Windows OS with Linux, or expecting (year-of-)Linux-on-the-desktop to happen anytime soon. Perhaps the old ;'-D smiley should have been included.

But I did notice that you...didn't answer my question.

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Re: They will have to support Windows 10 for longer than five years

"They will have to support Windows 10 for longer than five years"

They may support, but they don't really have to. Does consumer protection anywhere require support that long?

Also, your posting history kinda makes you a Linux proponent - I fail to understand why you're putting pressure on Microsoft to support their products *longer*?

To paraphrase Woody Allen: "The food here is terrible. - Yes and the portions are too small!"

Shouldn't you be salivating on the coming deluge of new Linux users?

"Given that some PCs only a few years old won't be able to run Windows 11 due to the TPM 2.0 requirement."

Oh, I can easily find online new consumer computers without TPM. Just seek the cheapest Lenovo Ideapads with AMD Athlon CPUs. Probably all other vendors are also selling bargain bin models without a TPM chip.

The coming of Wi-Fi 6 does not mean it's time to ditch your cabled LAN. Here's why

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Re: LinkSys VELOP and WIFI 6 - Yep. It doesn't work!

"So, i did the research, and purchased one Linksys Velop MX5300 and two MX4200s for 'whole home mesh' with WiFi6. The units were in direct line of sight, ten feet from each other, in the same spots as the Google WIFI boxes had been. It didn't work."

The only mesh network I've had to setup was with another el-cheapo manufacturer .ac product line , but all those AP's needed to be linked to each other first with a mobile app and reading in QR codes from each unit. The mesh network works very well, with 2 in the main building and one in garage, and one in a guest cabin.

Perhaps your setup missed that linking part?

Also, "10 feet" and "direct line of sight" is just insane and asking for trouble!

I don't have cabling at home, just a central 4G/802.11ac router and and extra DD-WRT repeater on another part of the house. Cabling would be better, but I can't be bothered.

Microsoft names Chinese group as source of new attack on SolarWinds

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Re: Rarer than unicorns?

"Not out of the box. Potentially, if flashed with DD-WRT"

A few years ago Buffalo sold routers with DD-WRT pre-installed. Perhaps others as well?

DD-WRT lacks any sort of autoupdate mechanism and the all guidance instructs resetting the device to factory defaults when updating and reseting all the options. Which is a major pain. Most commercials home routers usually retain their settings even after major version updates.

Paper Tiger Lake? El Reg gets its talons on the first Intel Core i7 Honor MagicBook 14

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Re: Civ XI !!!!

"I'm still playing V."

I'm still trying to conquer the original on the harder levels...

I remember having to wait the for the game to process on my 286 (back then), also the Playstation I version was slow as hell but on a modern computer it is rather quick.

Lenovo says it’s crammed a workstation into a litre of space – less than three cans of beer

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Re: Smallest PC ???

"This one is smaller, measuring 140 X 140 X 48 mm and there are plenty more of a similar size. Not bad specs either."

Intel Compute Stick was way smaller than that.

This ACEPC (never heard of before) looks like ripping off all other companies (including Acer) and that AK2 model is a carbon copy of HP Z2 Mini. Support forum is also an interesting read.

Ah, I see you found my PowerShell script called 'SiteReview' – that does not mean what you think it means

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Re: help?

Me so stupid!

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If the user cannot be bothered to check the adjacent README file, then he won't even try to access any help option either. And the story seems to star a particularly thick manager.

Kepler spots four rogue Earth-mass exoplanets floating in space, unbound to any star

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Re: Nice confirmation

"This was foreseen by George R.R. Martin in his 1977"

Preceded by at least two stories:

When Worlds Collide from 1933. Silly by today's standards, but it deals with rogue planets entering solar system.

A Pail of Air, a short story from 1951, deals with the Earth having been hurtled away from solar system.

Age discrimination case against IBM leaks emails, docs via bad redaction

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Re: What a bunch of scumbags

"A decade ago [...] You'd think IBM, deep in that mess, would have learned by now."

Most people employed a decade ago at IBM have been laid off.

What you need to know about Microsoft Windows 11: It will run Android apps

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Re: TPM 2.0 spec is less than two years old

"The TPM 2.0 spec was finalized in late 2019, how could you offer TPM 2.0 compliance before the spec is even finalized? You sure you aren't thinking about TPM 1.2 devices, those have been around longer."

I'm certain. Conversion software for (some) TPM chips to from 1.2 to 2.0 has been available for quite some time from the usual computer manufacturers.

Digging around, it seems that the TPM authority has released the latest revision of TPM 2.0 last year, and the earliest revision there is from 2013.

"If it is so easily updated via software, what stops malicious actors from "updating" 2.0 devices in a way that totally compromises them?"

The TPM chips very likely only accept updates that are cryptographically signed. Just like most BIOS and other firmware updates these days.

Stop. Look... Install Linux? The Reg solves Microsoft's latest Windows teaser

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Re: Time For a Real Upgrade

"It's only a matter of time until they introduce a monthly "access" fee for Win 11 and they can kiss my posterior for that."

Hah. Some zealots have been claiming the monthly fee coming "any minute now, ya hear!" since Win10 was announced. About as much reality as with the year of the linux desktop thing.

"I'll keep my Win 10 box for Steam / VR games that are unsupported on my distro, but that's it."

Why? The acolytes' have given several sermons at this very site how Wine actually runs everything harder, better, faster, stronger - than Windows ever could.

Apple scrambles to quash iOS app sideloading demands with 'think of the children' defense

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What is Apple's reason for not allowing other browser engines than Webkit? Safari is crap.

Say helloSystem: Mac-like FreeBSD project emits 0.5 release

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Re: Proof, if it were needed,...

"Seriously? Gnome and KDE had multiple desktop support around 2005-ish, as I recall. 'vtwm' even had it, a short time later [if I remember correctly], and all of the 'box' managers after that. This same feature took 10 years to show up in Windows"

According to some sources Windows has had a multiple desktops API since NT4, that's 25 years ago. At least Matrox implemented this with their NT (and 2000, XP) drivers addendum, calling it Powerdesk.

"That is *ONE* example where innovation (in this case, for usability and productivity) came to open source FIRST."

Utter nonsense. Perhaps a kind Amiga user here could corroborate whether the Wikipedia article is right about Amiga having multiple displays since the very first Amiga 1000?

Also, the same page tells that vtvm had the feature since 1990, "no a short time later" than KDE/Gnome. Your timelines are all over the place.

"(I do recall some kind of 'powertool' for XP that came AFTER the multi-desktop support in gnome and KDE and it _attempted_ to provide multi-desktop support in XP, but it was brittle and sloppy and generally unusable)"

Do a RAM check. The Powertoys for XP toolset with the Virtual Desktop Manager was released in 2001.

Your turn.

NATO summit communiqué compares repeat cyberattacks to armed attacks – and stops short of saying 'one-in, all-in' rule will always apply

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Re: Dear China,

"It's a good thing that none of the countries on "our side" also do those things, is it? Therefore we can criticise you with a straight face. (Quick look at the Middle East) Oops - sorry!"

I'm certainly not ok with e.g. US troops committing war crimes without punishment. Very few are.

Your argument can justify practically anything including genocide since most countries have skeletons in their closets (unwanted minorities, retarded, etc.) if you go far enough in history. There's no justification whatsoever for what the Chinese government is doing for the Uyghurs, their own citizens.

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Re: Imagine

"I know I'm a dreamer, but what about beginning to put factories back in the West to be able to counter China without risking an economic blackmail."

Because not all global companies will do it at the same time. Those that remain in China can offer cheaper wares and most consumers will always pick the cheaper product no matter what. Look how people are ordering stuff from Alibaba, Amazon and Wish to buy their cheap crap.

"Well, the (totally legit) Disney branded T-shirt crumbled into tiny threads and fell apart after a week, but it did cost only 2 buckazoids so I don't mind; I can't afford to buy the locally made T-shirt since the T-shirt factory laid me off. Their $10 price for the same thing is a total rip-off!"

Mark it in your diaries: 14 October 2025 is the end of Windows 10

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"But is your UEFI box *capable* of Secure Boot?"

Yes. It is a 4th gen i7 laptop, but due to alternate booting I've disabled Secure Boot for easier living.

"Legacy machines that don't even have a Secure Boot option might be what will eventually be no longer supported."

Oh, I'm sure that will happen one day. Or at least requiring UEFI boot.

Win8 already required certain processors instructions/features, and practically everything pre-AMD64 / Intel Core i series was not working. Those same CPU requirements stand today with Win10. Likely some CPU feature will be a requirement in the future, thus cutting out more hardware.

...Or requiring more RAM than older systems can be fitted with. Or removing legacy BIOS boot. Or dropping 32-bit support for those few % still using it.

Sandtitz Silver badge

The fact that you can't upgrade to 20H2 if your machine's BIOS does not support secure boot would seem to fix running it on legacy hardware...

[citation needed]

I'm running Win10 21H1 (updated from 20H2) on native UEFI sans Secure Boot. No problems detected.

It is with a heavy heart that we must tell you America's richest continue to pay not quite as much tax as you do

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The obvious question is...

...are Trump's super secret tax records included?

US House Rep on cyber committees tweets Gmail password, PIN in Capitol riot lawsuit outrage

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Re: Indeed.

I first thought of Mel Brooks and Spaceballs.

President Skroob had 1-2-3-4-5 code in his luggage, did Mo here have the same?

Linux 5.13 hits rc5, isn’t yet calm, Linus Torvalds is only mildly perturbed

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Re: Still brickin'...

"Alternatively try to install Windows which won't work if the laptop is old enough to have a 32 bit processor or too little RAM..."

Or just install a 32-bit version of Windows which requires a whole 1GB RAM.

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Re: Still brickin'...

"Personally I never had an issue installing Linux. Less so than with Windows, at least."

Never? So you didn't install Linux in the 90s or even early 00s?

Failure to install Windows usually boils down to unrecognised storage. Understandably older releases didn't understand native SATA, NVMe, RAIDs or similar, so drivers were needed. Same thing with any other OS.

Windows has had the ability to load missing drivers from Windows Update since its inception and usually works pretty well for most users.

"But drivers for some specialised hardware used to be a bit of an issue."

Specialised? You had to use NDIS wrapper for most of the wireless cards back then. Not to mention spotty support for newest graphics chips, Bluetooth, even touchpads beyond basic service etc.

Of course, specialised hardware can be an issue in Windows as well, obsolete driver models not supporting newer Windows versions, unavailable 64-bit versions etc.

Intel finds a couple more 11th-gen Core chips, one hits 5.0GHz in laptops

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Since Ryzen/EPIC/TR debuted

...I haven't found Intel CPUs interesting in the least.

Intel knows they're not competitive, so they're playing feature game at the moment. (AVX512, anyone?)

But, I'm very interested in those Xe graphics cards (or Xe cores on Xeons if that ever happens) for 3D virtualisation under VMware.

Current-ish Xeon graphics give 3 FPS for relatively simple 3D Printing models which is just unusable. I'm not expecting high-end Tesla level performance, just something reasonable that wouldn't need its own licensing. (*cough*, NVidia)

Apple sued in nightmare case involving teen wrongly accused of shoplifting, driver's permit used by impostor, and unreliable facial-rec tech

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"Nice friend, I hope he is made to pay Ousmane too."

The friend is unlikely to have any funds to pay unless courts released him so that he can continue his promising shoplifting career.

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Re: It is not Apple or SIS who lied ...

"but employees of Apple and SIS. They were employed in a security capacity and have demonstrated a total carelessness and negligence in what they did. Making these personally pay Bah, on top of huge compensation by Apple & SIS, might make others in similar positions take their responsibilities seriously.

True, but... this really depends on what the SIS policies are and how those corporate coppers were instructed to do their work - a one day Powerpoint lesson? Since there are multiple employees who have failed in this case, it alludes to poor work culture and lack of staff education to fulfill their job according to state and/or municipal laws.

For example, can any one of the video monitoring employees file these APB notices to the police department or have they cleared these first with their superiors? Has SIS educated the personnel to verify IDs properly?

I really hope SIS (and Apple) are punished severely and Mr. Bah gets rewarded accordingly.

Help wanted, work from anywhere ... except if you're located in Colorado

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> You have to put a "salary range" so use boilerplate: "this vacancy pays somewhere between $0 and $infinity dollars"

While compliant, I'm not seeing any positives for the recruiting company for playing silly games, very unprofessional. In the interview I'd ask what qualifies me for say, a monthly million dollar salary in the advertised position. The interviewer can't give a proper answer of course and will either crack a joke or is astonished that someone dares to ask for the >$0 salary.

Companies with shady advertising habits are probably toxic anyway.

Blue Origin sets its price: $1.4m minimum for trip into space

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Re: Some alternative zero g experiences

"And you can hire a trampoline for £150 a day. Bargain!"

You can *buy* a trampoline for that amount.

You can also not spend money on trampoline and just jump without accessories.

Microsoft sheds some light on perplexing Outlook blank email incident: Word was to blame

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What are your feelings about top-posting then?

> HTML for email was a bad idea.

The future is now, old man: Let the young guns show how to properly cock things up

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Re: Back door in to the comms systems

"You dialled in to the number and you had a console,"

Was there an option to play thermonuclear war?

"albeit at 9600 baud,"

9600 bps, not baud.

Nasdaq's 32-bit code can't handle Berkshire Hathaway's monster share price

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Re: What planet?

"There are other solutions too"

I'd go for unsigned 33-bit number. Should be enough for the foreseeable future.

Fancy a piece of sordid tech history? Fleabayer is flogging the first production Spectrum Vega+ console for £1,500

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Maybe it's RCL's very own David Levy selling these surplus machines one at a time.

Googler demolishes one of Apple's monopoly defenses – that web apps are just as good as native iOS software

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You never used The Register app back in the day? **That** was a horror show.

Microsoft demotes Calibri from default typeface gig, starts fling with five other fonts

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Re: Obviously

Times New Roman?

We're in the future now, so Microgramma Bold Extended it is.

What is it with Facebook and screwing democracies? Now calls for Prime Minister Modi to resign censored in India

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"Why do people keep voting themselves out of democracy? Lack of education or engrained submissiveness?"

The first one. The populists can sling out convincing lies and half-truths faster than they can be corrected. And even if those lies are corrected afterwards - they mostly won't reach those who believed the lies in the first place.

Also, democracy or a republic isn't necessarily the be-all and end-all. I'm for enlightened absolutism, but an usolved problem lies in the 'power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely' axiom.

What we need is an incorruptible sentient computer as the global ruler working for the good of mankind - Colossus in its namesake book would be great!

George Clooney of IT: Dribbling disaster and damp disk warnings scare the life out of innocent user

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Are you sure it wasn't the Bonzi Buddy?

If you have a QNAP NAS, stop what you're doing right now and install latest updates. Do it before Qlocker gets you

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Re: I have a Qnap

"I can't see what the attraction is to running "apps" on a NAS box"

The NAS box is usually just a headless Linux server. Some of those apps are in fact quite useful for me as a domestic user:

Cloud Sync downloads my (and wife's) cloudy images and other stuff directly to the NAS; Radius server for 802.1x authentication on my home network; The surveillance plugin for DVR usage with couple IP cameras.

God bless this mess: Study says UK's Christian beliefs had 'important' role in Brexit

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Re: I'm a leaver

"Because unless the people of europe can actually get rid of the people in charge then theres no point in having an EU"

What's the point for House of Lords if you can't get rid of them? (or the monarch)

Is there any point in the whole UN just because UK and a few other countries cling to a permanent seat in the Security Council?

How do you get rid of a member of parliament or the Home Secretary or ministers or your nationally appointed EU commissioner or the MEP?

The democratic option is to vote for another person/party when the current term is coming to an end. Simple as that.

"doing a fine job of organising the EU's response to corona virus.. so good in fact that member countries are off buying their own vaccine supplies instead of relying on the EU."

The obvious problem is that there isn't enough supply at the moment. Research for covid vaccines started only a year ago and while the vaccines from several pharma companies came out in record time, the supply hasn't scale up, and it is not the fault of EU. I'm sure the fight against covid and vaccine procurement could have been done way better than has been done - this applies to all governments world-wide. Boris and Donald downplayed the 'flu' until both were hospitalised.

Yes, there are some EU countries allying closely with Russia and buying (or trying to buy) Sputnik. Russia will gladly supply its vaccines if it can cause rife between EU countries.

Microsoft's Surface Laptop 4 now includes AMD options for biz customers, boasts up to 19 hours of battery life

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Re: Runs Windows.

"Hardware wise these really do seem quite nice. Edging in on Macbook nice, if not quite there yet."

You mean Micros~1 failed to solder storage on the mobo, and still has a "legacy" USB port?

Absolutely fab: As TSMC invests $100bn to address chip shortage, where does that leave the rest of the industry?

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Re: The critical firm is ASML

"The only supplier of EUV equipment is ASML - if the Chinese want to force the US to stop semiconductor sanctions then buying ASML would give them effective control of the world's sub-10nm production."

That's the theory, but practically impossible. ASML is Dutch and publicly traded. EU would very unlikely allow it to fall into hands of China. Or any other nation.

ASML's market cap is about $250 Billion, and sudden stock hogging would likely push the prices very high. Instead of that Trillion dollar deal you could very well start your own ASML competitor.

Sure, it would take something like 10 years (at least) but China is playing the long game anyhow. As long as the Chinese can churn out decent quality EUV machines, they can start undercutting ASML and drive it out of business that way. That's how they've operated so far and seems to work well for them.

I'm not trying to downplay the technology advantage ASML has - Intel with all their resources failed miserably without ASML to get below 14nm - but since ASML cannot fulfill the global capacity needs there is a profitable market waiting - for those who can afford playing this game.

In a devastating blow to all eight of you, Microsoft pulls the plug on Cortana's Android, iOS apps

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FUD by chololennon

"Wow, another Microsoft creation that is abandoned, never seen :-P it joins to APIs, (GUI) libraries, phones, music players, programming languages"

Why should Micros~1 flog dead horses forever? Do you admit being Cortana user? :'-D

Cortana has had one foot in the grave since birth, it never gained the momentum, being late in the game. Everyone knows this.

Same goes with the Winphones and Zunes you're refering to. MS should have pulled the plug years earlier, but couldn't since they were committed to the announced EOL dates. (and due to Ballmer)

"operating systems..."

Which specific operating systems are you refering to, and how did the abandonment(?) compare to competitors' operating system support?

Mozilla VPN now nudges users to put shields up on dodgy networks, adds LAN access

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"Isn't this the sort of thing that should be dealt with at the OS level? Or are Mozilla trying to be Chrome again? "Everything through the browser!"

You have misunderstood, this VPN has nothing to do with Firefox.

Mozilla is offering a separate application with Wireguard magic sauce inside.

You put Marmite where? Google unveils its latest AI wizardry: A cake made of Maltesers and the pungent black tar

Sandtitz Silver badge

I'll trade your blancmage to a half grapefuit we had for breakfast a few times in kindergarten.

We *probably* had porridge and other stuff, but I only remember the grapefruits, and I'll go to grave with that memory...

Apple iPad torched this guy's home, lawsuit claims

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Re: Laptop fires

I used to cycle to work and had a laptop in a backpack, one day it didn’t shut down properly by the time I got home (about 15 minutes) my back was very warm.

I always place my laptop on my backpack with the side vents pointing up, since there's a chance of it powering up for updates, and the laptop may be on the backpack for days.

While an over-heating laptop will just shut down, I'm still worried for long term effects of all the electronics, solders etc.

Rogue elements: Hades and Loop Hero manage to draw on the same legacy while having very little in common

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Re: Roguelike

"I only really consider a game to be "roguelike" if it's turn based, perma-death, random-ish dungeons and there's no stacking or anything based on the game you played before."

On that last point...

In Nethack your (and others') previous games can produce bones where the perished Player Character waits as a ghost/zombie/slime/vampire/etc (depending on type of death) and also its inventory is there with all the goodies waiting. Of course the monster that killed/transformed the player is there waiting.

For a beginner the bones can be quite deadly since ghosts etc. are hard to kill, and the loot is mostly cursed as well, but they could also easily be misused by deliberately creating a big pile of good stuff...

Don't be a fool, cover your tool: How IBM's mighty XT keyboard was felled by toxic atmosphere of the '80s

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Re: Smoking

"Imperial measurements are based on sizes we can intuitively relate to because they are [close to] the sizes of body parts."

Is it? I'm not aware of any lower body part of mine that is approx. 1 foot long. Not that anything down there a a metre-long either...

I'm certainly more fond of the metrics since calculating (in head at least) is WAY easier since it's all in 10base and you don't need to memorise all the different coefficients between yards, chains and furlongs; acres and square feet; ounces, pounds and stones; etc.

Perhaps that's why most people don't bother with anything but feet, yards and miles; square inches/yards/miles and acres; and so on. Plenty of units are just not used. Then again not every metric unit is used, the deca prefix especially.



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