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Virgin unwraps three-tuner über set-top


@Anonymous Coward

You pay £199 + £40 for the installation but you dont own the box. All Virgin Media boxes remain the property of VM. Good thing if it breaks they will replace it for free, bad because you are forking out the cost of a 1TB Sky+HD box for something that you dont even own.

Sorry VM, i really wanted this but not at that price.

Amazon Kindle 3 e-book reader


data import

3 ways to get your files onto your Kindle.

1. Drag and drop on a PC as the Kindle is recognised as a USB Mass Storage device.

2. Email to your kindle address yourname@free.kindle.com and free Wifi delivery (and conversion to .azw format if you want it.

3. Email to your the other whispernet delivery email address for delivery via 3G at cost of 99p/MB

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Highly Recommended

I purchased one the day it was released having preordered it and I havent regretted it once! Its light, easy to read everywhere, ultraportable and very comfortable. I spent hours reading it in the sun in Spain without a hint of glare or eye strain. All my files are converted to .azw for free by the Amazon email conversion thingy or just kept as .mobi. The file restriction really isnt a problem. Page flow is smooth, images rendered correctly even though they are monochrome. I would highly recommend this to anyone wanting to purchase an ebook reader.