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Blair's transport minister working for traffic-data firm

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Yet another

Another Nu Labour with his nose in the trough

MS Word edit history snares Scottish Labour on donations

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Paris Hilton

2 brain cells

Has Alexander got more brains than Paris?

UK database of children delayed

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Re: Mark of the Beast

Why not - we do it to cats and dogs? Then the government can work out which kids are playing truant by using the networked readers they install on every lamppost and roadsign.

Of course after 60 years or so everyone will be tagged so we wont need those ID cards.

Running queries on the HMRC database fiasco

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Re: ID cards and the Irish

I guess the 3 million immigrants this government has allowed in the last few years could also wave their 'other' passports and not carry ID cards.

Will Darling's data giveaway kill off ID cards?

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Paris Hilton

have no fear

... the database probably contained 25million entries for P.Hilton, D.Duck, M.Mouse - can we trust them not to have sent the test database?

Researchers find massive mud flow off African coast

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Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton

Was this Paris Hilton washing off her makeup?

Congestion charge dodgers register Bentleys as minicabs

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Ban the congestion charge

Bring in a stupid tax and everyone will try to avoid it. I would bet the people that are squealing about the avoidance are from the group that complained about the poll tax

Brown will 'scrap ID cards' for UK citizens, claims paper

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Re: Get over it

So the loop hole is not to move or get a passport.

So an illegal comes in under a forged passport to an address of convenience.

The baddies win, the goodies lose. Sounds like paying taxes.

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Isle of Man is an independent protectorate - free from Endland and Scotland and the Mad Mullah

Mobile networks: the state's new bloodhounds?

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Yet another loophole

I am the registered owner of 4 phones (1 for each member of the family). The police will think I am in 4 places at once?

Newegg serves up Asus Eee PC to US buyers

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Re: Say

Is that the Paris Hilton angle then?

2012 Olympics logo debuts to whalesong

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Is 2012 the year they decide to pull down the dome?