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Bigger than Twitter: Opera releases rebuilt Chromium-based browser


Until they allow CTRL-TAB MRU tab switching then it's staying at Opera-12 for me.

I still can't understand why Google Chome does't use MRU tab behaviour. Can anyone that uses a keyboard actually prefer the way Chrome does it?

Heavily-looted mobile phone barns issue 'safety first' missives to staff


Shouldn't Mobile Phones become like Modern Car Stereos!

The once rampant theft of car stereos (and the associated car damage/thievery) has been massively curtailed after changes by the industry (fascia integrated stereos).

Is it not the time that industry/government put some serious effort to make mobiles unattractive to thieves. It is certainly technically possible (and I would have thought desirable?) to be able to totally block a mobile from all UK networks (and ultimately European as well) via an IMEI blocklist?

I understand the CEIR is meant to do this, but my one experience of this (had a mobile stolen, reported it, had it returned and it worked on 2 different networks without problems) is that this is not being done properly. Anyone know why not??

If thieves/looters/etc knew that the device would be unusable the day after taking it, then that would be a massive disincentive, no?

Surely the effort to create such a system would be of PR & financial gain to the mobile telcos/shops!

Anyone know any more about this sort of thing? Worth a bit of investigating by the relevant news desk El Reg?

D :>

Fairness FAIL: When small print contradicts the big print


Unlimited* Joy :-)

I'm sure that consumers will be experiencing 'unlimited* joy' now.

(* N.B. The operator reserves the right to edit all English dictionaries, at any time of it's choosing, to alter the word 'unlimited' to in fact mean an operator approved 'limit of joy'. And they may not tell you what this limit is, until after you have broken it!!)

Horror AVG update ballsup bricks Windows 7


Oh Dear AVG :-(

To be honest, I switched to Comodo/MSE (Advanced/Basic users) a while ago, and am happy with those solutions. But I was a long term fan of AVG.

I thought that these 'brick-your-pc' AV updates were more the domain of McAfee / Symantec / CA. Come on AVG, keep up the standards!!

Frenchies, Germans wave fat pipes at embarrassed Brits


Why the need for superfast broadband?

Genuine question - why is the necessity of superfast broadband?

Isn't a 'solid' 2-4 Meg pipe big enough for the vast majority of people?

Presuming no significant issues with contention / qos-filtering / etc, what uses do people currently actually have of their Internet connections that require a > 20Mb connection??*

(* I can only think of streaming Higher-Def quality video in the future!)

Little Chef in 'I ♥ Charlie' t-shirt outrage


Surprised no one has mentioned the website address...

Most surprising to me is that The Sun (rabid rag that it is) did not call for an immediate banning of the Little Chef merchandise website.

Surely only 'fun' things can be purchased at http://www.charlieshop.co.uk/