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Israel and US fingered for Stuxnet attack on Iran


Israel can only pray

Israel can only pray that the rest of its enemies are as fools as those arab shills calming israel is terrorism and apartheid with ages old anti-jewish propaganda, while israel is developing super computer viruses and who knows what else.

I have recently seen a couple of studies checking the correlation between origin,religion and israel-hate, and guess what were the results ~93% of those who had 'critical opinion' on israel(it being apartheid state etc) were from arab origin and 91% were muslim.

So same you didn't need to discover America to know israel has something to do with stuxnet, you dont need Columbus to know that israel haters are ARAB shills.

Airport screeners go for the groin

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I already prefer another 9/11

This has passed psychopathy, since they increased the security after 9/11 they caught maybe 2 people trying to do the same thing, and billions had to have their balls tugged by a guy with a gun.

Last time I flew from Berlin, everybody had their genitals petted. He accidentally grabbed one of my balls I got angry and protested and got a naked search

And for the record I am white and served as soldier and worked as cop.

Iran nuclear plant shutdown due to 'leak'


Just FYI

Its US of A that buys bunker-busting bombs from Israel, not the other way around.

Besides that, experts have confirmed that Iran is not among the countries capable of producing this level of cyberwarfare. And think of it if iran was staging this up they could use bombs to destroy their computers and say it was Israel,not that anybody believes iran but they do not need to developed the most sophisticated malware known to man so far for a pointless con Iran anyway blames Israel for everything.